Anyone want to fuck Ryan Seacrest!? Us either. But the good folks at Pipedream seem to think there's some sort of demand for this, so the adult manufacturer has created an inflatable blow-up doll "inspired" by the American Idol host. It's called "Ryan's Secrets," and it's destined to be another great gift idea for those tough-to-shop-for relatives on your holiday list. After all, the ad copy reads, "When the ball drops once a year, Ryan's mouth is wide open to take it all in!" Yum. We're sure his latest girlfriend (yes, girlfriend) will be happy to hear that.

The 39-year-old radio and TV personality has previously dated women such as Julianne Hough and Teri Hatcher. Hey, if Seacrest is committed to being straight, we're cool with that. One less queen for our team! Anyway, Pipedream doesn't exactly agree, adding, "We've waited years for this metrosexual media mogul to finally come out of the closet, but the truth is, he goes both ways and he's proud of it!" Okay, then maybe he's bi! (But check out the mag Pipedream has the Ryan model reading below.)

In a fun twist, TV host Jimmy Kimmel presented the real Seacrest with the doll on his talk show last week. (Other celebrities given the inflatable treatment by Pipedream include Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.) So how did Ryan respond to this dubious "honor"? After being informed that the product was not a joke prop, he threw the box aside with a laugh, exclaiming, "I don't want that!" For more information, visit Pipedreamproducts.com.


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