Scott Hunter for Butch Dixon

Hi Scott, how is everything? Tell us what's been going on?

Hi guys, well, yeah, things arent bad. I cant argue. There's not much going on right now, it's kind of the 'off season' I guess, with a lot of studios, Christmas and early New Year is a downtime so not much filming goes on. I've been pretty busy recently with a number of projects. Firstly, as you will soon see (hopefully), I've been training very hard in the gym and I hope you will see in the photoshoot that I'm currently on a train to London to do. I have worked very hard to build a bit of size and devleop my shape a bit. I love to be a little bigger and 'beefier', I hope you like the end result too, time will tell. Secondly, I have been very busy with my own PC support and web design business, both with new customers as well as developing a range of new sections of my website which hopefully will help viewers find all of my new content faster, also the content of major studios too, I've started to review so check that out. Also, thurdly and perhaps most importantly, I've made a decision to start to film my own content for my website. It's very much pro-amateur content. The Hunter Diaries let you take a look at what I'm like at home, nothing staged, it's just me having a good time with some great guys. Hopefully, together with my YouTube channel, you will be able to see that I'm a regular guy who happens to love sex. So, all in all, I'm keeping busy, yes haha.

On your website it says you've "been very fortunate to work with a number of amazing guys", but our readers will say they're the lucky ones! You've won a number of awards right?

Yes, I have, well, I have won two so far. I won the Best Bottom in the UK Porn Awards within the first six months of me starting in pron. I've actually started to compile an awards page on my website which lists my achievements so far. I need to wrack my brains though as I think there's more I've been nominated for that I haven't listed. The biggest award so far has to be my Grabby for Best Duo Scene for 2013, that was amazing! Also being nominated for Man of the Year 2013 was amazing too.

When was it that you got started making porn videos and how did it come about?

his is a very old story now I'm afraid, it's all on my website but, in a nutshell, I got a new job with the Police in the IT department and the day before I was due to start, they rescinded the job offer, leaving me unemployed. I tried desperately to find work to no avail. For fear of losing the house, I had to try anything to get money to pay the mortgage. I partly, jokingly applied to start in porn, I didn't expect that anyone would want to see me or watch me but having been approved by all the studios I applied for, I was launched into a career in porn. How long it lasts is up to the viewers.

Scott Hunter in London Showers, Lucas Entertainment

You're a kinky fella aren't you? What has been your favourite scene to shoot?

I think on pure kink factors alone, I most enjoyed my piss scene with Edji Da Silva for Lucas Entertainment. That said, I am actively trying to convince studios to shoot me in something more filthy like group scenes etc and I hope to have one of those very soon to tell you about, so watch this space.

When you get offered a shoot from a studio, what kind of preparation do you need to do for the role? Do you do any research on the plot?

We rarely get a plot or script before the day we turn up. What I do do in preparation is that I will ensure I am as fit as I can possibly be at the time, I also check out my scene partner. I've been lucky to know or already speak to most of the guys I have worked with so far but it's always great to check them out and get to see what they enjoy. If I know what turns them on, I do my best to try and use that in filming so we all enjoy it as much as possible.

We can tell you're not shy but has there ever been something you were dreading about a movie you were making and why?

I'm pretty open-minded usually and not much phases me, or at least I try not to. I've worked with a few really famous guys and there have been a couple of times that I've been nervous about working with the guys. Several have been massive to me, I have a 'wish list' of guys and I've been lucky to work with a number of guys in my top 10 and no, they're secret so, you can just work those out for yourself!

Scott Hunter fucked by Tim Kruger

I'm dying to know, what was it like to get fucked by the legendary Tim Kruger?

It was amazing and I would do it again in a flash. Tim and I spoke for a year almost before I managed to get a shoot with him. I was very disappointed that I had to cancel a shoot once having got a cold sore on my lip, I chose the option to cancel the shoot out of professional courtesy toward Tim and the other model. Despite the fact the cold sore was quickly healing, I felt the option was the responsible thing to do. The result was that it was several months again before I could rearrange with Tim but when we did, it was amazing. I would love to work with him again, we got on very well and let's face it, who wouldn't worship such a stunning cock and such a lovely guy?

Which gay porn actor would you say you draw the most inspiration from?

Scott Hunter by GDphotoarts

Actually, I don't. I'm a very independent guy and I do my own thing. I've never at least knowingly taken inspiration from anyone. If I think of doing something I do it if I can. I like to think my ideas are my own and that I am a very individual guy. I think or at least I would like to think that most of my followers would agree that I'm very unique in the sense that I involve myself with my followers and supporters more than many guys in the industry and they tell me how much they appreciate that so I will do my best to remain myself.

Can you tell us something fans would be shocked to learn about you?

I'm actually quite shy. I know I don't necessarily seem it but I am. When I meet someone I think is hot, I will either go very quiet or I will have the opposite problem and get verbal diarrhoea and just spout inane rubbish.

You're stuck on a desert island with nothing but your bare naked flesh, but you're allowed ONE thing with you. What would that be?

I don't know if this would count as a 'thing' but what instantly comes to mind is I would want my man with me. If I was stranded, I'd want to be stranded with him.

What is next for Scott Hunter? Anything lined up that you can tell us about?

The biggest project is The Hunter Diaries. I'm looking for guys to film with me, they should check out the application to find out more but it's a slow process finding guys who are up to the task, then filming, editing the content and getting it ready. I need a catalogue of content to offer my supporters first before I can release the content. Also, I am hoping to take a trip back to the US to film some scenes. However, I am finding that maybe difficult. At the moment, all the studios seem only interested in filming bareback scenes. I do not film BB content and it seems a prohibitive factor in getting me back to the US which is a shame. If it does happen though, I'd like to return around June.

Scott Hunter with Theo Reid

What do you do in your spare time? Apart from workout of course ;)

Well, to be honest, I have very little spare time. I work 4 jobs, I work for Costa Coffee as a Barista 3 days a week, I train 6-7 days a week, I build websites and I fix computers. Outside of those times, I'm updating constantly with new content about my films as well as reviewing other films from other studios. Outside of that, I reply to every Tweet, Facebook message and email, message on Scruff etc too so I rarely get 30 minutes to myself. In fact, when I do, I don't know what to do with myself! If I do get time, it's usually spent with my man or family. I'm currently installing a new ceiling, lighting and insulation in our kitchen. In fact, as a favour to the friends I stay with in London when I visit, I am installing new lighting in their cellar. Im quite a DIY buff. I can do almost anything I put my mind too.

Who would you most like to get fucked by, that hasn't already had the pleasure of doing so?

There are a number of guys I would love to work with, maybe I should publish my wish list on my website? I don't know. I am fortunate to work with all the guys I work with, they've been amazing, I don't want to single any one person out. There's a fairly lengthy list.

Can you tell us where we can keep up to date with you?

In LOTS of ways. Firstly via my own website. It has my blog, including video blog entries, all of my latest releases, in fact, every one of my 48 scenes are on there in one form or another as well as all of my photo shoots. You can also get all of the direct links on there to find me on Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Foursquare, Google Plus, YouTube etc. I have a channel on YouTube but I guess the most regularly used Social Media platform I choose is Twitter: @scotthunterxxx so add me on there and keep in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Scott. We're huge fans and hope to see you in something sleazy very soon! Have a message for your fans?

As always, yes, THANK YOU. It's you guys who keep me in work. Please continue to support me, tell the studios if you like a scene of mine, they rely on this feedback to guage whether a model is popular or not. Also, download the films legally please if you can, again, this keeps me in work, gives the studios valuable feedback on models. All in all, I'm here thanks to your support so thank you so much. I never thought anyone would want to see me but thanks to your support, I now know that I'm not the 'ugly duckling' I once thought I was and that is the biggest gift you've given me!

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