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We really appreciate you taking the time to speak to us. You recently shared your story on how the closure impacts you personally, and I found your kindness and humanity completely inspiring. It seems government policy is taking sexual freedom backwards after such a triumphant win for gay marriage earlier this year. Do you think there's a way of ever recovering?

It's interesting you mention gay marriage, because that was the first thing that flashed through my mind when I learned about the Rentboy Raid. I thought: "Wait a second, I thought the gay marriage victory ushered in a "new normal" in government tolerance toward queer issues, including sexual freedom? Why this sudden about-face?"

Interestingly enough, I first heard about the raid when I was sitting in a doctor's office with Steve waiting for the doctor to call his name for an appointment. The story came on the TV news, and I was pretty mortified. Before running the story, the news channel said something like: "There was a major prostitution sting in Manhattan today!" I was expecting to hear something about a violent, mafia-run network involving sex slaves, children and human trafficking. But nope, it was about Rentboy, which is about the least exploitative forum out there.

About the prosecution itself, the words "internet brothel" and "global criminal organization" filled me with anger. I could see how little the government really knew about Rentboy. The outdated moralistic overtones were just offensive and tone-deaf. And that was to say nothing of the anger I felt about the fact that, if government were really concerned about "prostitution," there are far, far worse culprits out there. Real prostitution villains not only make far, far more money, but also visit serious harm on sex workers (ie, via trafficking, slavery and violence).

I chose the term "omnisexual" because I think it encapsulates my unique sexuality. I don't believe in sexual labels or categories, because I don't think human sexuality lends itself to categorization.  

By contrast, Rentboy harmed no one at all; in fact, it empowered sex workers and simply acted as a brokerage that brought willing adults together to make adult, consensual arrangements. It was somewhat like government pursuing a nonviolent pot user while letting a murderer get away.

Finally, the question was unavoidable: Why was the Department of Homeland Security carrying out the raid? Isn't DHS supposed to be protecting airports from terrorists and stuff like that? How does consensual gay sex have anything to do with DHS' purposes? In other words, something really stupid and unjustifiable was going on; and I couldn't help thinking: "Wow, are they really wasting taxpayer dollars and law enforcement time on this??"

To get back to the question, I don't really think the Rentboy raid put a damper on escorting, let alone sexual freedom. Sure, they shut down one escorting site. But what about the dozens of others? What about all the straight brothels and escorting sites? All in all, the raid was a fishy, selective attack that begs questions about the government's motivations far more than its impact on general sexual freedom. Clearly, there are reasons we don't know about yet. Who knows what kind of shadowy political doings are going on behind the scenes, and who is trying to protect whose reputation.

Sexual freedom and escorting are going to go on. They couldn't stop drinking through Prohibition, and they aren't going to stop escorting with these Quixotic prosecutions. People are going to drink, and guys are going to pay for sex. It's just something that guys do. It's dumb for government--especially the FEDERAL government... New York State has already divorced itself from the Rentboy crusade--to even think they have a chance of stopping it.

I suppose the real question is whether the Federal government really will adopt Puritanical morality when dealing with issues of sexual freedom. Personally, I don't think it will. I think the Rentboy raid was a unique, silly incident that will ultimately embarrass the prosecutor and rally public support behind a movement for the decriminalization of certain forms of consensual sex work.

And meanwhile, people are going to keep fucking like they always have, both on the clock and off.

Aside from being a male escort, you're also a well accomplished porn actor. When did you first get into porn and how did it come about?

I have wanted to do porn since I was really young. I have always been an exhibitionist, and I've always loved putting on a show. But earlier in my life, I was on a much different career path, and doing porn was a taboo that I couldn't indulge. I even thought I might be a politician or something, and if I had a record of doing porn (gasp!) I'd never stand a chance of being elected.

All that changed, though, around 2006. My father died suddenly. Then Steve got injured a year later. I began to see that life can change drastically in an instant, and that following your instincts is more important than delayed gratification or inflexible plans. My career took a back seat to caring for Steve, and for a couple years I devoted myself completely to his recovery.

At the beginning of 2010, things finally began to stabilize somewhat, and I began pondering what I could do to make money for my student loan debt, care for Steve, and satisfy the sexual desires that had gone unaddressed since Steve lost his libido after the accident. This was the moment I got into escorting, and porn followed immediately afterward.

I had no clue how to attract notice to get into porn, so I started out by filming myself jerking off and posting the videos on XTube. I quickly saw I was on to something, with my videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views. I listened to my fans and adjusted my videos accordingly, eventually learning a rough-and-ready porn craft. My cult following gave me a local fame that finally attracted notice from, which hired me to work for their gay sites starting in late 2012. From that point forward, it has been onward and upward.

My path to porn has been an exercise in learning from the ground up. I just kept grinding away at it, I never expected any handouts, and I put faith in what I have to offer. I am beyond grateful that things are really beginning to bear fruit.

You describe yourself as an omnisexual, how would you describe what that is and how is it different to being bisexual?

I chose the term "omnisexual" because I think it encapsulates my unique sexuality. I don't believe in sexual labels or categories, because I don't think human sexuality lends itself to categorization. In my life, I've discovered that sexual desire is extremely fluid, and what I've found attractive and stimulating has changed over time. "Bisexual" is too crude a term for me because I don't think sexuality is binary; it's not a question of "this one" or "that one" or "both." There are more than two sexualities. In fact, sexualities are limitless, and my experience has been an exercise in exploring just how encompassing sexuality really is.

"Omnisexual" also describes how I approach sex. "Yaeger" is an English version of the German word for "hunter," and I definitely see my sexuality as an exercise in hunting. I feed on all genders and desires. I fuck everyone, male, female, Trans and everything in between. There are things on all frequencies of the sexual spectrum that get my dick hard, and as an omnisexual, I relish that.

It's like the dinosaurs: There were "carnivores," "herbivores" and "omnivores." Like a dinosaur who doesn't discriminate against certain food sources, I don't discriminate against the sexual "prey" I consume.

It's all good! And of course it's always in a spirit of respect, understanding and ethics.

Have you ever done other kinds of porn besides gay?

Absolutely. In fact, my recent pro porn work has been mostly straight and Trans. Treasure Island Media recently released Fuck Holes 3, in which I fucked the insanely beautiful Sami Price in TIM's first Trans scene.

I also owe a lot to the incomparable Maitresse Madeline,'s Fem Dom director, for bringing me into progressive straight porn. I've shot a good number of scenes for her outstanding Divine Bitches site. I count her among my closest friends and collaborators.

I am also proud of my work for Nica Noelle's Trans Sensual studio, in which I was featured in both Trans scenes and a threeway with Chelsea Poe and Magdalene St. Michaels. That was a high point, and I think that scene was a real exhibition--and celebration--of omnisexuality.

Of the porn actors you've worked with before, who would you say was the most fun to be with and why?

That's a tough question, since I get genuinely excited and joyful with all my porn partners. Seriously, I love doing porn. In a perfect world, I'd be shooting 5 scenes a week!

I have to say the scene I did with Sami Price for TIM was incredibly sexy, since it was a consummation of a months-long Twitter flirtation we had, and the chemistry was sizzling. But I also love working with Kyle Ferris, with whom I've shot for TIM and my own website, The Fuck Chronicles. Kyle is just so damn enthusiastic, and such a fellow proud slut, that we just click easily.


I also have to give a special shout out to my indefatigable friend and supporter Brock Avery. I could work with Brock all day, erry day. He's hot, he's compassionate, he's intelligent and he's a fellow omnisexual. We click on every possible level, and doing scenes with him isn't work at all; it's pure joy.

Recently on Divine Bitches, too, I had a hoot of a time working as a cuckolding bull with the beautiful Lotus Lain and equally hot Tony Orlando. The oozing omnisexuality in that scene was enough to drive my horniness level through the roof, which explains the massive load at the end! I have to say, even though Divine Bitches is marketed to the straight side, I soooo wanted to stick my dick in Tony Orlando's ass while Lotus was making out with me. Grrrrrr, fantasies!!!

What are your ambitions for the future with regards to your career in both escorting and porn acting?

As far as escorting goes, I am simply going to shift my advertising to a site that hasn't been shut down. I will also continue to find clients who reach out to me after watching my videos, not to mention continue to see my beloved regulars on both coasts.

As to porn, I have some grand plans. I am in this for the long haul, both as a performer and a producer. As long as people want to keep seeing this #bigreddick wrecking holes of all kinds, I will keep serving up #yaegerlove until 2037 and beyond. And of course I plan on producing my own stuff long into the future in all kinds of ways. I plan on doing omnisexual porn for the rest of my life, even when my old ass has been put out to pasture.

Dick, don't fail me now!

Who would you most like to work with in the future and why? Maybe it's a director or a star.

I actually keep a "I Want To Work With This Person" list on my phone, which I constantly update. There are couple performer names that come to mind immediately. First is Tyler Rush. Tyler and I chat and publicly flirt on Twitter a lot, which has amused and stimulated our fans. And I quite simply need to get up in that perfect ass for an audience in the very near future. Tyler, are you listening?

Second is Eli Lewis. I love Eli. He is a sweetheart and a dynamic personality. The chemistry between us is tangible and we could make killer scenes. Plus, the contrast between the sun-kissed "Pocket Gaysian" with the bubble dancer butt and the Germanic Yaeger, rampaging Viking Red Dick from the North, will be a sight to see.

Third is Bailey Jay. Ms. Jay is a hugely popular NYC figure and she and I have periodically flirted. We've just never found the opportunity to do a scene. That must change. I can't wait to unleash my omnisexual hunger on her beautiful frame.

Fourth is Alex Killborn. Alex, you know you are exactly my type. This boner's for you :-)

About directors, I really am looking forward to doing more scenes for Cocky Boys. I love that organization, and I hope to deploy the #bigreddick on their entire bottom boy stable before too long. Shout out to Andy Pandy!

I also absolutely adore Aiden Starr, who performs in and directs straight scenes all over the country. Aiden and I see eye-to-eye on just about every sexuality issue, and I look forward to being her constant compatriot in Porno-Land.

What are you most passionate about in life? Are there any specific pastimes that you enjoy?

I'm passionate about a lot of things. First and foremost is my commitment to Steve's well-being. I swore an oath to always take care of him in 2007, and I haven't wavered from that. For me, it's a point of personal honor that I am very proud to uphold. Sure, there have been difficult moments. But all in all it's been a source of happiness for me.

About pastimes, I love reading and video games. I'm quite the dork, and I don't mind saying it. I read books about European history and I love Russian literature. I also love German philosophy. Video games are also hugely important. I've been a gamer since 1985. They've never held me back. To the contrary, they've always stimulated my curiosity and love of learning.

And of course I love my physical regimen at the gym. I am proud of the discipline that has given my body the shape and power I want.

New York is home to you, but you say you're a viking descendant on your Twitter profile. Where were you born and raised and what's the background to Rob?

I am an American citizen. I was born in New London, Connecticut and raised nearby. But all Americans actually come from somewhere else, and I am very attuned to my family history. I say I'm a "viking descendant" because I took a DNA test in 2012 that revealed I have Viking ancestors. There are people in Sweden and Iceland who share up to 50% of some of my key DNA markers, so obviously I stem from those red-haired raiders of the North, and I think that is just amazing.

Aside from the Scandinavian heritage, I am fully Germanic. Whatever ancestors I had who didn't come from Scandinavia came from Northern Germany and Saxony. I really, really like my genetic identity, even though it prevents me from getting tan.

Do you find anyone in porn particularly inspiring? Perhaps its a director, an actor, or a tuber who has a particular attitude or approach?

Two people come to mind. First is the amazing MZ Berlin, who first got to know me at the Talent Office at, and later guest-directed me for Divine Bitches in 2014. We became immediate friends, and I was inspired by the depth of belief she has in me and my abilities. I have tremendous respect for her, and we already have some omnisexual collaborations planned for the future, on both the porn and escorting fronts. Love you, MZ!

In a similar vein, I am inspired by Max Sohl and the whole NYC TIM team. Max was one of the first to discover me on Xtube, and, like MZ, I am humbled by the depth of belief he has in my ability as a performer and ambassador for omnisexuality in porn. He and I are on the same page about sexual labels, and I like to think that Fuck Holes 3 is a product of discussions he and I had about the encompassing nature of male sexuality.

You also create a lot of your own videos. How do you plan and co-ordinate and hire guys in films you're going to do, or are they more sex clips from your sexual encounters that you share?

For my own videos, I draw from both pros and amateurs. The whole premise of my own porn is that you're getting a glimpse into the rollicking--and unashamedly slutty--sexual existence of a total top stud. So the "objects" I fuck on my site can come from Grindr, they can come from friends of friends, they can come from eager fans, or they can be porno pals who happen to be free and just feel like shooting some content for trade. In many cases, I don't even reveal my more shy models' faces, because honestly it doesn't matter: You're looking at a total top stud in his own lair fucking "just another bottom" who loves being anonymous.

I've learned from doing porn and escorting that it's always best to use your sex drive for some higher purpose. So if you're horny and don't have a paid shoot or client, come on and shoot with me and we'll have a clip we can sell for ourselves!

I'm building the site from the ground up, using my rough-and-ready reality style that I learned shooting Xtube videos. The difference now is that more people know me in the porn world than they did in, say, 2011. I'm leveraging that to deliver the tried-and-true one-take "real sex" style and applying it to super hot fellow models and eager amateurs. For the moment, I am giving my collaborators a generous share of whatever profits each clip makes. And my hope is that once I get some good cash flow going, I will be able to offer a fair wage to my models for their time.

For the moment, though, it is about creating a brand, and that brand is built on real, lustful sex with guys (and girls/Trans) who like having an unscripted session with me.

I can also say that everyone who shoots with me is doing so because we are mutually attracted to each other and the sex itself is a nice reward. My site is empowering because I am the producer/director and my performers are junior partners in the endeavor. Rather than get a check for a waiver, we take a permanent interest in our footage, and that makes us the proprietors of our own property. If we make money on it, great!

Lastly, do you have any message for your fans at GayDemon?

My message to the fans is simple and sincere: Thank you. Thank you for believing in me, and thank you for inspiring me. You make me come to work every day with a spring in my step, and you inspire me to reach for ever higher goals. I want to please you to the best of my ability, and I will always work hard to deliver what you seek. I am grateful for your understanding, your support and your love. I will never forget you, and I will always work for you. And no matter how much recognition I am fortunate enough to achieve, I will always be the same old Rob Yaeger: Nothing in the world will ever turn me into a douchebag. Love you all, Rob

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