Are you Into Intact guys? Do you love foreskinned dicks? In that case you might want to check out this blog named I Love Foreskin Too for the seriously uncut and all their fans. What do you call it? A hood, a hoodie, a drawback? Whatever you call the skin, these guys sport it - hard and soft, wrinkly and pulled back; this blog is page after page and pic after pic of uncut cock. All kinds of guys with all kinds of hood appear here, and the site has a lot of followers. There's a random selection feature if you want to take pot luck, or you can just sit there and click back through the archives and then check out the notes that visiting folk have left, see where the image has come from, or even register and make your own comments. Whichever way you approach this Tumblr blog, though, you are going to find a lot of foreskin and a lot of very hunky men showing it off. A perfect place to sit, put your feet up and have a good old perv at some very well endowed, and - of course - uncut guys.

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