It's a world full of porn sites featuring shaved, buff and perfect guys. Heck, these days even the amateur guys shave or trim their body hair and spend time working out till they no longer look like amateurs. That's why I find Island Studs refreshing - and sexy. Most of their guys are diamonds in the rough. They're attractive regular guys who don't always have perfect bodies and perfectly shaped or shaven pubic hair. They mostly seem laid-back, relaxed and like they're having fun. There's no feeling of urgency to the shoots, no indication that these models aren't exactly what they seem to be, which is island guys who decided to have fun and make a few bucks posing for a website. These aren't "tricked" straight guys, although some are straight. They're guys like you and me who get naked on camera, and I like the vibe here. Island Studs makes doing amateur porn seem like fun. And that's a good thing!

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