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Twitter has been blowing up recently in regards to this stud achieving an exclusive contract with DV8Casting. Riley Price is my guest in the Lounge. How r u, stud?

Riley: I'm doing great! I cant really complain right now at this point in my career or in my life. I feel as though I'm on a 747 that's about to take off ,and where its going is gonna be an adventure.

Anthony: Ok, so first tell us about your good news. When did u get it? What was your first reaction?

Riley: Well, I had known about me signing a web exclusive deal with for about a month and a half now. I've been shooting with them for the past 2 months and they have been very pleased with my performance skills. We finally got everything finalized last night and my manager, Jason Sechrest, of DV8 Casting did a mind blowing job negotiating a "web exclusive contract" as oppose to "exclusive contract". This will allow me to work with other film and DVD companies while maintaining a web based deal with - I am very thankful that Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men was understanding enough to grant me this condition in my contract.

Anthony: Before your recent good news, how did you get your start? What have you done and who have you worked with before?

Riley: I get this question a lot. I started off with Randy Blue. I did a solo for them in 2008, and then finished college at Columbia where I graduated with a marketing degree. I t worked in advertising for a year than moved out to L.A. The market was dry out here so Randy and I began taking again in Sept of 2009. I shot with them for over a year and than decided that I wanted to branch out and expand my brand.

I need to make something very, very clear. I love Randy Blue the company, but more importantly I adore Randy Blue the person. He helped build my name. He gave me the platform and the flawless content that enabled me to reach the massive amounts of people I did to showcase what it is I bring to the table, scene in and scene out. Yes, I am a solid performer... but a performer is only as good as the directing, editing, talent coordination and management you work under. Randy and I had a clean break. We still text to this day, and the departure from Randy Blue was a business decision that I felt was the right one for me.

Anthony: Is porn a new fascination or is it something you want to make a full blown career out of it? What's it like working for Jason Sechrest now?

Riley: I want to be in porn for the rest of my life in some capacity. I really LOVE this business. I believe in it... I believe we help some stay sane and "get off" in some capacity. I am proud of the work I have done and even more proud of the work I'm doing and about to do. After performing, I want to get into the writing side of the industry. I have ideas that have been untapped and I want to tap into these sources as I believe that they could help revolutionize gay porn. However while I am here performing, I'm going to make the VERY BEST of it. I 'Im very dedicated. I'm in it to win it.

Working with Jason Sechrest has been THE smartest business decision I have made since diving into this industry. He's GREAT at what he does. He and I together make a great team, and on top of that he's a REALLY nice and funny person. If you can make me laugh, you have won 50% of me over no matter what type of relationship!

Riley Price stroking his cock on SG4GE

Anthony: Let's get into your profession now... Top or bottom? What's your favorite thing to do sexually? What really turns you on?

Riley: I have been labeled as a power bottom and that's fine but the truth is I am very versatile. Or at least I have become very versatile. This scene I just shot with Cocksuremen, I was topping and we had to stop in the middle of shooting because I kept nailing the guy's prostate and he was about to cum...that made me feel pretty good. I wish someone was able to do that to me ;) Bottoming is FUN! I LOVE to get fucked, hard and rough. I love to get choked while being fucked. Believe it or not, I don't really sleep around in my personal life because #1 I want to be healthy and minimize my margin of error in relation to my job. Ive never had an STD and I want to keep it that way and #2 I'm very picky. However I was at a friend's this past weekend and a couple of other guys were over there and i ended up in a room with one of the guys. It was going great until i started asking him to do certain things to me and whispered things in his ears. i scared him and the poor lad couldn't wake willy ;) I love to bottom but I can top if asked.

Anthony: Which performer have you worked with so far has been your favorite? Is there that one star you'd really like to work with that you haven't been able to yet?

Riley: The favorite guy I have worked with thus far has been Dallas Evans at Randy Blue. He and I had a lot of sexual tension. I finally called Randy and told him "Listen, I WANT this guy - it will be a GREAT scene! We want to fuck each other". Randy put it together, and the chemistry was there. See, that's huge if the chemistry is there then an epic scene will fall into place thereafter. In this case that exactly what happened.

Who do I want to work with? 3 guys come to mind:

1. Dayton O Connor

2. Marcus Mojo

3. Tom Wolfe

Anthony: With your new contract, I'm sure that means more appearances, photo shoots, and scenes. Anything in the works you can let us in on?

Riley: I just did a mainstream photo shoot with Perez Hilton that should be out soon. You will be seeing me at and my Golden Gate episode with Tony Buff will be out in the next month. Its the best scene I have shot so far. It makes everything I ever did in the past look like Breakfast At Tiffany's

Anthony: It always comes into my head... But do performers watch their own scenes? Is it possible to get off on your own scene? What do you try to do in a scene that makes you stand out? Is there a performer you try to be like or have gotten tips from?

Riley: No. I don't watch my own scenes, however I do watch my scene partners' scenes before I work with them to study them and get a feel of how they work. I haven;t received tips from any performer- I think I'm doing just fine ;)

Anthony: How's your off-camera life? Are you dating? Do you even have free time haha?

Riley: When I'm not on camera I keep myself busy. I'm writing a memoir which keeps me hellish busy, and is shaping up into something very special. i have had publishers look at a few chapters and they are blown away so far. They just tell me " keep on going kid, you got something" This book is for me I want to leave my foot prints here on earth after I'm gone and I want to share it with the world.

Am I dating? nooo...not right now. The past couple guys I have dated have been utter disappointments. Ha! I think I need a dating coach! But I do wanna be with someone. I like companionship..I am VERY affectionate and look forward to my next relationship. I'm gonna make sure the next boy is gonna be a keeper ;)

Anthony: Riley Price, new exclusive to DV8Casting. Where can we keep up to date with everything you?

Riley: TWITTER!!!!!! RileyPriceless

Anthony: Its been a pleasure having you Riley. Please come back and spend some more time with us :) Your cuteness is just intoxicating <3

Riley: Aww..Thank uuuuuu! ;)

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