Is Railing Ray The Maverick Men's New Bottom Bitch!?

He may be dark and brooding, but Railing Ray has got some big jockstraps to fill when it comes to being a Maverick Men co-star. The last time an MM model got our attention, it was handsome and hairy Davis, who has done the ole suck-and-fuck routine on camera twice with Boston's favorite sons. (Davis has since gone mainstream with this upcoming release!).

Now, it's Ray who is making time in Cole and Hunter's bed (in their rented hotel room on the road). According to the Men, Ray contacted them about doing a scene because he "loves sex" and is big fan of their work. They first hooked up with him at an On the Hunt shoot, where they wasted no time throat raping Ray. "It was late at night and three of us blasted down his throat, but we didn't let him cum," Cole recalls. "We made him wait till the next morning, when we fucked the hell out of his tight hole." Guess he passed the audition as the guys soon traveled to Ray's hometown, where they delivered some more of the rough sex he craves. "I was surprised at how hard-core Ray was for such a newbie," Cole says. And these guys have seen a hard thing or two! To see just how rough, visit

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