Reese Rideout with his wife and manager, Becky

Reese Rideout made waves last year in the gay blogosphere after he and his wife gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine about him working in gay porn 'cos it "paid more than straight porn", and how his wife was his manager and had "no problem" with him sucking cock and stuffing gay ass with his meat for Randy Blue. Many thought his wife, Becky, was the worlds biggest fag hag and Reese was the world's biggest closet case!

Well, now these two are back at it, and have appeared on the VH1 reality show called "I'm Married To A...". Becky claims to be "proud" of her husband for banging gay ass, but in this clip it is more than evident that not only is she not proud but it seems as though the entire situation makes her VERY uncomfortable while Reese really is enjoying his homo-licious activity and he is just not 'fessing up to it...

Reese goes on to say that he DOES NOT enjoy it and he does it to "provide". I'm guessing he is "providing" Becky with a whole bunch of misery, 'cos the look on this sad woman's face pretty much just says everything that she is not letting out. It seems odd that when he goes off to film his porn that he leaves his ring at home and they do not discuss his job at all. I have to say this couple has issues!

Go here to watch the video and just try not to feel too bad for Becky; I mean she is an adult - a dumb one, but still and adult.

(Via Gawker)

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