• Interview with Christian Wilde

    Interview with Christian Wilde

    To celebrate Christian Wilde Film Festival this month at Naked Sword, we caught up with the amazingly kinky, adventurous and loveable star and delve into his likes, experiences and ambitions.

    Hey Christian, thanks for joining us to do this interview. It's a great privilege to be able to talk to you and ask you some questions. June is Christian Wilde Film Festival at Naked Sword, how does it feel to have a month dedicated to your career?

    Im honored. I love Naked Sword and they've always been so good to me. Its a really sweet thing to do.

    You're full of swagger and that comes across so beautifully in your videos. Is this your natural way? Are you naturally a dominant kinda guy with a sexy attitude?

    I'm not sure to be honest haha. I just try to be myself and act the way I feel is true to me. If that comes out as swagger and sexy, I'm pretty stoked on that. And I am naturally a dominant guy but I think I'm way more shy in day to day life.

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  • Most Popular Interview of the Year So Far


    Cole & Hunter aka Maverick Men

    As we're almost exactly half way through the year, we thought it'd be nice to have a look back at our most popular interview of the year by number of readers. The Maverick Men, who now have 2 gay porn sites, began life in porn as an XTube sensation - barebacking hot boys and sharing the videos with the world.

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  • Interview with Jimmy Durano

    Jimmy Durano Interview

    This week, GayDemon interviews Jimmy Durano, married to legendary porn director Christian Owen and we find out just what porn means to him and what experiences he's had on set.

    Jimmy, hi! Welcome to GayDemon. What is new with you?

    Thanks for having me. As you know it's June so it's pride month. I'm getting ready for Philadelphia and NYC gay prides.

    How long have you been making porn and what was your route into the industry? Who did you work with first and for what studio?

    Wow...this goes few years back. I started in 2009 with College Dudes and my first scene partner was Beaux. Then after few scenes with them, Chi Chi LaRue got ahold of me, made me one of her exclusives and here I am today.

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  • Interview With Allen King

    Interview With Allen King

    You were found by Lucio Saints, is that right? How did he convince you to do porn?

    Actually I wanted to do porn since I was a teenager. But Lucio Saints was my manager. So nobody really convinced me, I just went for it.

    We interviewed your boyfriend Angel Cruz recently, and covered your first porn ever scene with him. What was it like to film porn with your boyfriend?

    It was easy work with him and the scene was amazing. It's completely real, we just gel and we know what things each other like. And, of course, it is my best scene. Cocky Boys did a great job.

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  • Interview with Tyler Hill

    GayDemon interviews gorgeous Helix Studios exclusive Tyler Hill

    Helix Studios allowed us exclusive access to cute twink Tyler Hill, to ask him some questions about himself, his porn career with Helix so far, what he's interested in sexually, and what he does outside of porn. You can watch all Tyler Hill's porn videos at Helix Studios.

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  • Interview with Craig Daniel

    Interview with Craig Daniel

    GayDemon speaks to Craig Daniel about his favorite porn, who he would love to fuck and discover that he's got brains as well as braun

    You've worked for some big studios as well as a couple of smaller ones. How did you get into porn and what was the deciding factor?

    Last summer I received a message via Facebook from a director of a porn company in London. We had mutual friends and he saw my profile and messaged me saying he needed someone with my physique/look for a shoot next week. I thought why not? This could be fun, so I gave it a go. He also told me to start a Twitter page, which I did, and from there other job offers started to come in.

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  • Interview with Adam Russo

    Interview with Adam Russo

    Find out how one of gay porn's most handsome daddies got into the industry, who he likes fucking and who he has a crush on

    Nobody has managed to tie you down as an exclusive yet. Are you enjoying playing the field? Is there any particular reason for this?

    I am enjoying myself and working for a variety of bareback and condom studios. I have never been asked to be an exclusive, which is just fine with me. I have worked my ass and my dick off to achieve what I have with no exclusivity nor an agent. Just plain old determination has worked thus far. Not quite sure why I haven't worked for Raging Stallion or Naked Sword yet. I guess they don't like me lol... Oh well, such is life. You win some you lose some. My advice to anyone who wants to be in this business is 1, make sure you know what you want out of this career; 2, do it yourself - determination coupled with good photos and the ability to work in front of a camera are all important.

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  • Interview with Levi Karter

    Levi Karter interview

    We haven't had a chance to speak to you since you won Best New Pornstar 2014. Congratulations! What have you been up to recently? I see you were at the Prowler Porn Awards in London...

    I can't believe it's been that long - Thanks! I was just at the Prowler Porn Awards presenting with my studio and then in Berlin shooting for one of our feature projects, 'Another Roadstrip' as well as launching our second photo book, 'SIXTYNINE' haha it sounds like I'm pushing all this, but really we're working non stop-it feels like.

    You're a Cocky Boys exclusive; have you ever filmed for another studio and who was it with?

    I have proudly only shot with Cocky Boys and am very happy to stick with their studio exclusively throughout my career.

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  • Interview with Angel Cruz

    Interview with Angel Cruz

    When I first saw you I was like wow, he's fucking hot! You're absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to be chatting with you today! You're now a Cocky Boys exclusive. When did that happen and what made you sign?

    Thank you very much, guys. It is an honour and pleasure have this interview with you today. I can only say to your question that actually it was all very unexpected and quick. There was a lot of chemistry between the producers and me and it was something that I'd wanted to do for a long while, so I kind of signed without hesitation. Good things will come for my career as part of the Cocky Boys family.

    So what was the first studio you worked for and how did you get into making porn videos?

    The first one was Gay War Games - it's a long story! I kind of began behind the cameras as I have always been into kink and fetish, besides I studied theatre and performance because I enjoy acting and, well, if you mix that with fucking (which is another thing that I am passionate about LOL), there's an explosive result!

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  • Interview with Theo Ford

    Interview with Theo Ford

    Tell us about the Irish/French mix. Where are you from and where do you call home?

    My dad is French and my mum is from Ireland and was born in Morocco. I grew up and lived until my 19th birthday in the south east of Ireland. I love being multi-cultural. It gave me such an incredible taste of traveling and discovering the world around me. I feel like home is where I can plug in my iphone charger.

    What was the first studio you worked for and how did you decide to become a porn star? What sweetened the deal, or did you apply?

    The first ever studio I worked for was French Twinks. They are an amazing french studio. they helped me grow as a performer and made me who I am today.

    I don't think you "decide" to become a porn star. That's something that happens, or not, by itself. Just be yourself and work hard. Always respect your costars and producers and show how much you love your fans. No porn star would be one without the public. I always wanted to do porn. when I turned 25 French Twinks contacted me and made realise how great it would be to work with them. I have never looked back since.

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