Sasha Byazrov's uncut cock

There's always a price to pay for beauty. And director Lucas Kazan tells us that the latest stud in his stable paid dearly by having to leave a budding modeling career behind just so he could spread his butt cheeks for the horny masses! Yes, that's the story of sexy Sasha Byazrov. The handsome model was born in Moscow, where he strutted his stuff on the runway before coming to the United States to...well, you can see his handiwork! Lucas notes that Sasha is "athletic, but not overly built." Plus, his Hollywood good looks are "magnetic, his eyes mesmerizing, his ass breathtaking." All true. And just think, if he had stayed in Russia, he wouldn't have landed in gay porn and we wouldn't be enjoying his uncut cock right now! To see more, visit

Sasha_Byazrov spreads his ass

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