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When you watch a gay porn video on a site like Butch Dixon, you're seeing the finished product. There's often bits and pieces that I've edited out and pushed into my desktop's recycling bin. Let's face it, I can't always use every piece of film I shoot and a suck and fuck session doesn't always go the way I hope. Nerves kick, chemistry might be a little off, or the guys might just be getting tired - sometimes I ask guys to fuck for a long time to get the perfect shot.

Recently I filmed a fuck video with this hairy muscle bear named John and he was getting his ass fucked by massive bodybuilder and super well-hung Ted Colunga. Ted does have a beautiful cock, it's about 9 inches long and crowned with a bulbous cock head.

John did a great job of sucking Ted's huge cock and getting it nice and hard before getting down on all fours and taking it doggy style. And things were going swimmingly until Ted decided he wanted to move things into a side-by-side fucking position.

The problem with this is that John and Ted are both bodybuilders and John's got a beefy ass and Colunga has tree-trunk thighs. That's a lot of flesh and muscle to maneuver around, even when you have a 9-inch cock. So Ted's cock kept slipping out of John's ass and this frustration raised some issues with Ted's hydraulics. This photo captures perfectly how John was feeling as Ted tried stuffing his huge cock back inside for the sixth time.

The guys eventually sorted it out and John lay back, hoisted his legs, and Colunga fucked his ass hard until John shot a huge load of cum all over his hairy belly and chest.

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