Our recent post about Golden Globe winner (and Oscar nominee) Jared Leto's naked photo shoot with photographer and friend Terry Richardson sparked a bunch of comments on DataLounge. (Join the conversation here!) The guys couldn't seem to agree whether handsome Jared was naked or not. Well, he was wearing only a crazed look, so to us, that's pretty much naked. The group also chimed in about the supposedly legendary size of Leto's cock among Hollywood's inner circle. (Who are the lucky bastards that know this!?) One commenter posted a link to the photo here, claiming it to be "Little Leto" in a pic also taken by Richardson. Now that's a close friend! Porn star Corina Taylor was quoted as saying, "Jared [has] this monster-size cock." The fans on the thread claim that the belly button in this pic matches the one in Leto's recent naked session. You decide!

Famous Dick

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