• Most Popular Interviews of All Time

    Last week we revisited Tim Kruger, Austin Wilde and Jake Bass' interviews by GayDemon as some of the biggest names. This week we show you our 3 most popular interviews of all time by number of readers from all time.

    1. Dean Coxx

    Dean Coxx interview

    In 2011 GayDemon interviewed Dean Coxx, a gay 4 pay hunk and Grabby winner. He talked about his career, how he prefers working with straight guys and how gay porn actors "bitch and complain too much". Read the full Dean Coxx interview.

    2. Dallas Reeves

    Dallas Reeves interview

    More recently, in July, we interviewed Dallas Reeves. He told us how Johnny Forza is the best fuck he's had on and off screen, talks about his future plans, and how bareback sex is about "connection and feeling". Read the full Dallas Reeves interview.

    3. Anthony Romero

    Anthony Romero interview

    Despite interviews at GayDemon starting as early as 2006, 2011 seems to be a hot year. Also from this year is our interview with Anthony Romero, who gives advice on how to bottom and talks a lot about how he is a clean freak "#ifyouknowwhatimean". Check out Anthony Romero's full interview.

  • GayDemon Interviews Revisited

    While we wait for some of our favorite pornstars to be available for interview (heads up: we've got some Bel Ami models, Ashley Ryder and more Helix boys coming up) we take a look back at some of the biggest names we've interviewed so far.

    Tim Kruger

    Tim Kruger "I think I prefer smooth holes or at least trimmed hair at the hole. The guy can be hairy but the hole should be visible!" Read interview

    Austin Wilde

    Austin Wilde "Since I love rimming, both doing it and receiving it, my biggest turnon is a nice ass. Smoking is by far my biggest turnoff!" Read interview

    Jake Bass

    Jake Bass "It turns out I picked up Bobby Long the night before and he wound up sleeping at my place. We def had a test run. We ate like pigs, watched movies, and fucked all night." Read interview

  • Video Interview: Evan Parker

    More Evan Parker at Helix Studios

    Californian twink and Helix Studios model-come-casting director, Evan Parker, talks to GayDemon about his career, porn, and sex. Plus, we find out what Evan likes doing in his spare time and where he sees himself in the future.

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  • Interview: Vadim Black

    Vadim Black interview

    Vadim Black was an instant sensation when he debuted at Broke Straight Boys in January. Now, the gay-for-pay pornstar has 17 videos and counting with the studio, including his first ever bareback scene with a guy. We talk to him about gay porn, the challenges, and his life.

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  • Interview with Blue Bailey

    Interview with Blue Bailey

    Hey cum dump! Pleasure to meet you. How are you and what's going on?

    Just finished up with some assignments!

    Can you tell us how you got into bareback porn. When was it and who was your first scene with?

    I don't even remember who my bareback fuck scene was with. I want to say it was a Factory Videos? I got into bareback porn, because I play bareback off camera anyway, and it is a natural extension of my sexuality.

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  • 5 Questions For Dato Foland

    Dato Foland for Lucas Entertainment

    We bagged an opportunity to speak to Dato Foland before his bareback debut scene with Lucas Entertainment is released.

    So what was your first porn appearance and who was it with? Tell us about the experience?

    It was with Tom Brand, but it was with a condom. I liked working with him so much that I asked Lucas Entertainment to pair me with him again. We've talked and are both so excited to shoot a bareback scene together in Berlin this fall.

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  • Interview with Ken Ott

    Interview with Ken Ott

    Our third and final interview in this trio of exclusive GayDemon interviews with Gay Hoopla's biggest models. This week we talk to Ken Ott about porn and sex!

    Hi Ken, great to get the chance to talk to you. What are you filming here today?

    Yeah definitely. Always great chance of talking, and I'm just filming another movie script. It cannot be revealed yet!

    How did working with Gay Hoopla come about and what made you decide to be a gay pornstar?

    It was pretty good and I decided to be a gay pornstar for the experience. I do love it.

    You have a stunning body! What does it take to keep such a great physique?

    Well thank you for that! I don't think I do have a stunning body but, its what you put in the gym, dieting, and discipline. I have been dieting for the past two years and keeping up with it sucks because I miss pizza everyday, and other nice food!

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  • Interview with Jason Keys

    Interview with Jason Keys

    The second part of our three interviews with Gay Hoopla hotties! This week we speak to Jason Keys.

    Thanks for inviting us along to talk to you on shooting day Jason. How are you doing?

    Very well actually just mixing up my look a little lately as a lot of people have noticed to keep the fans interested from time to time!

    For those who don't know what Gay Hoopla is, can fill us in on the idea behind the site?

    I believe Gay Hoopla is not only a very professional adult entertainment site but a chance for upcoming models like myself to have fun and become comfortable with performing. I also feel like whereas most porn sites are made strictly to benefit the creators and viewers of the site, Gay Hoopla actually concerns themselves specifically with the performers as well.

    What is it like to live in a cam-house?

    When I first moved into a cam-house I imagined there would be a lot of stress that would come with it but as time goes on you realize that there is more fun than stress and the friendships you make with performers and viewers drowns out any stress you came into the house with!

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  • Interview with Jeff Niels

    Interview with Jeff Niels

    Lucky ol' us! We got the chance to interview three Gay Hoopla models and the first was keen sportsman come pornstar, Jeff Niels.

    Check you out, Jeff! You're solid muscle. You clearly play sports, tell us about that?

    I've played sports my entire life! Anything that kept me active and outside I just loved.

    So how did you get from being a jock to being a pornstar jock?

    I was actually found in person. @OfficialLaEL approached me out and about.

    What's it like to have thousands of eyes gazing at your ripped body?

    Definitely a compliment. I didn't realize people actually found me so attractive. CLUELESS lol

    What would you say is the most fun part of being a Gay Hoopla model?

    I just love working with the guys my age. They make it really comfortable and easy for me. I really enjoy the freedom to roam.

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  • Interview with Trent Ferris

    Trent Ferris

    Okay, let's start at the beginning. How did you get your start?

    Well, right when I turned 18 I was doing all of the research on how to get in. I sent my first application to College Dudes and within a few weeks, I was in Ft. Lauderdale shooting a solo.

    Before we dive into some of my favorite scenes, let's talk about your relationship with Sam Truitt. Did you guys meet when you were already involved in the biz? How do you guys keep your relationship going?

    We met on set shooting for College Dudes and we didn't really keep in touch after that. But, about 4 months later we were both again at the same studio and the rest is history.

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