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Honestly, I'm the worst. It takes me forever to commit to something and sometimes it costs me. Thus the reason why I'm single. Anyway, enough of the gay pity party, what I was getting to is, I've been talking to Tanner Bradley for a couple months but just haven't gotten around to interviewing this stud yet. Well, fuck that and it ends now because this boy is in NYC filming for Lucas Entertainment. Please welcome Tanner Bradley into the GayDemon Lounge.

It's not your first time in NYC, but how do you like it here with you being a Florida boy by way of San Diego? I've always noticed that you stars live in a variety of places, but let's face it, there's no place like NYC.

I absolutely love the city. The cool thing about New York is that it generates this feeling of ecstasy inside of you like no other place. I've been to NYC more than a dozen times now and every time I experience something new and learn something different. I like that the city is constantly evolving and developing but always will have its recognizable identity.

I usually come prepared to be versatile for shoots, that way I can provide whatever is needed in the scene.  

I'm a nice guy, I'm going to talk about your life outside of porn first, because I think people forget that you guys are actually regular human beings like us. You're currently in graduate school? Do you work outside of porn? What do you do for fun, besides fucking for money?

I'm actually on a hiatus from school at the moment. I graduated from college in May with my bachelors and have been back and forth about whether or not I want to pursue graduate school. Recently I moved to Atlanta and have been trying to settle in before I look for a supplemental job to porn. In my free time I love to travel and do so a lot, I'm usually traveling one to two weeks a month whether it's for shoots or just fun. I go to the gym about 5 to 6 days a week and generally just try to stay active, have to maintain your body in this profession as you know. Other activities include, hanging out with friends, concerts, attending social events, and cooking. 

Now, you have found yourself involved with one of the most recognizable studios in porn, Lucas Entertainment. How did you get hooked up with Michael Lucas? I know its not new news, but congrats on becoming an exclusive.

Thank you! Before I started working for Lucas Entertainment, I had actually stopped working for a month or so trying to figure out where I wanted to go and if I wanted to continue pursuing porn. I was contacted via Twitter by the production manager of LE, asking about doing a shoot with them. I decided to give it a try, so I flew out to NY and shot my first scene on the beautiful Fire Island. It went well and the next thing I knew I was signing as an exclusive for them!


Jack Styles was your first partner at Lucas Entertainment and what a hot flip-flop scene it was. Is the scene easier knowing you get to do both, or would you rather just get pounded out or fuck someone silly only in a scene? 

Honestly I'm pretty flexible when it comes to scenes. I usually come prepared to be versatile for shoots, that way I can provide whatever is needed in the scene. I've learned to not come to scenes expecting anything other than being prepared to make a hot scene. Sometimes things change last minute or even during the scene so I like to just be ready for whatever and I think it makes things go much more smoothly that way. 

A Very Merry Bareback Christmas is your first full length release with Lucas Entertainment which was released on November 21, 2014. The first of your two scenes is familiar for you as you guessed it, it's a threesome! This time joined by Lucas Knight and Santiago Figueroa, you are the cock slut taking both cocks. Is it different shooting for a full length movie as compared to just a scene? Which threesome you participated in has been the hottest?

Shooting a full length movie includes much more work; it took a couple of days to complete rather than one day which is normally the time period for just one scene.  I really enjoyed shooting this movie for a number of reasons: it was on location in Lake Tahoe, all the cast got along very well, and Christmas came early this year! I would have to say that this was probably the hottest threesome so far, but I will say there are a few more coming that have not been released yet!

There's so much cock and so much man in the orgy scene for A Very Merry Bareback Christmas. Nigel Banks, Dato Foland, Santiago Figueroa, Lucas Knight, Ivan Gregory and Donnie Dean all fuck and suck each other in this film. I noticed that you spend a lot of time with Lucas Knight in this scene. How do you shoot an orgy scene? Do you know the guys you are supposed to fuck and suck beforehand? Or is it like ad libbing?

Well the orgy scene starts off with the threesome between Santiago, Lucas, and me. The rest of the cast start to come in and join us leading up to what was my first orgy scene. To my recollection the orgy was sort of a free for all, I remember at one point I was getting fucked by Santiago when all of a sudden Dato bends be over and stuffs his cock down my throat. I think most of my attention was centered on Lucas because of the fact that it took place on a couch with seven of us which was a challenge in itself, and it was my first orgy so I was new to that whole concept. I have a feeling I will be part of more in the near future! 


I'm guessing you have a bunch of unreleased material now as you put up on Twitter @TannerBradleyX that you were in NYC? You cam as well, correct? What other kind of things have you done in the adult world? You were at the 2014 Folsom Street Fair this year, how was that?

Yes! I just finished shooting a few scenes at the studio in NY. They were very hot and the themes were great. I shot for two different movies that I am excited for the release of them next year. I do put on a cam show occasionally for Lucas Cams, people really enjoy seeing you in real time action and being able to request certain things from you. It's also a way for me to talk to fans and answer any questions they have about my work or just my life in general. I don't really do anything else in the adult world except for the various events that come along with being in the porn industry such as the Folsom street fair, which was awesome! It was my first time in San Francisco which was amazing and my first time back in California in 20 years. It was definitely an exciting time and I got to see some of my porn crushes there as well! 

Do you have a bucket list of performers you want to work with? What is one word that best describes you as a performer and why?

There are definitely a hand full of performers I would love to work with. Brent Corrigan would definitely be one, probably because he is the first name I really knew when I started watching porn as a teenager and is still working in the industry. After seeing the beautiful Jake Andrews in person this weekend, he definitely made it near the top of my list. A few others would include: Darius Ferdynand, Ty Roderick, Landon Conrad, and Ryan Rose. One word that best describes me as a performer would be compelling. I believe that I have a lot to offer and that's what makes me interesting and unique not only as a performer but as a person as well.

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