• Interview with Remi Mint

    Interview with Remi Mint

    So, I'm digging Jacob Ladder a lot lately. I don't know what it is, but he just gets me hard. He topped for the first time with you at Cock Virgins where you say that you're a virgin... Bullshit!! Haha.. Obviously not your first time right? How was working with Jacob?

    Haha at this point I've kinda lost count, so no not my first rodeo. Jacob was really fun to work with actually. Before our shoot we had some time to relax and get to know each other and he totally helped me with my twitter account, cause I'm such a blonde when it comes to technology haha. And, even the night before our shoot we got to hangout while I was in the hot tub. He was kinda shy when I first met him, but he warmed up to me when my dick was in his mouth.

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    Interview with Rocco Steele

    Lucas Entertainment gave GayDemon the chance to speak with Rocco Steele following a shoot they were making with scene partner Dolf Dietrich. The scene goes live on 16th February. We asked Rocco about his porn work, what he likes doing in bed most, and a little bit about him as a person.

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    Interview with Jessie Colter

    Jessie Colter Interview

    I'm going to start with Nica Noelle... Sorry :/ ... I know its not the best subject to discuss with you, but is it as bad as you and other models have made it out to be? Has this been going on for years? I've noticed recently that Seth Santoro, Billy Santoro, and even Brent Corrigan have sounded off on this issue as well.

    What I will say is this... The first few scenes I did for Nica Noelle in LA were exactly what you would expect from a porn shoot. Nothing out of the ordinary, and quite frankly, very easy work without any issues. I've always thought well of Nica. However, the one, and only time, I shot for her on Martha's Vineyard was completely the opposite of my past experiences working for her. She was mostly absent throughout the shoot to address any issues that needed to be handled. Also when I brought one of these "issues" to her attention, she reacted with anger towards others instead of remaining professional and remedying the situation. I truly hope that my last experience with her was nothing more than an isolated incident.

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    Interview with Armond Rizzo

    Armond Rizzo Interview

    Let's kick start with an obvious question. How did you get involved in porn?

    Well this is a bit of a long story involving Steamworks in Chicago and Shane Frost lol. So I had chatted online with Shane about being interested in doing porn and we accidentally ended up meeting at Steamworks. So he kinda put me through a test and fucked me in front of everyone to see how I handled it - and well - I guess I passed the test since 2 1/2 years later I am here. I have always loved porn so for me to be part of it is what I wanted.

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    Interview with Ian Levine

    Ian Levine Helix Studios

    Simple question to start, how did you get involved in porn? Something you always wanted to do?

    I got started in porn just by applying online. I had kinda been curious about it for a while but it actually took me a bit to get my courage up and try it out.

    I think it's safe to say that you're gay right? If you aren't, you sure as hell do enjoy a guy tickling that prostate. What's it like working with gay models as compared to straight ones? Are you like me and think that a straight guy fucking you is just out of this world?

    I am gay! Haha! I mean as far as I've noticed it kinda just differs with each person themselves. I mean, there's some "straight" guys that actually are pretty good... And then there's even some gay guys that really are terrible... So it just depends on the person, I think.

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    Meet Maskurbate's Vince


    Today, Vince makes his very first appearance on Maskurbate. We asked the 24 year old, with a 9" uncut cock, some questions to get to know a little about the man behind the mask.

    Tell us your story. How did you get into the adult industry?

    I started dancing, part time, doing ladies night in a local club in Montreal when I got approached to do a solo. I hesitated at first but decided to give it a try. I thought it was cool, then wanted to do more.

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    Interview with Cole and Hunter (Maverick Men)

    Cole and Hunter Interview

    Tell us about the latest bottom boy you've got your eye on. Is he a twink or a muscle pup?

    We are head over heels over our new boy, Vic. We've been hanging out with him for about six months and we can't get enough. We get him to his piggy place and we all lose ourselves in the sex and it becomes primal fucking. It's hard to classify him; he's fresh faced with a lean muscular build and hair in all the right places. Actually, I can classify him as delicious!

    What's the plan for today? Are you filming or up to something else?

    I'm (Hunter) finishing breakfast now then I'll hit the gym for a few hours. When I get back, I'll make my man lunch and I'll get started on my porn computer work (updating site, updating social media places, transferring library of SD cards to drives, etc.). Cole is editing content all day today for our soon-to-launch site, MaverickMenDirects.com. We are weeks away from launching it. We have a bunch of scenes in the bank and the site itself has been finished for about a month. It's gorgeous and we can't wait to share it with everyone!

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  • Interview with Tanner Bradley

    Tanner Bradley

    Honestly, I'm the worst. It takes me forever to commit to something and sometimes it costs me. Thus the reason why I'm single. Anyway, enough of the gay pity party, what I was getting to is, I've been talking to Tanner Bradley for a couple months but just haven't gotten around to interviewing this stud yet. Well, fuck that and it ends now because this boy is in NYC filming for Lucas Entertainment. Please welcome Tanner Bradley into the GayDemon Lounge.

    It's not your first time in NYC, but how do you like it here with you being a Florida boy by way of San Diego? I've always noticed that you stars live in a variety of places, but let's face it, there's no place like NYC.

    I absolutely love the city. The cool thing about New York is that it generates this feeling of ecstasy inside of you like no other place. I've been to NYC more than a dozen times now and every time I experience something new and learn something different. I like that the city is constantly evolving and developing but always will have its recognizable identity.

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  • Interview: Hunter Harm

    Hunter Harm for Bait Buddies

    Ok, let's just get it out there first. Are you straight, bi or gay? If you're gay, I'll let you fuck me right now. If you're bi or gay, I'll still let you fuck me right now!

    I first identified as a straight male when I went to college, having girlfriends and sleeping with women, let's be real a dick was meant for a vagina. Then when I was 22 years of age I had my first sexual experience with a man thinking I was going home with his roommate who was a girl. I realized when he was on top of me that I was attracted to males and the raw hard connection I got when feeling strong hands pull my shirt off and grab my jaw and back and pull me in close. However, through the past years I have found I think I am more attracted to personalities than I am just directly for one sex or the other.

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  • Interview: Andrew Doncaster

    Andrew Doncaster Wank This

    I love masterbating. We all know this. It's fun to find new talent and stick with them for awhile. Going through all of their scenes is like a journey. A journey that always ends well. Welcome in to the GayDemon Lounge donkey-dicked Andrew Doncaster.

    Ok, so I'll admit I just discovered you recently when cruising through twitter with my hand down my pants. The first scene I clicked on was for Wank This with yourself and Derek Nocturne tag teaming the fuck out of Matt Watson including double penetration. Had you ever done that before? What was that like to be filmed? Did it take awhile?

    That was an interesting scene for all 3 of us involved. It was everyone's first time trying out double penetration so working it out was definitely time consuming. Matt handled two dicks better than most can handle one, so I have to give him props for that.

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