Interview with Maskurbate's Zack

Tell us your story. How did you get into the adult industry?

A few years ago, when I was dancing at a strip bar, I got approached to make straight porn. I was already with my girlfriend at the time so I knew it was impossible unless she did the scene with me. It took her a couple of months but she finally agreed to do it. We did a few scenes together over the years. I've also made some solos for gay studios.

How come you appeared masked on Maskurbate?

Well, I retired from porn for my love one. She was no longer comfortable seeing me naked surrounded by guys and girls, big crews and with what she thought was happening backstage. Pascal from Maskurbate was sending me offers via Facebook while I was trying to convince my girlfriend. It was the mask concept and the fact that Pascal is a one man crew that made her change her mind. So here I am. Glad to be back!

What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

I like the excitement. I like making films, the preparation and the process. Sex with my girlfriend on camera was different then off camera. Dislikes? Well sometimes when you are in the mood and the producer says "cut", the action stops, it's not easy. It takes a lot of control to stay concentrate and focus.

I like to have sex in awkward places. The possibility of getting caught excites me. Like that time I had sex on a bench waiting for the subway train.  

What's your preference... Top or bottom? Does that change when you aren't filming?

I'm a straight dude, so yeah, I'm always a top.

What are your biggest turn-on and turn-offs? Any sexual fantasies you'd like to share?

I like titfucking, big boobs on small girls, and good blowjobs. I've done a lot of this sexually so I don't know. I like to have sex in awkward places. The possibility of getting caught excites me. Like that time I had sex on a bench waiting for the subway train. That was hot!

Who are your favourite porn stars?

My favorite male pornstar is Johnny Sins. Great performer with an amazing physique! I don't know by the way why most of the guys in Straight porn are so ugly and out of shape!

How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom?

Fucking on camera is planned. They tell you the position, how to place your partner etc. At home, I simply flip my girlfriend any way I want! Lol

What do you like to do when you're not working? Any hobbies? Are you in a relationship?

I am a personal trainer and I have a good daytime job. My passion is physical training. I workout 5 days a week and I'm always sensitive to good nutrition. It is my way of life! I've been with my girlfriend for many years, with ups and downs, but now that she agreed to let me shoot for Maskurbate, we're on the right track!

Maskurbate Zack

What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?

Hopefully more scenes with Pascal (Maskurbate). Besides that, nothing special. I want to be able to enjoy life, live it fully with no barriers. That's my motto, One Life!

Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

I have my private Facebook account for my family and friends. As for porn, I invite your readers to go "Like" Maskurbate's Facebook page, especially my pics! That will help me do more scenes if people ask for me! ;)

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