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Anthony: Well well well, aren't I just incredibly lucky. I now get to talk to a veteran here at Chaos Men. Ransom this is such a pleasure, thanks for doing this interview but most importantly thanks for letting me admire you in all of your videos! :) Let's get started then

Anthony: So how'd you get into contact with your boss Bryan Ockert at Chaos Men? What was your first big break?

Ransom: I got to know him through a mutual photographer friend. My first big break was when he asked me to work for him, and instead of a solo which I thought would be boring, he gave me head. It was amazing!

Anthony: I know you're enjoying it because its written all over your face, and that cock of yours is rock hard at all times. What's it like having sex with a guy? Anything that's better with a guy then a girl?

Ransom: It's great having sex with a guy that really has sex appeal. It makes me feel I am equally sexy as him. Also, what I think is better with a guy than with a girl is that I get aroused by a the way a man's cock feels when it is hard. And if it's bigger than mine, I get infatuated with it.

Anthony: So I hear you actually like bottoming too much :) not a bad problem to have! What's it like having a big dick up your ass? Had you done it before your videos? What was your first time like?

Ransom: Yes I do like bottoming a lot! It makes me cum accidentally when it hits that right spot. I prefer a nice sized cock instead of a huge one. It feels better more for me rather than being split in two. Yes, I have been fucked before I started doing gay porn. It was at a party with friends and I got drunk and I had sex with a friend. He knows who he is if he is reading this! It definitely left me wanting more!

Anthony: From your experiences with dudes, what's one of those moments that stand out? Who really got you going? When's the most you've been turned on?

Ransom: A dude that stood out the most was Jagger. I think he was the guy with bird tattoo on his chest. I was actually turned on by him because he was beautiful, dominant, and sexy. The most I have ever been turned on was with a when a girl let me fuck her in her pussy while I was fingering her ass. That really turns me on!

Anthony: So how much do you consider yourself straight? How much is gay?

Ransom: I consider myself 75% straight and 25% gay.

Anthony: What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? Something that you've always wanted to do that you haven't?

Ransom: My ultimate sex fantasy would be to have a orgy mixed with like six men and women and go at it for hours doing all kinds of off the wall shit! Things you would only dream about. I have always wanted to have a cock in my ass while my cock is in a beautiful girl's pussy .

Anthony: Kinkiest or weirdest place you've ever had sex?

Ransom: The kinkiest place I have ever had sex was in a movie theater parking lot in the middle of the day while people walked by staring at us!

Anthony: There is a life outside of the adult film world... We tend to forget that haha :) What are some of your hobbies? What's life like for Ransom off the set?

Ransom: I like to spend quality time with my four year old son. Working out, going to the lake, having sex, and all kinds of outdoor stuff.

Anthony: What do we have coming up for you on the site? Any big plans that you know of? Does Bryan keep that sexy ass of yours busy?

Ransom: I never know what he has in store for me! The cocks seem to be getting bigger, though. I really enjoy the work, and it is helping me get out of debt. You know how it is, I've not always been perfect managing my money. I just want to work as often as I can, and he keeps me busy. I have been doing a lot of the Serviced videos, and just last week I took over doing an Edge video. It was fun having a dude at my mercy!

Anthony: I've heard Bryan Ockert is great to work for. What's he actually like?

Ransom: Yes, Bryan is a great guy to work for. He is an amazing person and is just a sweet guy. I would do anything for him because he has helped me so much. Not just money, but he has all this wisdom and gives great advice. He helped get my life straightened out, so I kind of feel I owe my life to him. I look up to him because he is smart and multi-talented and it makes me want to one day be in his position. He respects his models and treats them well. Bryan, I love you man!

Anthony: My favorite question to end on... Boxers, Briefs, or Commando?

Ransom: I like briefs. It gives me support and feels good on my balls! I don't want droopy nuts! LOL!

Anthony: Ransom, if it's possible, you're hotter now than before :) Thanks for taking the time to share some secrets with and I can't wait to see your next scenes. Keep up the HARD work :)

Ransom: Thanks for interviewing me. I love all my fans, so thanks to them too!

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