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Thanks for coming along to do an interview, Sam. We interviewed your boyfriend JP Dubois back in 2011, so it's a real treat to get you too!

Thanks for inviting me I'm a fan of GayDemon!

How long have you been doing porn for? Your Twitter says you're a 'hungry bottom boy', but I swear I've seen you with your dick in an ass?

Well I've been doing porn since 2004 so almost 10 years now, I like to think I'm growing into it more as I get older. Yes by personal choice I prefer to be bottom but that doesn't mean I can't fuck. but definitely a real power bottom these days I don't think I have demonstrated my full bottoming talents yet so definitely up for some big challenges on camera.

You're pretty hung? Just how big is that?

Well personally I don't think I'm hung 7.5", thick uncut.

I read on Lucas Entertainment that your fantasy is to be 'tossed up onto a table and double-fucked by a group of jocks'? Has that come true yet?

Unfortunately not *sad face* I'm still looking for that hardcore all top DP tag team shoot.

Who was the first into porn out of you and JP Dubois, and did the whoever manage to convince the other to get into it?

Well I had done porn before JP but had taken a break until I met JP on holiday. We realised we both lived in the same city and well ended up together. JP had been shooting for UKNM in Manchester and was let down by a scene partner so he talked me into stepping in and there we have it - Sam was back!

Sam Barclay UK Hot Jocks

You have a fairly new website, UKHotJocks. Yours and JP's project? Tell us a bit about that.

Well I always knew JP's real passion for porn and felt that there was no middle ground in UK porn there is lots of twink studios and big bear and muscle men but no studios that focused on fit athletic jocks. We wanted to do something new fresh clean cut with a crisp modern non-seedy look, so this was how UKHotJocks was born. We Launched the site in June after 2.5 years of hard work It's been received really well and really pleased with what we have achieved so far.

You, JP and other models for UKHotJocks have been doing HustlaBall live shows? Wow, is that as hot to do as it looks!?

Yeah I love Hustlaball it's massive amount of fun! You need to be a real exabitioniest and I'd say we certainly are. I love to get in front of a crowed of people and get off in front of them. We have done the London show 3 times now one in the French alps up a mountain and the first one in Brussels and we are currently in New York to do the the Hustlaball here this weekend.

GayDemon readers are an open-minded bunch, so you're amongst a good crowd; you seem really kinky - what's your favourite fetish scene to make, why, and what happened?

Well it has to be with the super hot Logan McCree for on Bound Gods I actually leaned a lot about myself on this shoot and about the kind of guys and way I like to be dominated it was not a hard beating brutal scene but done in a kind but mean way that messed with my mind it was kind of twisted as he just had me under some kind of spell that kept drawing me into him.

Who is your idol in porn? Anyone you draw inspiration from? Apart from JP of course ;)

Well I guess I get more of my inspiration from other directors these days I think Jake Jaxson mr Pam and Jonno at UK Naked Men. Porn stars, I guess other big bottom boys, Marc Dylan and Johnny Rapid.

Which stars would you love to work with in the future? Tell us who any why. Give us your dream scene scenario and lineup!

Well my ideal partner would be Marc Dylan he is just super hot I've been working on turning him top for me.

Yup, he's stunning! Lets talk a little bit more about you. What are your passions in your private life?

Well my private life is pretty limited as I work a full time demanding job as well as run a porn studio so spend most my free time in the gym and when I get time off I have a very kinky side and we have a big rubber fetish scene so like hanging out with the rubber boys and pups.

You currently live in Manchester, UK, right? Tell me about your background, where you grew up, what your ambitions were?

Yes I'm originally a southerner from Bristol I'd not have an accent, thank goodness! I've lived in Manchester once before but been back in Manchester for 6 years and love the city.

Speaking of ambitions, where do you plan to go next with your career in porn? Are there any exciting prospects lined up you can share with us?

Yes well I'm currently over in the USA so you will soon see me on Hot House and Raging Stallion so pretty excited to work with these guys we have also been in talk with a few other US studios so maybe there will be some collaboration at some point to with UK Hot Jocks.

Just run through your average porn shoot with me, I'm sure your fans will be dying to know what happens behind the scenes. Maybe you have some footage? *wink*

Well if I'm staring I am normally fairly relaxed like to get the gym in before on the day of the shoot if I can normally I have quite an intense work out routine before a shoot I always work out with jp so good to push each other. If I am directing a shoot I like to be super organised I don't let JP prepare the kit! I like to double and triple check it also I like to be prepared so we have everything for the models. I understand what it like to be on location so like to ensure our boys are treated well and have all the basics.

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Thanks so much for answering my questions, Sam. Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Well I'd like to thank all my fans I'm overwhelmed with how my fan base has grown in the past year I know I've now done many recent shoots but I have been working out hard in the gym so you should be seeing much more of me now if you haven't checked out please do we have some great stuff coming up. Thanks Dylan, it was great chatting!

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