Trent Ferris

Okay, let's start at the beginning. How did you get your start?

Well, right when I turned 18 I was doing all of the research on how to get in. I sent my first application to College Dudes and within a few weeks, I was in Ft. Lauderdale shooting a solo.

Before we dive into some of my favorite scenes, let's talk about your relationship with Sam Truitt. Did you guys meet when you were already involved in the biz? How do you guys keep your relationship going?

We met on set shooting for College Dudes and we didn't really keep in touch after that. But, about 4 months later we were both again at the same studio and the rest is history.

I started out as a top and I turned bottom very quickly. I am a top outside of work. I get turned on by anything really...  

Let's talk about one of your latest scenes which actually features you and your boyfriend which was for Guys in Sweatpants. It's quite the raw fuck which starts with you guys watching a video you guys previously recorded of you guys having sex. What's it like shooting a scene with your boyfriend? Was it at as hot as it looked? Your boy gave you a pretty good fucking in that one.

I absolutely love shooting with him because we already know each other and what each other likes sexually. So, it makes it more way comfortable. It was defiantly as hot as it looked if not more.

I'm a big fan of the scenes you've done with Next Door Twink especially the one called Under Surveilance where you get pounded by your boy, Sam Truitt, again and Trevor Spade. What's filming a three way like?

Well thank you! I'm glad that you like them. All the three ways I've done have been pretty fun and enjoyable sexually. Some of them can get a little tricky though.

Trevor Spade fucks you in another scene but this time for Circle Jerk Boys called Undeniable Proof where you get caught with nude photos of guys and get fucked. Pretty fucking lame because that only happens to hot guys like yourselves haha. Is there something special with you and Trevor too? There is some good chemistry there.

LOL. That's sweet but I dont even think it happens as much as we all think. There isn't anything special between us except we were really good friends and roommates at one time. But besides that, nothing special.

The very studly Colby Jansen gets a crack at your ass on in a scene called Midnight Swim. How's working with a veteran like Colby? Any nerves doing this scene?

Working with Colby was awesome. I thought I was going to be nervous because of his experience, but I honestly have never felt more comfortable on set and with a scene partner (well besides Sam lol)

So you do top in scenes as well. Are you versatile or just a bottom that needs to top every once in awhile? What else really turns you on?

I started out as a top and I turned bottom very quickly. I am a top outside of work. I get turned on by anything really lol besides pain. Not into that.

Ok I got to ask about the Sketchy Sex scenes. How are those scenes filmed? Do you actually live in that house and look for guys on craigslist and hookup apps? :) Do you like sites like Fraternity X and Sketcky Sex?

Those scenes are the absolute best ones to film. We don't live in the house. The guys are already selected, so there are no real "random" hookups. They are hot to film though.

Trent Ferris bareback

Bareback or Condom? Do you have a preference for when you're shooting porn because you've done both? What is the testing process like before scenes?

I would rather use condom for any shoot involving one or more people, but as long as everybody is tested, I will and have no problem doing both. When you are booked for a shoot we have a week to get the testing done, and its a full panel test.

What's one word that describes you best a performer and why?

I'd say jubilant, only because I see every shoot I do as something I love doing. And, I'm always the happiest when I'm filming.

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