Naked Sword Golden Gate

While watching Ireland's political system implode isn't exactly a bag of roasted nuts, this American now sees San Francisco-based Naked Sword has launched its own original content - "Golden Gate" - in tandem with powerhouse Raging Stallion Studios as part of an effort to create original content that still distinguishes it from its huge library of original content already on store as one of the leading players in the VOD market, certainly bigger than Sally Jesse Raphael. But certainly not as large as Barbara Stanwyck who was known to have over 275,000 copies of her films at any given time.

The first episode of "Golden Gate" featured Topher DiMaggio!!! and his real-life boyfriend Cameron Marshall in a scene that looked hot, and probably was hot, but we'll never know because whatever chance we had to watch it was quickly whisked away to the Naked Sword vault for safekeeping.

The second scene features D.O - he's Argentinean and his initials stand for Dionysus One (or I was told by my guide) and he's part two of this ongoing series. Chris Ward from RSS is behind the helm on this one two.

The bigger story I think is that it's comes on the heels of Jason Seachrest's debut as... dramaturgist for a new x-part series set in a gay bar where gay porn stars play gay porn star games and sometimes, someone is liable to end up getting hurt

I think both ideas are pretty good in the right hands, actually, and if they're done right than can open many doors. But there's a huge difference between thinking porn can be more than just bad acting and that bad acting can more than just porn and I'm not always sure everyone gets that. But if they can, why not? Who doesn't love "Eastenders?"

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