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Scott, welcome to GayDemon and welcome to porn! We don't often get the opportunity to chat to guys so early in their porn career, and when I saw your video for Jason Sparks Live I just couldn't wait to chat to you. How did your porn debut come about?

Honestly it was a matter of luck. One afternoon at home I had seen online someone retweeted a post from Jason Sparks that he was in my hometown. I replied to it just to see what he might say and eventually I got a DM that night asking if I'd ever thought of doing porn before. When he asked if I wanted to come in for a potential model interview I said "what the hell" and decided to meet up with him and the tour group. He liked my look and before I knew it I was shooting my first scene that night with Zack Grayson!

Tell us a little bit about the nationwide porn tour?

We tour around the country from city to city finding different guys to shoot with. Some guys we are shooting with are just excited by the idea of getting to star in gay porn for fun (like I was initially) and others are interested in breaking into the industry. We typically hit a lot of small to medium sized cities like Louisville KY and Buffalo NY in between large ones like Detroit and Atlanta. The traveling and getting to see different parts of the country is actually one of the biggest reasons I decided to join the tour.

I have a thing for muscled up daddies, so to do an older younger scene with Hugh Hunter or Rocco Steele would be amazing.  

Who would you most like to work with and why?

I have a thing for muscled up daddies, so to do an older younger scene with Hugh Hunter or Rocco Steele would be amazing. That said, I would be down to do something kinky with someone younger like Brian Bonds.

What would you say is the hardest part of being in porn and how do you overcome it?

Filming can take a very long time. In fact a lot of it from what I experienced so far is a lot of waiting around and holding yourself in weird positions for an extended period of time. My first big shoot with took eight hours and we only took photos and filmed for about three of them. But I just remember that all this work I put in will pay off when we get a look at the final cut of the scene.

Do you have a favourite pornstar?

Definitely Colby Keller. I love his beard.

Imagine you're stuck on a desert island. What one thing would you wish you had with you?

A sharp tool like a machete. Or my lube. I really hate jacking off dry and can't imagine there would be much else to do.

How do you spend most of your free time?

Most of the time on tour we have a pretty solid schedule in every city. We spend a lot of time driving and when we aren't we are usually setting up shoots or going to the gym, all while trying to find time to stop and eat something to keep going. In the evenings though when things have settled down I like to take the time to catch up on my shows. Jason and I love to watch Once Upon A Time and I'm way behind.

Is there anything in particular you like doing most in the bedroom? How does it compare to being in front of the camera?

I'm fairly open minded when it comes to different kinks and fetishes a guy may have. But what a lot of people who watch porn don't realize is that all those crazy positions that look sexy and hot on camera are actually really awkward to film in. For instance if I was actually having sex with a guy from the bar I wouldn't spend too much time putting him in reverse cowgirl without a camera on me. But I've learned that the more uncomfortable a position is to shoot in, the better it looks on camera. Personally I prefer a lot more intimacy and closeness of bodies with my partner(s) during sex that feel much more sensual, though wouldn't look as good on camera.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now in terms of porn? Are you sticking around?

Like I said before, my introduction into the porn industry was rather spontaneous and unplanned. I'm in school studying computer science and am just a couple semesters away from earning my bachelors. I've never thought I'd ever even be doing porn and I know one day that it will end because I have other dreams and aspirations. That said, I consider myself very lucky in how I was able to enter the industry and am excited to see where this takes me. I would love an opportunity to shoot more scenes with some of the larger studios like and I figured that while I'm on this horse I'm going to ride it as long and hard as I possibly can *wink*

How can fans keep up to date with you?

Follow me on Twitter @ScottDeMarcoXXX and check out my videos on Jason Sparks Live.

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