The legend is back--and this time it's with a doobie! Last November, we covered Jeff Stryker's triumphant return to live performing (with this series of shows in Florida). But now he's getting attention for a different reason. The porn superstar is launching a new project, and he's asking fans to help. The Large One is starting an Indiegogo campaign to get a coffee table book published on how to grow medical marijuana!

"In 2011 it was discovered the chemicals used growing medical marijuana contained carcinogenics and were outlawed in some states," Stryker writes in his pitch. "That's a decade of victims who didn't know, people whom went to a doctor and were prescribed medical marijuana to help their aliments. They were poisoned by the collectives/dispensaries whom call themselves caregivers....I (Jeff Stryker) decided I would dedicate years of my life to not only bringing attention to the careless growers and dispensaries, but I would also offer an alternative to save lives in the process."

The proposed book will take two year's worth of Jeff's journals detailing growing tips and techniques and turn them into a step-by-step guide to producing "safe, natural marijuana." It will even include pictures of Jeff's pot plants! The iconic star goes on to share, "Like a storybook from days gone by, my passion for people has led me to write this book. I have 31 years of study on this plant, and some experiences, like having grown a plant 13-feet tall as a teenager in Illinois, sure set my sites high." That's a hell of a lot of study--and weed!

Stryker says that he needs $26K to produce the book. To contribute to this lofty campaign, click here.

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