Wolfie Blue stroking his cock for Suite703

Great to have here the extremely sexy Wolfie Blue. You could have seen him with Austin Wilde, Trystan Bull, Cody Cummings, and more. Not a bad list :)

Anthony: Well, let me get to know ya. Why the adult world? How'd you get your start?

Wolfie: That's a semi-long story! I entertained myself with the idea, and eventually was encouraged to do so during my last semester of college. I thought it would be a great way to help pay back some of my student loans and put some extra cash in my pocket. I started out with Sparks Media on their website, "Dirty Tony". I also worked with them for Suite703 and Naked Frat House.

Anthony: Many people would say porn is a fantasy of theirs. You get to live that everyday, so you have to have a different fantasy. Can you tell us your turn-ons?

Wolfie:Turn-ons...hmm... I love big cumshots, and its kind of a turn on when the guy is just as flexible as I am. As with a chick, I love to go down on them, such a turn-on :-)

As for a fantasy, I...well, I always wanted to do something with a greek or greek god theme. I hear about it, but I don't really see a lot of that. That and getting it on with twins would be pretty hot, too.

Anthony: How's your life different now that you're an adult star? Do you get noticed a lot?

Wolfie:My life isn't all that different. I got spotted a couple times from people at the university I attended as well as some other places. I am always really flattered when people do want to talk to me about it.

Anthony: So who's the best performer you've worked with? And of course everyone's favorite question... Who's the one performer you'd love to work with?

Wolfie:Damn..That's a tough one. I liked all of them, but my favorite has to be these three for different reasons: Clayton Archer because he is just built like a rock and such a nice guy. Trystan Bull because he just radiates this energy that draws you in, I was really comfortable working with him and he made it fun! Finally, Cody Cummings because he is a really a down to earth dude and he lives up to his name! :]

Hmm...I feel rather lucky because I worked with most of the folks I wanted to but I would have to say Kurt Wilde if I had the chance.

Hot gay pornstar Wolfie Blue Suite703

Anthony: Do you watch your own work? What's it like on set? Is it nerve wracking? Take us through a normal shoot if u dun mind :)

Wolfie:Well, yes and no. I watched my own work to learn from it. I pay really close attention to reviews to see what people liked and didn't like, and then on future shoots I take what I have learned and perform better.

On set, its rather easy-going unless everyone is on a time crunch. Usually, there is prep time for a bottom (clean, trim, etc.), then depending on who you are working for, you will often do your photos first, then video. They try to keep both the photos and video visually the same but sometimes that doesn't happen. Shoots take roughly anywhere from 3 hrs to the extreme 7 hrs. I am nervous often before the shoot, for instance, what runs through my head: "can I stay hard?" "will I cum?" "will it be a big cumshot?" - stuff like that :)

Anthony: What are your hobbies outside of porn? What do you like to do for fun?

Wolfie:I am quite physically active, love to hula hoop, double dutch, among those things, I am quite the acrobat! I love to read and paint for fun and spend most of my time with my friends.

Anthony: Watching you taking a cock is pure joy, I'm not gunna lie :) Are you strictly a bottom or do you top as well, stud?

Wolfie:I am shockingly versatile. I love to top but I guess It looks good for me to power bottom *laughs*

Anthony: Getting serious for a second, what do you think the biggest issue in the adult entertainment world is?

Wolfie:Well...I think it may be the STI testing and safe sex practices/policies mostly. It so dangerous and I am surprised the industry as a whole is not taking it seriously. Of course, the studios I have worked for have done well in promoting these policies for their models.

Anthony: Any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

Wolfie:Well, yeah actually. I have one shoot in March for Sparks Media and in September, I will be going to the UK and the Berlin porn festival with Excalibur Tours, which anyone is welcome to tag along if they wish (seriously) :)

Anthony: Wolfie Blue, it's been a pleasure sitting down with you in the GayDemon Lounge. Thanks for stopping by, and where can we follow your sexy ass?

Wolfie:You can follow me shaking it via twitter if ya like :]

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