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We're talking with Mr. X, the creator of Straight Lads Spanked. He agreed to answer some questions about the site, the guys (yes, they really ARE straight), the spanking - and the character of Mr. X. Welcome to GayDemon, Mr. X - let's get started!

GayDemon: How do you find your models?

Mr. X: This is the question I get asked most often! LOL! How on earth do you finds these awesome looking straight guys that are prepared to get spanked? Funnily enough, I have also had a few other spanking producers asking me the same question..

So! The answer? Well.......

I can't really give away all my secrets. But here is some insight. Initially I advertised around the net. I was just very honest and open about what I had planned. It was not easy, though. I had to talk to around 40 guys that responded to find one that was right for the part and willing to do it.

As time has gone on though, I don't advertise any more. My models find each other for me! So let me explain... I got in contact with Andy Lee. Andy then brought his mate (and also the guy who was best man at his wedding) Bailey Morgan. Andy also brought along his younger brother Patrick Lee as well. Then Andy introduced me to another of his mates, Liam. Liam then brought his 18 year old mate Karl along. I then discovered Oliver. Oliver brought his brother Fred. Fred then recently introduced me to two brand new models Harry and Dom! Then just this week I have been working with another brother of Andy Lee! His name is Dan Lee and he just turned 18! He has been waiting to get into the 'family' business! :)

GayDemon: What got you into shooting your own videos?

Mr. X: It all just happened by accident! I never planned or intended any of this. So it was just over a year ago that I got introduced to another lad that was making his own spanking movies. He found out that I knew a bit about editing and asked me to help him. So I did! Initially it was only behind the scenes, helping with the editing and working on his website. After a few months we decided that we would be better off working on our own so I then created Straight Lads Spanked. So it really all did happen by accident!

I discovered early on that there were a few male male spanking sites to choose from, but that there were not many that were asexual and purely about the punishment. I decided from day one that my spankings were not going to be about guys having sex with each other and to keep it purely about punishment and humiliation. So to explain this further. In my movies, none of the guys getting spanked are going through it because they are 'getting off on it' and at the same time, none of the guys dishing out the spankings are doing it for a thrill. They are doing it simply because the naughty lad needs to be punished! I received many emails from customers saying this is what they had always been looking for and Straight Lads Spanked has gone from strength to strength.

GayDemon: What got you into spanking and what do you like about it?

Mr. X: Hmmmm, this is a strange one to answer. I don't actually have any real history of spanking. In fact, I never actually spanked anyone properly until I shot my first movie! So sure, I think it was probably a latent interest that I never really did anything about until I was a bit older. I have certainly got to understand and appreciate it all now though!

GayDemon: Is it sometimes challenging to get straight guys to get naked and take a hard spanking from another guy? Do some of them take convincing?

red ass from gay spanking

Mr. X: Well, all the guys take convincing from the initial communication. Most of them drop out at this stage... But then you simply find a guy with the right attitude and away you go! For these guys the name of my website Straight Lads Spanked is a selling point. The guys I work with are very comfortable and secure within their own sexuality so actually for them, getting their bare butt spanked by another guy is no big deal. They don't exactly enjoy it, but they see it as a quick way of earning decent money. Most of them are open and honest with their girlfriends (or wives) and tell their mates about it. They don't see it as 'gay' and certainly don't feel their own sexuality is being compromised. It's quite difficult for straight lads in the UK to get adult work without being pushed to go 'gay for pay'. Mainly they end up doing solo jerking movies and there is only so many times you can do that before it is a case of 'seen that'! The spanking is different though. As long as the model has the right look, I can come up with lots of different scenarios so the straight guys that work for me can often end up with regular work (and a regular income).

As for taking the hard spankings, that is tougher to achieve. All they guys in my movies get spanked properly and hard. It is not faked and what you see and hear is what happened during recording. The only real editing I do is allow the guys to take a break whenever they want to.

Interestingly though, a sense of competition has arisen between the guys. None of them want to appear to wimp out and they actually want to take a harder spanking than their mates. But also, they simply know that if they make a great, realistic movie the fans will love it and ask for more and they then get more work!

GayDemon: How do you decide what implements to use for a particular punishment session?

Mr. X: So the first movie that every model shoots for me will be an over the knee hand spanking. I guess this is my test shoot. If that goes ok and they are keen to shoot some more, I will then try them out with an implement. Often this will be in a series of movies which I call "36 Lashes" This is where the model will take 12 hits from an implement over their jeans, 12 over their underwear and a final 12 bare bottom. This is a good way to ease them into it. Some implements are easier to take than others. For example, my heavy leather paddle stings a lot more than my belt. I always try and encourage the models to push their own pain barriers but I know that some models simply can't take as much as others so will choose the implement accordingly.

Spanking his best mate

GayDemon: So like most producers, you have chosen not to go by your actual name and have chosen Mr X! You also have a character on Straight Lads Spanked called Mr X. Can you tell us more about him?

Mr. X: Well, the lads of Straight Lads Spanked could certainly tell you all about him!!!! Ok, so in my world all the lads live in the same area. They either play in the same football team, attend the same swimming club or box together. Sometimes they do all three! This town they live in has a local 'Spanker' called Mr X! He offers a community service. So it works like this; if some lad in the local town misbehaves they will be sent to get punished by Mr X. Anyone can send someone to Mr X as long as they pay his fee (Mr X does not provide this service free of charge!). Of course, the big question is why would the lad actually turn up and go through with his punishment. Well, this is addressed in every single movie.

For example, in Oliver - Kissing Other Girls. Oliver went to a party had too much to drink and ended up kissing some girl. The problem was that Oliver had a girlfriend at home that was about to give birth to their baby. Girlfriend was devastated but could not bring herself to kick Oliver out. Oliver was devastated, too, and really sorry. So he was given an ultimatum: Either go and see Mr X for a spanking or pack your bags and leave. Oliver decided, of course, to take his punishment. I have been told by many fans of my movies that this is a key element that they really enjoy. The fact that the straight lad is grudgingly submitting to his punishment rather than it being physically forced. Oh yes, you asked about the mask? Well of course Mr X also lives in the town and wants to be able to visit the local bars and shops without getting recognised. So he wears a mask.

Straight Lads Spanked is not all about the Character of Mr X (the hooded guy). Many of my movies don't feature him and in all honesty, I am doing less with Mr X and introducing more spankers that are happy to show their face.

GayDemon: Do you have any funny stories about casting or shooting for us?

Mr. X: Nearly every shoot has some kind of funny story to it! Today I was shooting with two new models Harry and Dom. Both 19 years old and long term friends. I wanted to get them spanking each other and thought that would be a hard task but it was a lot easier than I expected. I think they actually enjoyed spanking their mates! Also, when Harry had his underwear pulled down his mate Dom started taking the piss laughing at him as he had let his pubes get bushy! "You need to shave man" he said!

There was another moment on a movie called Bailey's Bath Brush Beating. This was a really severe spanking. It was one of my earlier movies and I was using new cameras. I messed up! Big time! I realised after really beating Bailey Morgan pretty hard that I hadn't started the camera! Ooooopppps! So we did a second take. It went well. Until I realised that once again I hadn't pressed play!

Oh and I also had one model, Harley that managed to somehow forgot to mention to me that he was deaf! That was a challenging shoot but actually ended up being a great movie!

GayDemon: So can you tell us anything about the future of Straight Lads Spanked?

Mr. X: Sure! I have so many ideas and plans! Definitely there will be more new models. I always like to introduce fresh faces. I am also planning to have different tops dishing out the spankings as well as focusing on more stories where the lads spank each other! There will also be new locations used, as well. I am committed to producing 52 movies every year so there is lots of scope and time to experiment and try new ideas! Oh, and over the next few months I will be launching my spin-off website Straight Lads Wank where you will get to see a the models kicking back and doing what they do best!

Thank you for talking with us, Mr. X. I'm a huge fan of the site, and look forward to the new site. For those who'd like to see these straight lads get or give spankings, or to watch Mr. X in action, click here to visit Straight Lads Spanked!

Mr. X gives straight guy an over the knee spanking

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