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This week Anthony Rollins interviews Taylor from Chaos Men.

Anthony: What brought you to the world of gay porn? How'd you get your big break?

Taylor: I did my first solo shoot out in California, they found me on a social site originally and asked if I would be interested. My big break though came when Bryan snatched me up.

Anthony: Ok I'm not going to lie to you, I've busted a nut or two over your scenes! What's it like topping a guy? And what's it like to bottom?

Taylor: Topping is definitely what I do best, I am more of a dominant person.

Bottoming hurts right now, because I have haven't bottomed very much.

Anthony: So what's your turn-ons? What gets you going?

Taylor: I love role playing, outfits, and having a girl kiss on my neck and ears.

Anthony: What's your hobbies outside of sex?

Taylor: I surf a lot, I play soccer, and of course I hit up the gym a few times too.

Anthony: What's better a nice tight ass or wet pussy?

Taylor: I will be honest, as you know I am straight, so I love a wet pussy!

Anthony: Do you prepare any different before sex with a dude?

Taylor: Yes, I have to prep for it mentally. I can't just walk in and be instantly hard. There is straight porn playing too and I can occasionally sneak a peek, but I find the more scenes I do, the less I have to rely on that. I just go with it.

Anthony: Rapid Fire time, weirdest or most kinky place you've ever had sex?

Taylor: I have had sex in the women's room of a strip club before, we had to hold the door shut while we went at it. Very awkward when we came out to all these girls waiting to get in.

Anthony: Ok, that cock of yours proves it- I know you're enjoying the sex! Who's the easiest model you've worked with? When have you been turned on the most?

Taylor: I'm honestly not sure, I have worked with so many models. I get turned on the most when they are just as into it as I am. It's hard to get it going if it's just me doing everything. I did do a threeway with Eli and Gerin. I remember Gerin was a little guy, and the only gay guys I have worked with. He really liked to be dominated and fucked hard. So it was kind of awesome to really let go and pound someone and not worry if was hurting someone. Gerin really liked it, and Eli I had great him our bitch!

Anthony: I love you dominating the fuck out of people, but I love that ass of yours! Will we get to see you bottom more soon I hope?

Taylor: Yeah we are definitely leaning that way for shoots coming up. I've tried once with Nash, but it hurt a lot. I don't know how guy's take my cock! Bryan says we will start small. I really want to be a versatile performer and keep working. The money is great and it allows me to do things that I never thought I could do.

Anthony: Last question, what's it like working for Bryan Ockert? And what's it like to do an edge video? What was going through your head?

Taylor: Working with Bryan at Chaos Men has been a pleasure. It's so nice to have someone who knows and loves there craft the way he does. He is so professional, takes care of you if you need anything, and never forces you to do something that you don't want to do. The Edge video with him was really "different."

Normally I am in charge, but it was a turn on to be in the dark, tied-up, and those headphones with girls getting banged- it was a really a surreal experience. Bryan seems to make everything easy, and that was fun to do.

(except taking the dildo- Ouch!)

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