Here at Gaydemon we are always on the hunt for great artists and their unique styles of expression. Ismael Alvarez, in my strong opinion, is a sensational graphic artist to say the least. If you don't speak spanish, be sure to click on the "English Version" to your right if that is the language you are most familiar with. Ismael brings us his incredible digital expression all for free. While he does do graphic design for a living, as you can see from the logos he has designed on display in the right sidebar, he gives us a large view into his work so that those not interested in buying anything can still enjoy his talents. However, if you do wish to use his work in a commercial or personal context on your own sites, according to the copyright information at the bottom of the site, you have permission to use it. Of course, you must be sure to name Ismael as the artist of the said illustration. Ismael does do custom orders as well. Click on "Contact" if you wish to hire him. Whether it's hot devil studs with bulging baskets in their trousers, or beautiful female facial profiles showing off gorgeous smiles and eyes, Ismael can cover it and take it to the top level of expertise. Some of the best digital art I've seen in a long time for sure. Nice looking site too!

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