Interview with Tommy D

This week Anthony Rollins interviews Tommy D.

I can't believe I get to interview my absolute favourite. There's a special place in my heart and pants for Mr. Tommy D. Thanks for doing this! :)

Anthony: So 8 years huh? You recently updated your site with your 8th year anniversary scene? How would you describe your adult film career so far?

Tommy D: It's been a wild ride. I never expected to make a career out of porn so I'm very grateful for all the success I've had.

Anthony: Now you've done scenes with a lotta guys over the years. Who have you really enjoyed working with? Who gets that beautiful cock of yours rock hard?

Tommy D: I've worked with a lot of really nice guys. I have to say it's the gay guys that are the most fun to work with. They really get into the scene for themselves and not just for the money.

Anthony: It doesn't really matter what you do, you look so fucking hot doing anything, but I love seeing you take a dick? Which do you like more, topping or bottoming?

Tommy D: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to be fucked and sometimes I prefer to do the fucking.

Anthony: So how did you get your big break? When and with who did you get your start with?

Tommy D: I started with Nextdoor Studios and they have always treated me well and catered to my needs to make it possible for me to maintain my website while also working a full time construction job.

Anthony: So are you single? Or you with a certain someone? I promise I won't hit on you to much with whatever response you give?

Tommy D: I am seeing someone right now. It's been almost 8 months and things are going well. We really enjoy each other's company.

Anthony: There are times of the day you aren't horny right? Haha! What are your hobbies outside of sex?

Tommy D: The last couple years I've really gotten into cycling and I've been doing a lot of bowling lately.

Anthony: Your website is extremely popular which is great. You got anything new and interesting coming up on the site that us fans can look forward to?

Tommy D: I stopped doing live cam shows awhile back but I will be doing them again soon. I don't know the exact date I will start yet but it's in the works.

Anthony: How do you get yourself prepared for every scene? Is it different doing it on and off camera?

Tommy D: Filming porn is rarely like having sex at home. There are a lot of things that you have to think about to make a good scene. I've been doing this long enough now those things come pretty naturally though.

Anthony: So how often do you hit the gym? A body as good as yours is tough to keep up, got any tips on staying sexy?

Tommy D: I try to workout at least 4 days a week. I am in the gym more in the winter but during the summer I tend to do more cardio outdoors. My best advice is try to keep the cardio part of working out fun. Mix it up, it doesn't always have to be intensive as long as your moving and doing something. Go to the park and play Frisbee with a friend or go for a walk on the beach with your dog.

Anthony: Ok last questions. Rapid Fire. Kinkiest place or weirdest place you've had sex. And who's one performer you'd love to do a scene with who you haven't been with yet?

Tommy D: Last year I had sex in the back of a BMW while 3 other people were in the car. We were on our way home from a club in Scottsdale, AZ. I wouldn't mind doing a scene with Erik Rhodes before he retires.

Anthony: Tommy D thank you so much, and it's safe to say that my opinion of you stays the same: I fucking love you! Seriously, though congrats on 8 years and look forward to many more.

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