Twink pornstar Tyler Sweet

Today we're talking to boyish and very sexy Tyler Sweet, a twink pornstar who's definitely getting to be quite the known face - and cock! Tyler had no trouble telling us about the adult industry and some of his his dirty secrets, so let's jump right in and get started.

Anthony: How'd you get your start in the porn world? The first scene I remember seeing you in was a hot flip flop scene with Derrick Vinyard for Dominic Ford. Was there any before that?

Tyler: No, the scene with Derrick Vineyard for Dominic Ford was my first scene. I pretty much just got picked up by my agent at the Tin Room in Dallas.

Anthony: No doubt my favorite position of yours is any one where that ass is getting plowed :) It's a shame to always let that butt go to waste. Do you want to do more topping or is your niche on the bottom?

Tyler: Well, I definitely have more experience being the bottom bitch, but you are right. A cock is a terrible thing to waste, so I wouldn't mind doing more topping scenes. To check out some of my top skills you can check out my scene with Alex Varaa at Next Door Twink.

Anthony: Bath House Bait always has some hotties getting torn up. I love your scene because you seem to crave it so fucking much. Was this your first ever group experience? Or is this an every day occurrence for you sir?

Tyler: The group sex definitely isnt an everyday thing for me, but it was far from my first time in an orgy setting... and I love it every time.

Anthony: So tell us about your GayCreep scene? How does acting come into play? It's such a hot scenario to think about ;) you all vulnerable and everything.

Tyler: GayCreep was probably one of the most fun (or as anyone who knows me would hear, "funner") scenes that I have shot. Just the thought of the wake-up via sex thing is hot in and of itself, but throwing myself and Conner Maguire together was ingenious and made for what I thought was an explosively sexy scene.

Anthony: got wind of you and paired you up with Matt Cole where you do a pretty good job seducing him as a student and him your professor? What was it like working with Matt? The sex as hot as it looks? Can we expect more from

Tyler: Well, first of all let me tell you... Matt Cole is every bit of the sexual beast he appears to be, and the sex was fantastic! With that said, we just clicked instantly and that chemistry really came through in the scene. I really enjoyed working with him because as big as he is pornstar-wise, he is still quite modest. And yes, expect more of Tyler Sweet on I have a scene with Trevor Knight that has just been released and have a few more shoots coming up.

Anthony: I swear you seem to be on my screen or phone every second lately because then I catch your fine ass at Southern Strokes. Then I had to ask Seth from SS and he said you were coming back for more. How'd you get hooked up with them?

Tyler Sweet with Hayden Michaels

Tyler: Same way I do all my fabulous costars and producers, I have the best agent in the industry... scratch that the world, Howard at Fabscout! Shout out Howie! But in all realness I did enjoy my work with Southern Strokes and will be going back very soon.

Anthony: What sets you apart from other performers? Why should I blow my load to you ;) Do you ever try to emulate another star?

Tyler: I believe that we all try to emulate someone. While I can't name any people that I intentionally try to emulate, I will admit that I watch a lot of porn and so if I see something I think is hot then I'll mention in a shoot, with my own little twist of course. Haha. And I try to be pretty unique as an adult performer. I think mostly people see me as just another twink but I try to take on quite a few roles from the flip-flopper in Dominic Ford, the bottom boy in with Matt Cole or Bathhouse Bait, to the jock top at Nextdoor Twink with Alex Varaa.

Anthony: Is there anything you can't do haha? What are some of your hobbies off camera? Are you single, because inquiring minds would like to know, mainly just me, though.

Tyler: I tend to think of myself as my own super hero in the sense that I can't be told that I can't do something. Ever try to tell superman he can't do something? Bet you $20 that he would turn around and do it just because he could. And yes, I am single. ;)

Anthony: Is there a performer out there you really want to work with? If you could direct a scene starring yourself, what kind of scene would it be? What are your turn-ons and fetishes?

Tyler: Oh, there are many performers that I would love to work with, but I would def love to work with Trevor Knight or Matt Cole again... they are both awesome guys. And my personally written scene would probably be a blackmail scene between a brother and a brothers hot friend. Seems sexy, huh?

Anthony: The best part about your job is... And one word to describe yourself as a performer?

Tyler: My favorite part of the job is the traveling. I love to travel. And Tyler Sweet in one word.... Unlimited!

Unlimited, indeed! For those who want to see more of Tyler, you can visit him at his Twitter , or check him out at Next Door Buddies, Dominic Ford or Next Door Twink. Thank you for joining us, Tyler Sweet - it's been our pleasure, and hope to see more of you!

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