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So, I'm digging Jacob Ladder a lot lately. I don't know what it is, but he just gets me hard. He topped for the first time with you at Cock Virgins where you say that you're a virgin... Bullshit!! Haha.. Obviously not your first time right? How was working with Jacob?

Haha at this point I've kinda lost count, so no not my first rodeo. Jacob was really fun to work with actually. Before our shoot we had some time to relax and get to know each other and he totally helped me with my twitter account, cause I'm such a blonde when it comes to technology haha. And, even the night before our shoot we got to hangout while I was in the hot tub. He was kinda shy when I first met him, but he warmed up to me when my dick was in his mouth.

A morning sex scene is hot too and anyone in uniform like a police officer, fireman, army, whatever. My panties drop for that shit haha  

"Holy shit that's big" I think is your exact quote when you hooked up with Andrew Doncaster for Extra Big Dicks in a scene properly called A Big Delivery. You had to actually do some acting in this scene? Do you guys get a script or is there certain shit you have to say when filing a scene.

Acting in a porn scene?! The world has come to an end haha, but yeah, me and Big Dick Doncaster did have some lines to memorize but nothing Oscar worthy. We don't really have a script, its more like whatever comes to you in the moment you can say but there are some lines that we have to say depending on the scene and "Holy shit, that's big" (and believe me it was) was one of them, or something to that effect.

Remi Mint

Everyone loves the idea of bagging a straight guy. Was your scene for Bait Buddies cool because you got to act out that feeling. I had the chance to interview your scene partner not too long ago. Hunter Harm gives you a good pounding in that one too. How did that scene differ than your other ones?

Straight guys are hot, like their whole demeanor is attractive to me and when you're gay, and you bag a straight guy, then you know you got that special something. Bait Buddies was probably my favorite shoot to date because Hunter is a good friend of mine. We had a great fuck and I was his first partner in the porn scene which is pretty cool. The scene was different than the others because in the beginning it was kind of like improv acting. The "straight" guy comes in but there is no girl and we have to persuade him to fuck me. Like the whole scene was just fun for me especially working with Gio Caruso, he's such a sweetheart.

Remi MintIn yet another bottom scene for that hungry hole of yours, Jacob Marvel takes command of your ass for Man Royale in a scene called Poolside Pounding. Will we see you top in any scenes or you just a total butt slut? Did Jacob give it to you harder than any other guy you've worked with?

You know I was just talking to my agent about that a few days ago, I really want to do a top scene but for the most part I've been getting bottom scenes, which is fine with me cause I love a nice cock. But, I would like to do a top scene or even a flip-flop scene would be cool. Jacob is a hottie! That was a good day but a long day, Jacob fucked me really good and he's the type of guy I would go for, tall, dark, tan skin, muscular. So, it made the scene that much more fun.

What kind of scene would you love to be a part of? Like describe the scene and if you want throw out a scene partner, but give me some credit if it works out for you in the future :)

I think the best sex is the sex you have when you get back from the club and you're all horny, drunk and sweaty. You get in the door with your man and just start going at it. I think a scene like that would be fun to do. A morning sex scene is hot too and anyone in uniform like a police officer, fireman, army, whatever. My panties drop for that shit haha. And, I would love to do a scene with Damien Wolfe, he's such a cutie.

Have you shot any scenes that have not yet been released? I need more jacking material, so always good to know what to expect.

Well the last scene I did was with Jacob Ladder, but that's out now so go check it out. Other than that, all my scenes are out unless I have a 'drunkin night' scene that I don't remember doing. You can also hit me up on twitter, Remi Mint (@remintxxx) there's some nice jacking material to enjoy.

I always wondered this. Do models have any choice as to what scene partners they get to work with? I'll ask you, do companies ask what type of guys interest you or do you just show up and get introduced to your partner that day? Have all your interactions with models and studios been good?

Well since I'm new to the biz, I feel like I have no say on the guys I work with, which is fine, cause I like to meet new people and work with them. The companies/studios I work for usually have a set type of guys that they use, like you have to be fit, good looking, nice body, etc. And, I think that's just across the board for any studio. They do ask you what type of guys interest you, so they do show interest, but they usually pick the best guys for the scene. For the most part, I meet my scene partner that day. If I'm curious, then ill ask who I'll be working with but I do like to be surprised. So far I've had a blast in the industry. Like after a shoot, the models and directors will get some food or, if its later, we'll go out to a bar or something. Its just a good time and we all have fun.

What is one word that best describes you as a performer and why?

Adaptable because I feel when the director asks for a certain character or mood for the scene then I can deliver that. If you need me to be upbeat, shy, sexy, virgin, etc, I feel all those characteristics were at some point a part of me. That's what makes me a good performer. In each scene that I've done so far I have tried to bring something different to the table and not just the same character in every scene and I think people appreciate that.

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