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Today we're talking to uber-sexy porn stud Ricky Roman. For those of our readers who aren't familiar with you, even though I don't know how they can't be fascinated at that amazing cock and ass of yours, go ahead and introduce yourself. How did you get started in the adult world Ricky?

Ricky: It actually started early last summer when I found out my friend Max Ryder was doing videos for I've never been particularly shy with my body. For anyone who knows me, I wear as minimal as possible. Anyway, I was strapped for cash and asked Max if I could be featured with him. Just over a year later, I put in an application to CockyBoys and, later that day, they were calling me back. I was thrilled! Apparently they had seen Max's vid with me and were interested in who I was, so that really worked out.

Anthony: So having a nickname like "The Slayer" means you must just mow down guys when you fuck. But I have to say it's fun watching Austin Wilde fuck you in your scene with CockyBoys. What was that scene like for you? I believe at one point you said "It hurts!" - was his cock that big?

Ricky: To be honest I made up that nickname on the spot while we were shooting my solo. I don't care for how it sounds but it seems to have stuck. I laugh when people I know call me that, I'm just like "Shut up" haha. I prefer to bottom however this past year I've noticed I've had more of an urge to hump ;] Austin was fun to work with and he's so good at what he does. The scene was a load of fun to shoot; I was excited to find out he was gonna be my first official "cocky fuck", and yes it did hurt>_

Anthony: Another fucking hot flip-fuck features you and Dale Cooper (The Haunting II) at CockyBoys, as well. How did this scene differ from your scene with Austin? What's it like shooting a horror/fuck flick :)

Ricky: There is definitely a different feel between the two scenes, where one is a sort of standard "break him in" fuck fest and the other, having a story line. I really enjoyed shooting a porno with a plot because I enjoy acting as well. Something you guys don't know, I am an honorary member of the International Thespian Society. Yeah, I was a drama geek in high school.

Anthony: So what are your turn-ons? What kind of guys are you attracted to?

Ricky: Man, there are so many... I guess, in a nutshell, I prefer taller beefy guys with a great smile and an equally great personality. Call me old school but chivalry will score a dude major plus points with me. I need a dude with an edge even if its not readily visible. I like a guy that's not afraid to do his damn thing and take what he wants. Oh and I've said it before and I will say it again, humility is hot! Also, I love dick (obviously) but I do have a thing for uncut guys ;P I'm all over the place, I'm not shallow.

Austin Wilde with Ricky Roman

Anthony: So how is it possible that your ass is literally perfect? How often do you go to the gym because I know a body like that takes some serious work? Do you have a special diet? Have any tips for us lazy, fat asses to get motivated and back into shape?

Ricky: Thanks! perfect is such a strong word .. I'm in the gym at least 5 days a week for about an hour each day focusing on different muscle groups. Yes, I do have a special diet; it consists of everything and anything i can cram into my mouth ;] haha that makes me sound like a glutton but I do enjoy "healthy" food, lots of salads and lean protein, God, I love meat! I feel like I don't have much authority to advise anyone, but I'd say people have got to be aware of portions. You are what you eat, right?

Anthony: So, I was reading your bio and one thing stood out to me; it says that you're an exhibitionist. Tell me about this special fetish :) Where's the craziest place you've hooked up? Do your friends like watching you have sex, I mean who wouldn't?

Ricky: Haha. It started when an old flame of mine would get drunk with a couple buddies and one thing lead to another... Before you know it, we were full-on bangin' for their viewing pleasure, and I found that it turned me on knowing they were watching. Now define crazy.. lol I love to do it outside! Makes me feel one with nature in a sense, plus the chance of getting caught, ugh, gets me going. Oh you know what I'd have to say the craziest spot was under the bleachers on the football field back in high school. Good times, lemme tell you!

Anthony: Are you able to watch your own scenes? I mean, it's kinda hot to think about you jacking it to your own stuff. If you had to pick one CockyBoys model to perform with that you haven't yet, who would it be?

Ricky: I'm surprised when I hear other models don't watch their own scenes. I mean, I'm new to the game, but I figure a player has gotta take note of past performances so that they may improve and hone their craft. Catch my drift? If I could have my pick of the CockyBoys models, I'd have to say I would definitely like to take Tommy Defendi for a spin, woof! HAHAHA :)

Anthony: If you could direct your own scene, what kind of scene would you make? Pick something that best showcases your talents and what kind of role it would be :) If you turn this into a scene, I want semi credit for it haha!

Ricky: Well, I've kind of always had this fantasy that I could bang my way out of a traffic ticket! Some brolic handsome officer would pull me over in my drop top, on Santa Monica Blvd, where I would then seduce him with my devilish charm and I'll leave it up to your imagination from there. Bottom line is, I don't get a speeding ticket, perhaps an oral citation ;]

Anthony: If you have read any of my interviews, you know they all end the same... if you could choose one word to describe yourself as a performer, what would it be and why?

Ricky: If I could choose one word to describe myself as a performer I would have to say "eclectic" because you never know what I've got up my sleeve. I like to think I'm pretty well rounded and can adapt to any situation to produce the optimal outcome. I bring a few things to the table ;]

Thanks for talking with us, Ricky Roman, and hope to see lots more of you, stud! For those interested in watching Ricky "hard at work", you can see more of him at CockyBoys!

Ricky Roman sucking cock

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