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We're here with hot porn stud Tyler Evens, who's agreed to tell us all about his life in gay porn, and give us a look into his private life. Thank you, Tyler, and welcome to Gaydemon!

Anthony: Tell us your story. How did you get into the porn biz?

Tyler: I got into the porn business when I turned 18 in September. I applied as a model with D&E Production and in October I was down in South Florida filming.

Anthony: What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

Tyler: The things I like the best is the flexible hours and the money and the fun we have off set and meeting other models. The dislikes are when you have to work with models you are not into or they have some sort of personality emotional issues. On screen you see two hot boys having sex, but off screen, your screen partner maybe a total asshole or rude and just plain crazy.

Anthony: What's your preference... Top or bottom? Does that change when you aren't filming?

Tyler: It doesn't matter to me at this point. I can be a great top or a great bottom. I think its just easier to be bottom and just let the top do all the work...LOL.

Anthony: What are your biggest turn-on, turn-offs and sexual fantasies?

Tyler: Biggest turn on for me would be a guy in his late 20's early 30's, hot toned body daddy type to just take charge of the situation that would be my fantasy as well.. My turn off is a skinny twink femme boy that brag and think they know everything.

Anthony: Who are your favorite porn stars, and are there any you'd like to work with?

Tyler: I like Brent Everett & Brent Corrigan. I think they were at there best and hottest when they filmed for Cobra Video. Yes. I wouldn't mind filming with either of the Brent models.

Anthony: How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom?

Tyler: I'm asked this questions all the time. Porn is work. Lots of people don't realize that you have lights, cameras and action. The director gives you and your screen partner instructions, we talk about the scene we are about to film and everything is pretty much planned out in advance. In the bedroom, you don't have to worry about what you look like or plan it out. But I do find that when I'm having sex, I feel as if I'm filming a scene. Porn kind of ruins that intimate moment at times.

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Anthony: What do you like to do when you're not working? Any hobbies? Are you in a relationship?

Tyler: It's sad to say, but I also work behind the camera and in the office on production at D&E Production, and I help film content so my life is pretty much work, home and that is it. I do go out on occasion, but the problem with going out in Ft.Lauderdale, everyone recognizes me so all people want to do is talk about your "porn career" and or try to get you in bed. I have a few close friends that are true friends so we go to the beach, eat out or just hang out.

Anthony: Do your friends and relatives know you do porn? How did they react when you told them or found out?

Tyler: Everyone knows I did porn or do porn or work in this industry. My parents found out before I was able to tell them. My father has a lesbian friend who recognized me, and then sent an email with a link with my work. I was told he wasn't surprised. When I finally told him, he already knew and he explained how he found out. All he wanted to know is if it was safe and if I was making money. Both friends and parents don't mind, and they just see it as a job.

Anthony: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?

Tyler: After filming 70 plus scenes for D&E Production and the site they use to filmed, I was done filming and just working on the other side of the camera. When D&E Productions started filming, which is their new project, I didn't want to go in front of the camera, I kind of retired from filming. David convinced me because many of my fans and members that follow David's work wanted to see me, so I did a few more scenes for, and let's see what the future holds for me.

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

Tyler: The only way any new fans or existing fans can chat or contact me is through When members join the site, we have a members-only forum that SRB members can ask me questions, email me and/or chat with me through the forum. If you like my work, join me and other models at

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Many thanks to porn hottie Tyler Evens for a great interview, and be sure and check him out at!

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