Gay porn actor Tony Hunter

Anthony: So you're relatively new to the biz. How'd you become interested in fucking... Or I should say fucking on camera haha :) Tell us about your start.

Tony: Haha that's a pretty funny story, to me at least, to see where I've come from versus where I've ended up now. I guess the story that's interesting would have to have been back when I was pretty young and at the big gay bar at the time in Salt Lake. Chi Chi LaRue had talent scouts there taking applications from the local gay boys to come shoot for her, and I was intrigued by it, but completely unprepared for the experience. I took one of the applications and was completely in shock by the question that asked for the measurements of my cock and then ended up throwing out the application. I had started into fine art photography modeling and had expected something similar (head and body shots), and then that the rest would come later. I understand now how silly it was of me to be offended by it, but was so naive then that it really probably was for the best for everyone that I did what I did. Years later, I got another exposure when I moved to Phoenix and started to meet porn models on a semi-regular basis there, but my real start in would have to have been back in December when I was contacted by Jason Sparks to appear with him in one of his cam shows. I realized after doing that that it wasn't so scary as I had originally thought it would be, and I expressed an interest in going forward with doing porn more. He forwarded my info to Fabscout as well as had me appear with him in a few more of his cam shows, and now, I guess I'm in.

Anthony: How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom...or wherever else you guys have sex on your own time? haha.

Tony: It's VERY different. For starters, I typically don't fuck in the positions that they make us do on camera. Also, in my own bedroom there are no "cuts" so I don't stop and start over and over again, and if something isn't working, its easier to just say it and change than it is on camera. But the biggest thing I've noticed to if it's different at all is who I'm shooting with. I've had some AMAZING scenes with guys where we were into each other, and when the camera stopped rolling, we didn't stop fucking, and I've had some where once they cut, either I didn't want to touch him anymore, or he didn't want me to touch him. I think that's part of what makes the biggest different.

image004.jpgAnthony: What's your preference... Top or bottom? Does that change when you aren't filming? What's your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Tony: On film, I've both topped and bottomed, and that's pretty much the same in my personal life; however I do tend to lean more towards bottoming than topping. As far as fantasies, I've been a bit of a freak so I've done most of the things I've dreamed up that I thought would be hot to do, but I'm still working on figuring out how to have sex in midair without supports.... thinking I may have to figure out how to fuck while skydiving for that once since I don't think NASA is going to shoot me up into space just to get it on haha

Anthony: Were you an avid porn watcher, follower, before you chose this for a career? Is their a certain partner you've always wanted to work with or really enjoy their work? Do you have any other job besides the adult world?

Tony: I watched some porn before I got into this, but not as much as most people. That being said, I did have my favorites, and a couple that I would REALLY love to be able to meet up with if not shoot with; namely Dean Monroe and Johnny Hazzard. Was also a huge fan of a couple other retired stars, but since they're retired, I doubt that'll be an option. As far as job in the real world, I am a freelance graphic designer, and I do door security at one of the local gay bars.

Anthony: How has everyone around you accepted your decision to become a porn star? Do you have a relationship outside of work? What are some of your hobbies?

Tony: This has been a real determination as to who my real friends are, honestly. Most of the people close to me have either not cared at all or said that they kind of expected that I would eventually be doing this. They call it my latest adventure, and I guess they'd be right in that. As far as relationships, no I didn't have a boyfriend before starting, and still do not now. I'm not really trying to get one, but I have noticed that it would be harder to have one given this choice. I wouldn't feel right asking someone to be okay with my going out and having sex on camera with hot men. If someone came along I was into and was okay with it and everything else fell into place, I'd entertain dating.

Gay porn performer Tony Hunter

As far as hobbies are concerned, I'm a big time video game nerd. I've been playing them ever since I got an SNES for my birthday as a kid (which I still have hooked up and play) and I especially love old school RPG games. Final Fantasy II on SNES was my favorite of all time. Lately I've been playing Dragon Age II again and loving it. Also I've been into learning foreign languages, studying French on Rosetta Stone.

Anthony: Is there a goal you have in this business? How do you stand out from the rest of the performers?

Tony: My ultimate goal is to make up for my initial failing with regard to Chi Chi LaRue and be able to work with her. I've always been a huge fan of her videos, her men are immaculate, and her firm stance on safe sex is something I regard very highly. I'm not sure how I stand out, at least physically. Personally, I already can say that I'm easy to shoot, as far as feedback from directors I've worked with, which makes me a more desirable model to use. Also I have a more interesting back story than most I am aware of as I used to be Mormon, and came out while being one of their missionaries (yes, the boys who come to your door and ask you to join their religion), which always makes for some interesting looks and questions.

Anthony: One serious question for you. A lot of controversy, scandal, and whatever else you wanna refer to it as exist in the gay adult world. Is there any issue you are particularly passionate about?

Tony: There are two I feel passionately about, but I choose to keep my opinions on one of them to myself so as not to create drama; however the one I really am vocal about is the use of condoms in porn. I am adamantly in favor of using condoms for every scene all the time in all kinds of porn, including straight porn, which currently does not often use condoms. I look at it as compared to a mining career. There's no waiver a miner can sign to eliminate the company's requirement to wear a hardhat when you go into the mine, and if they tried, the occupational safety and health board would shut the company down. Now, in comparison, the risk you put yourself at fucking without a condom is just as great, if not greater, than mining without a hardhat, yet no one seems to say anything about it. I understand that people often prefer to watch bareback porn, but if no studio were producing it, then there would be no reason for all these sites and studios to go bareback to compete, as the playing field would be leveled.

image006.jpgAnthony: Now, my young and innocent star, its time to tell me about the best sex you've ever had :) what are your turn-ons? What really gets you going? Any difficulty ever staying "encouraged" on set? haha :)

Tony: I'd have to say that the best sex I've ever had was with a man I used to hook up with regularly in Phoenix. Gorgeous man with an amazing cock and could fuck for hours. I remember one time I went to mess around with him as I had nothing to do that day before going to pick up a friend from the airport, but he wasn't expected to land for 5 hours. He hadn't even finished fucking when my friend called because he had landed and I realized that he and I had been going at it that whole time. My friend never knew, but still was an amazing session. I think I was turned on by him because he was so natural and masculine. He didn't have to try to be sexy, he just was. That's always something that's turned me on, a guy who is naturally sexy is always so much better than a man who is so prettied up that it seems like he's trying too hard to get there.

As far as staying "encouraged" haha yes, I have had that issue, but it had been because I was cast to shoot with men I wasn't into. There are certain tricks we use to get where we need to be, but still wasn't, at least to me, natural.

Anthony: So any upcoming projects you can let us in on?

Tony: I had taken a couple months off for school, but getting ready to start shooting again over the summer. My agent has a couple projects in the work right now, which I can talk about, but I don't know if I want to because I'm afraid of either building up to something and then, if it doesn't happen, disappointing people, as well as I don't want to jinx it; however if anyone wants to follow my twitter, @TonyHunterXXX I will post what's coming up as it's secured, as well as the posting of new scenes as I become aware of them

Anthony: Thank you so much to my guest today, Tony Hunter. The Lounge got quite a nice taste of some promising talent :) Keep up the good work and make sure to keep us posted on how you're doing. Now where can we follow you? Thanks again, cutie!

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