• Interview with Rogan Richards

    Interview with Rogan Richards

    Our last interview with Jesse Jackman brought our attention to you, and the launch of your new website. How is that going so far?

    There’s a horrible backstory to this, which makes me super excited that I finally have my site up and running. It’s an extension of me, and a platform to showcase everything I’m passionate about. It’s been getting heaps of positive feedback, have you checked it out? Jesse Jackman ROCKS!

    How did you get into porn originally, and what was the driving factor?

    I actually made a couple of films way back when for the dumbest reason. I just wanted to prove to myself I was a sex beast. This also has a backstory of a socially awkward teenager who suffered from depression who combated this by forcing himself to do what ever he was scared off. Needless to say, I failed miserably. Cut to a few years a later, I had become much more sexually confident through my experiences as a rent boy, and had started posting muscle worship and bodybuilding videos online that were proving to be very popular, one thing lead to another and I decided to return to porn knowing it would give my career a massive boost. This time I succeeded!

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  • Catching Up with Jesse Jackman

    Catching Up with Jesse Jackman

    Thanks for speaking to us today! We’re really excited about your new Titan movie, “OUT!”. Can you tell us a bit about it and when we can see?

    I’m really excited too! The film is about a fictional hall-of-fame baseball coach named A.J. Benson who comes out during a live TV interview. It was directed by TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark and stars no less than five TitanMen exclusives (Dallas Steele, Nick Prescott, Diesel Washington, Eric Nero, and me), plus hottie Luke Adams and my fiancé, Dirk Caber. I co-wrote the screenplay with TitanMen VP Keith Webb and play A.J. in two scenes, one with Nick and one with Dallas. (Both are flip scenes, by the way.) OUT! was announced on February 29, the first scene went live on March 2 at TitanMen.com, and an additional scene was released every Wednesday up until the big finale on March 23.

    OUT! is a really hot film -- it has over three hours of super-sweaty hardcore action -- butwhat I’m most proud of is the interview segment, which you can watch for free atOutBaseball.com. We shot it last July with Dallas playing the interviewer (he has over 20 years of real-world experience as a newscaster). It covers topics like the difficulties of growing up as a closeted gay athlete, the challenges of being gay in professional sports, and the ways that LGBT public figures can be encouraging to the fans who look up to them. Dallas and I even discuss the little-mentioned economic deterrent of coming out in professional sports, something I wrote about in a recent Huffington Post article. When the emotional interview is over, Dallas’s character confesses that he’s always had a crush on A.J., leading to our scene (which, by the way, was my first ever four-position flip fuck scene). It was an amazing day on set, believe me!

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  • Interview with Diesel Washington

    Interview with Diesel Washington

    GayDemon interviews TitanMen exclusive and super-hung Diesel Washington

    Back in August it was announced that you were returning to TitanMen. How is it to be back at one of the world’s most revered gay porn studios?

    It feels great, I was in talks with TitanMen way before August but was keeping things under wrap until everything panned out. Feels good to be home again.

    Can you talk to us a little bit about what you’ve filmed since returning to the studio, and what made you decide to go back?

    Since returning back to TitanMen, you can see me in the release Icons, a neoprene fantasy themed movie...and a Classic Leatherman movie that will be off the charts. In talking with TitanMen, they made me excited again to be a porn star. I created a lot of classics over at TitanMen and that is where I first got my shot. When it was explained to Me, that they were redesigning the site, Rebranding themselves and wanted Me to be apart of that, I jumped at the opportunity. I just want to make good porn, something edgy/hot/dirty and just have fun making porn again.

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  • JP Dubois: Take Two

    JP Dubois: Take Two

    GayDemon re-interviews JP Dubois

    Welcome back! So much has happened since we interviewed you last in 2011. Give us a quick rundown of what's new?

    Well hello there! Thanks for having me back on GayDemon. Well the last 4 years have been a hell of a ride, Sam Barclay and I started a new company and kept it a secret for 2 years before the launch of UK Hot Jocks and it's been a further 2 years since then. Needless to say I've poured all of my energy, time, creativity and skills into making something unique, highly polished and a site that any porn star would be proud to be featured on. But making the move to director/producer/studio owner doesn't mean I've retired from being the humble star, oh no! If anything I've gotten better, bigger and more selective whom I shoot for, mostly due to my time commitments to Hot Jocks. I still love starring in porn and don't plan to stop!

    Last time you were interviewed by us you were described as "up and coming". Well you got it up and came, many times. What has been the highlight of your porn career?

    I've been extremely fortunate to shoot for some of the best directors and with some amazing men in my time in the industry, so to pick specific highlights is a tough one. I loved shooting in the Gay of Thrones series. The attention to detail, costumes and action were all mindblowingly impressive. From a business point of view I'd have to go with the launch of my website. Getting to that point was so nerve wracking and when launch day came I almost pulled the whole thing as the pressure was just too much! But after that point and seeing how well our content has been received I'm so glad we've done it.

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  • Interview with Scott DeMarco

    Scott DeMarco interview

    Scott, welcome to GayDemon and welcome to porn! We don't often get the opportunity to chat to guys so early in their porn career, and when I saw your video for Jason Sparks Live I just couldn't wait to chat to you. How did your porn debut come about?

    Honestly it was a matter of luck. One afternoon at home I had seen online someone retweeted a post from Jason Sparks that he was in my hometown. I replied to it just to see what he might say and eventually I got a DM that night asking if I'd ever thought of doing porn before. When he asked if I wanted to come in for a potential model interview I said "what the hell" and decided to meet up with him and the tour group. He liked my look and before I knew it I was shooting my first scene that night with Zack Grayson!

    Tell us a little bit about the nationwide porn tour?

    We tour around the country from city to city finding different guys to shoot with. Some guys we are shooting with are just excited by the idea of getting to star in gay porn for fun (like I was initially) and others are interested in breaking into the industry. We typically hit a lot of small to medium sized cities like Louisville KY and Buffalo NY in between large ones like Detroit and Atlanta. The traveling and getting to see different parts of the country is actually one of the biggest reasons I decided to join the tour.

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  • Interview with Jordan Fox

    Interview with Jordan Fox

    GayDemon interviews legendary blond Euro porn star and award winning top, Jordan Fox and learn about his love of smooth twinks and his plans to put porn on hold to focus on studies.

    Hey Jordan, thanks for talking to us! Let's start with that all important question: how did you get into porn?

    Hello! I am glad to talk to GayDemon, your website is great! Well I was student at the time I started porn. I had a nice life but it was a bit boring for a young guy of 20. I wanted to spice up my life a little bit. I never intended to become a pornstar though, I just wanted to do a porn movie to achieve a sexual fantasy. I thought it would just be a single experience. But the studio loved my scene and my "acting skills" so they called me back one week later to shoot another scene, then another studio contacted me, then another one... and few monthes later, I became a pornstar, completely by chance! I took a break from my studies to become a full time entertainer.

    You started appearing in porn movies in 2008. Who was your scene partner and what was it like the first time in front of the camera for you?

    It was a foursome for Cazzo, in the movie "Fanatics", about soccer, but I really don't remember the name of my partners, during my career (about 100 scenes) I have worked with so many guys that I can't remember all of them!

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  • Interview with Rob Yaeger

    Rob Yaeger Interview

    We really appreciate you taking the time to speak to us. You recently shared your story on how the RentBoy.com closure impacts you personally, and I found your kindness and humanity completely inspiring. It seems government policy is taking sexual freedom backwards after such a triumphant win for gay marriage earlier this year. Do you think there's a way of ever recovering?

    It's interesting you mention gay marriage, because that was the first thing that flashed through my mind when I learned about the Rentboy Raid. I thought: "Wait a second, I thought the gay marriage victory ushered in a "new normal" in government tolerance toward queer issues, including sexual freedom? Why this sudden about-face?"

    Interestingly enough, I first heard about the raid when I was sitting in a doctor's office with Steve waiting for the doctor to call his name for an appointment. The story came on the TV news, and I was pretty mortified. Before running the story, the news channel said something like: "There was a major prostitution sting in Manhattan today!" I was expecting to hear something about a violent, mafia-run network involving sex slaves, children and human trafficking. But nope, it was about Rentboy, which is about the least exploitative forum out there.

    About the prosecution itself, the words "internet brothel" and "global criminal organization" filled me with anger. I could see how little the government really knew about Rentboy. The outdated moralistic overtones were just offensive and tone-deaf. And that was to say nothing of the anger I felt about the fact that, if government were really concerned about "prostitution," there are far, far worse culprits out there. Real prostitution villains not only make far, far more money, but also visit serious harm on sex workers (ie, via trafficking, slavery and violence).

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  • Interview with Owen Michaels

    Interview with Owen Michaels

    Ok, there's a scene that just came out recently for Falcon Studios of you and the flawless Darius Ferdynand flip-flop fucking each other which is from the release Moving Up. I'm extremely jealous of both of you. Honestly, if you were both put in front of me, I wouldn't know who to kick out of bed, so you'd both have to stay. What was it like working with Darius?

    Ummm, it was good working with him. It's usually good working with everyone that I'm paired with.

    It wasn't your first scene with Falcon. You also got to fuck Colt Rivers in Naughty Pines 2. What's it like working for the juggernaut Falcon? Any more work coming with Falcon?

    I love Falcon. Falcon Studios is an awesome company and I always have an amazing time with them. I don't have any other work coming out with them at this time.

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  • Interview with Christian Wilde

    Interview with Christian Wilde

    To celebrate Christian Wilde Film Festival this month at Naked Sword, we caught up with the amazingly kinky, adventurous and loveable star and delve into his likes, experiences and ambitions.

    Hey Christian, thanks for joining us to do this interview. It's a great privilege to be able to talk to you and ask you some questions. June is Christian Wilde Film Festival at Naked Sword, how does it feel to have a month dedicated to your career?

    Im honored. I love Naked Sword and they've always been so good to me. Its a really sweet thing to do.

    You're full of swagger and that comes across so beautifully in your videos. Is this your natural way? Are you naturally a dominant kinda guy with a sexy attitude?

    I'm not sure to be honest haha. I just try to be myself and act the way I feel is true to me. If that comes out as swagger and sexy, I'm pretty stoked on that. And I am naturally a dominant guy but I think I'm way more shy in day to day life.

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  • Most Popular Interview of the Year So Far


    Cole & Hunter aka Maverick Men

    As we're almost exactly half way through the year, we thought it'd be nice to have a look back at our most popular interview of the year by number of readers. The Maverick Men, who now have 2 gay porn sites, began life in porn as an XTube sensation - barebacking hot boys and sharing the videos with the world.

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