Island Hunk Shoots His Load

The guys from Island Studs tell us that Glenn is a real cocky fucker who tried to antagonize them for most of his shoot. Glenn hails from the shore of New Jersey and was blessed with a very suckable, big cock as you can see - most likely a blessing from his father's Puerto Rican roots. Glenn had no shame whatsoever during his soap down and jerk off session. He washes his balls thoroughly, then cleans his butt really good. A hose is supplied for the hot hunk to rinse himself off with, then he dries his lean body off with a towel. Now it's time for some cock stroking. Glenn works his meaty pole with enthusiasm and confidence, like he knows he's got a dick we can all appreciate. When Glenn finally decides to bust his nut, he blows it into the palm of his hand. Whether that was to keep from making a mess or because he loves the feel of his cum is anyone's guess.

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