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Today we're talking to a very sexy stud who burst onto the porn scene, and is now fucking his way to the top. I wanna welcome Ryan Lynch to the GayDemon Lounge, and I can't wait to hear about this horny twink's experiences in the industry.

Anthony: Well, Ryan, for those who may not yet be familiar with your scenes, what can we know about you? Stats? How did you get into porn?

Ryan: Well, I am a 20 year old from Central California. I'm 5'10, 145lbs. I got into porn through a friend of mine who used to model.

Anthony: I believe you got your start with Next Door Twink. Was this your first shoot? What was the experience like? Did you like your partner?

Ryan: Not only was Next Door my first shoot, it was also my first time ever actually having sex with a man. It was a very fun experience, and I met a lot of really cool people. I wasn't particularly attracted to either of them, but that's kind of the way things can often go in porn.

Anthony: Do you identify as more of a top or a bottom? Is there anything on camera you won't do? What's the shit that really gets you going in the sack? Fetishes or kinky stuff that you're into?

Ryan: I've only ever bottomed on camera one time, so I identify as a top. I'm pretty open to trying things, but I know that rimming is not for me. I do love getting rimmed, though. I could get rimmed for days.

Anthony: Now that you had some experience under you belt, other sites started to feature you too. Who else have you filmed for? Any specific performers or scenes that stick out?

Ryan: I've filmed for Circle Jerk Boys, Haze Him, Bait Buddies, Gay Room, Juicy Boys, Naked Frathouse, and just finished a movie with Jet Set. I know that the movie I just did with Jet Set is REALLY going to stick out. It was a VERY hot scene.

Anthony: Ok, the question I've been dying to ask you. I'm a Twitter whore, and I like to stalk my stars that make me cum. I'm only human :) What is all this news with you and JetSet?

Ryan: Haha, I'm starring in a Jet Set parody.

Anthony: Is there a certain performer out there you'd love to be paired in a scene with? When you watch porn, who are some of the guys you make sure to watch when new shit comes out?

Ryan: I would love to do a scene with Marko Lebeau(sp?). Every time I see him on Next Door sites, I find the scenes really hot. I think me and him flip flopping would make for an amazing scene... Just saying :)

Anthony: So, take us through a shoot. Is it different with all the lights and cameras in your face when you're having sex than rather than alone in a bed? Tough to maintain wood? What's it like being directed on how to fuck?

Ryan: It was tough at first, but I've definitely gotten used to it. It's surprisingly hard work sometimes to make uncomfortable positions look really amazing, but it's still a lot of fun. I've had trouble maintaining wood a couple of times, but in most cases I can keep it up no problem. I guess that's easy when you're 20, though.

Anthony: Give us a reason to keep you on our radar? What makes you stand out from one of the regular dudes I just like to watch?

Ryan: You should keep me on the radar because I have a certain pizazz most people don't have. A wise woman once said, "A diva is a female version of a hustler."

Anthony: Where can we follow you and keep up to date with everything Ryan Lynch? Is there any other work upcoming you're ready to start? Any unreleased material you've already shot?

Ryan: You can add me on facebook at, follow me on twitter: @ryanlynch69 and I have stuff coming out with Naked Frathouse and Jet Set

Thank you, Ryan Lynch, for talking with us, and can't wait to see more of you - lots more!

Twink Ryan Lynch sucking cock

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