Interview with Male Porn Star Tyler Andrews

After interviewing Shane Frost, I had to check out a few more of his scenes. And in the recent release of Shane's Pool Party from Falcon, I took a liking to the studly Tyler Andrews who really gives to Shane Frost good and hard! Tyler, it's great to welcome you into the GayDemon lounge.

Anthony: Since I brought it up, I have to talk about it first. How was shooting the scene for Shane's Pool Party? What was it like working with Shane?

Tyler: Shooting for Falcon's Shane's Pool Party was a blast. I had wanted to work for Falcon for a while and when the opportunity came I took it! Shane Frost is one of my favorite people in the industry. We roomed together during the shooting of So You Think You Can Fuck and got to know each other a little more, and also just after the filming of the show we met up again in San Francisco for the GayVN awards. Shane likes to keep the energy very high in the scene just as I do, so filming was a pleasure!

Anthony: Quite a list of studios you've worked for in your career and you're still a fresh, new name in the biz. Falcon, Jet Set, Suite 703, Dominic Ford and more! What was it like starting out, and how did you get your first break?

Tyler: Starting out in the industry was not something that I ever thought I would do. One of my friends was friends with a porn producer in Atlanta, GA. I met up with them one day to talk about it, and after talking for a while I had a good feeling about it so I decided to give it a go! First ever photo shoot I did in the industry was for Fort Troff, which is a kink sex toy website. Then I had my first on-camera sex scene, which was a 3-way for

Anthony: A lot of your earlier scenes feature Zack Alexander. Any special chemistry between the two of you or was it just for the two of you to get your names out there?

Tyler: Well the first large company I worked for was Jake Cruise / Cocksure Men. I was paired with Zack Alexander for 2 scenes, but there was a change of plans on the last day so they decided to do a 3rd scene with the two of us with Fleshjacks. I had never met Zack before the shoot, but we continued to stay in touch after the shoot was over. There was nothing going on between me and him other than friends. We ended up shooting again together for ClubJasonSparks later on in our careers.

Anthony: I've gotta admit that I have quite the thing for Dylan Roberts :) You topped him in Jet Set's Locker Room Spy Guy. What was it like working with Jet Set productions and Mr. Roberts himself?

Tyler Andrews nude

Tyler: My scene with Dylan Roberts for Jet Set Men was awesome! Dylan is a really cool guy and very laid back. We got to talking and got to know each other a bit before the scene, so working with him was no problem at all! Jet Set has a great staff that helped me a lot on set. I shot with them right before I started shooting with many of the other companies so I was still in the learning stages of the industry and how to produce a great performance.

Anthony: Every scene of yours that I've seen features you on top, and rightly so because you pack quite the punch with that cock of yours :) Do you bottom as well? Any chance we get to see it on camera soon?

Tyler: I have bottomed 4 times in my porn career. The first bottom scene I ever did was for, but the first one released was with Brandon Lewis for I do not personally like bottoming that much, so it is very rare for me to do it. I definitely prefer topping!!! My most recent bottom scene has not been released yet, but it was for Falcon Jocks.

Anthony: I'm literally in awe of your body. I say that a lot but you've got a great physique. How do you stay lookin' sooooo good? :)

Tyler: I am always in the gym! Taking care of my body is probably my biggest hobby. I have a hard time staying on a strict diet, because I truly love junk food (cookies, ice cream, cake, brownies, etc). My favorite body part to work on is biceps. I rarely do cardio on any of the machines at the gym, I absolutely love swimming, though. I try to swim at least 3-5 days a week.

Anthony: How 'bout your personal life... Do you get to enjoy your success with a special someone or is your delicious self still on the market? Any hobbies in your free time?

Tyler: Currently single. I have tried dating people outside of the industry, and it's very hard to find someone that doesn't get jealous and is ok with me being gone for most of the month for work. Some of my hobbies are working out, swimming, playing sports, and traveling.

Anthony: There has to be a few performers that you really want to work with. Who would you love to fuck? Do you have any fantasies that you'd love to carry out on film?

Tyler: I get asked all the time who are the performers that I would like to work with and I always draw a blank. So I would have to say that I would like to perform with other performers that have great bodies and perform with a very high energy level on set. I would love to film a Bi scene with a guy and girl. I have done this several times off camera and by far its my favorite sexual activity outside of the industry!

Anthony: We've gotta see you in more scenes coming up, most importantly I need to see you in more scenes :) Any juicy details you can let us in on about upcoming projects or scenes you've recently finished?

Tyler: I have recently filmed a few scenes for Falcon (a flip flop scene) and Next Door Studios (including a straight scene).

Anthony: We've been talking with Tyler Andrews, the delicious top - you can check out in a new release from Falcon entitled Shane's Pool Party. Thanks for taking the time to pay us a visit here in the GayDemon Lounge. Where can we follow you? You better check in with us in the future!! I didn't get enough time to just admire you :)

Tyler: I am currently working on my website (, which will be more of a blog and getting to know more about my life, plus it will include a store (hoping to launch it in January or February). I also do two weekly 1 hour cam shows on My twitter account is

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