Interview with Theo Ford

Tell us about the Irish/French mix. Where are you from and where do you call home?

My dad is French and my mum is from Ireland and was born in Morocco. I grew up and lived until my 19th birthday in the south east of Ireland. I love being multi-cultural. It gave me such an incredible taste of traveling and discovering the world around me. I feel like home is where I can plug in my iphone charger.

What was the first studio you worked for and how did you decide to become a porn star? What sweetened the deal, or did you apply?

The first ever studio I worked for was French Twinks. They are an amazing french studio. they helped me grow as a performer and made me who I am today.

I don't think you "decide" to become a porn star. That's something that happens, or not, by itself. Just be yourself and work hard. Always respect your costars and producers and show how much you love your fans. No porn star would be one without the public. I always wanted to do porn. when I turned 25 French Twinks contacted me and made realise how great it would be to work with them. I have never looked back since.

Sex is great but when you have a deep attraction and chemistry it shows and generates the best scenes. I don't watch my own scenes but I am a firm believer that if I'm invested and I feel proud of a scene it will show on screen.  

You're a man of expensive taste. Looking at your Amazon wishlist I can see a fair few thousand dollar items! Can you rank your top 3 from there?

I have always loved quality and luxury. I guess all the Rolex watches on there are my favorite items. I already have Cartier watches. I feel like it's the one accessory that a guy HAS to have.

Over the time you've been doing porn what would you say has changed the most and are the changes good or bad?

My demands on set and for my contracts. I know what I can and cannot do. What I'm worth and what I actually want to do. I'm very demanding but to myself too. I think there's no bad changes but you evolve and grow in the public eye so it may be difficult for your close friends to always manage it.

Can you remember particular a scene you came away from and thought "damn, that was good!"?

I absolutely loved my scene with Brent Corrigan. It is coming out on April 3rd 2015 (the movie Moving Up is out April 6th) so it's brand new and such a sensual scene. I am very proud of working with such amazingly talented people at Falcon such as Bruno Bond and Kent Taylor.

Theo Ford and Brent Corrigan

Who has it been the most exciting to work with during the time you've been in porn and why?

Brent Corrigan and Colton Grey have been my best scene partners because we had such an intense connection. Sex is great but when you have a deep attraction and chemistry it shows and generates the best scenes. I don't watch my own scenes but I am a firm believer that if I'm invested and I feel proud of a scene it will show on screen.

What underwear have you got on?

I discovered Timoteo this year when I got to the US. I met with them in LA because I loved their product so much. We had such a great connection that they asked me to be the face of next the season's collection. I said yes straight away! I love the guys at Timoteo and their designs are so great and confortable. I only wear those now.

Tell us a little about your daily routine. What's an average day in the life of Theo Ford?

Average is not in my dictionary. There is nothing average about my life. I travel all over the world constantly and I love it. Flying from one city to another and from one country to the next is part of my job. I try to go to the gym everyday and sleep. I guess sleeping is my biggest luxury at the moment. I live in planes and being 6"3 doesn't help to sleep on planes!!

What are your long term plans with your porn career?

I want to continue filming with the best performers and studios. As long as I enjoy it I will do it. Of course I am modelling a lot too and using my name to promote other forms of business for me.

Have you ever had a bad experience on set? What happened and how did you overcome it?

Yes of course. Having a very unpleasant production manager on set (who has since been fired obviously) was a horrible experience. I was filming in Berlin in June and September of 2014 for an American studio. I cannot understand how you can have such a nasty behaviour on set. It is beyond my understanding. I nearly stopped porn that time because of this person who thought they were the best at what they did but in the end were probably the worst I have ever encountered in the industry.

In three words, describe your personality?


Do you have a message for your fans, or anything you'd like to say to our readers in general?

I believe without the fans I wouldn't be where I am today. It is a difficult job but such a rewarding one at the same time. Not everything is as it seems and doing porn is for sure one of those situations where you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Thanks for answering our questions Theo. Where can we keep up to date with your goings on?

Follow me on Twitter @THEO_FORD_XXX

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