Today we're talking to hot and horny twink star Randy Dixon, who's agreed to spill his secrets for all of us here at Gaydemon. Want to know about this sexy pornstar's porn career, his love life and more? Then read on!

Anthony: Shopping Booty is a pretty hot scene - I'm not going to lie. You twinks do everything fun at Next Door Twink. Tell us about Blake fucking you silly. Was it as fun as it looked?

Randy: Blake Carnage is a sweetheart. I remember the day before our shoot I overheard Paul Wagner saying that Blake had a huge dick. Before I started doing porn I was mainly a top, so I was pretty nervous about taking a big dick like Blake's. It DEFINITELY hurt when he first slid his cock in me but after a few strokes it felt great! I had a blast working with Blake Carnage and we hung out that whole time at our Next Door stay. I'd love to shoot with that sexy twink again!

Anthony: I have a grudge with you for no reason and that's because Johnny Torque has entered your ass. I'd love to have Johnny fuck me silly. You also get to work with Cody Cummings in this scene called "You Bet Your Ass". How awesome was this scene?

Randy: That was actually my first porn scene EVER.I remember walking out of my room and heading downstairs to go for a coffee run and I spotted Cody coming down the hall. He and I met in the elevator and he asked me what I was out for. I answered his question and then introduced himself. I was so stoked. The guy is one of the biggest names in porn and he was my first ;-) Johnny Torque was a really cool guy and very good looking. Well kept, too. He has a beautiful body and really cool tattoos. Our scene, "You Bet Your Ass", was a success. I got to suck Cody's member and got fucked hard by Johnny Torque.

Anthony: Did I mention I hate you? Sorry :( But, you also flip flop with the sober sexy Joey Hard in "My Sister's Hot Boyfriend". How did this scene differ from the rest? The chemistry seemed to be real hot in this one :)

Randy: Joey and I had great chemistry. The day before our shoot we sat and chatted for a bit at the Next Door house and talked about each others interests. We had a lot in common and flirted with each other a bit. Our scene was AMAZING. We were really into each other. Our kisses always flowed perfectly and when the camera cut, we stayed kissing. It was just that good. We still keep in touch to this day.

Anthony: So how did you get involved in gay porn? Please tell me you strictly like guys, because you seem to fucking love every second of it on camera.

Randy: What got me into gay porn? I guess I just wanted to do something exciting. I never really did much in high school to shock a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, I don't go around and brag about it, but in my world, I know I've done something far out and thrilling. Yes, I am gay. I'm attracted to men. I stated in my Next Door interview that I was bisexual. I do appreciate the female form and find it very beautiful, but I've come to realize that I don't have sex with women. I enjoy being with men and that's just who I am.

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Anthony: Tell us your deepest fantasies. Damn, that sounds cheesy. What gets you off most? Well that sounds like a teenager. Fuck it, I'm horny...spill your guts

Randy: What gets me off the most is when there's an actual connection with a guy that I'm with. I'm all about the chemistry. Kissing is very important to me cause it just makes the mood better. I also love a guy that pays attention to what gets me off and keeps at it. I'm pretty vanilla a lot of times but I'm also open to any new ideas. In the heat of the moment I can go from mild to wild ;-)

Anthony: So what are you looking for with your porn career? Is this just a short stay or do you plan on hanging out for a while? Do you have any other hobbies or jobs?

Randy: I'm fairly new to all this and I'm starting to enjoy it. I've met some really great people in the process and get to have sex with gorgeous men. I plan on sticking around for a while.

Anthony: Who's one stud that you would love to work with? I'm making you your own director, too, so tell me about a scene that would star yourself and would showcase all of your talents.

Randy: There's a few guys I've dreamed about shooting with, but the one guy I've always fantasized about is Falcon Exclusive Landon Conrad. The scene would start off in a gym. I'll be lifting weights and getting distracted by his ripped and muscled up body. Everyone starts to leave the gym and I go up to him and start asking him for pointers on how to get a body like his. He then says that the only way he'll show me is if I suck his cock on the spot. I'll start sucking his cock getting it soaked while he talks dirty to me, saying that I'm doing a good job as a trainee. I've always wanted to squat a lot of weight but instead he'll have me squat down on his rock hard cock. Sliding up and down on his smooth dick trying my best for my trainer.....the rest I'll leave up to you ;-)

Anthony: Any relationships off set? What is one word that would best describe you as a performer?

Randy: No relationships off set. I'm a single man and I'm enjoying it. I would be open to a relationship but only if the opportunity presents itself. I'm not one to look for anything. One word that best describes me as a performer would have to be "fun", 'cause that's what I'm always having on set.

Thank you to porn twink Randy Dixon for joining us here at the Gaydemon Lounge. You can see more of him at Next Door Twink. And Randy, don't be a stranger - we can't wait to see more of you in action!

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Interview with gay porn star Randy Dixon



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