Gay pornstar Randall O'Reilly

We're here today with fuck-a-licious porn star Randall O'Reilly. He's my kind of guy - he tops, he bottoms, he gets kinky. Glad you could join us, stud!

Anthony: Oh, to by hypno-sexed by Johnny Torque :) The things I would allow him to do to me are really not supposed to be said. You had the chance to work with him in a scene for NextDoorTwink and took a big load and quite a pounding. Walk us through your scene with Johnny.

Randall: HAHA My scene with Mr. Torque was my very first. I was a bit nervous as I had never really bottomed nor ever been on camera before. But since he is such a sexy stud I was ready! I rode him good! After that scene I was ready for more, and that's when I decided i was going to continue in porn and just start shooting, and I did.

Anthony: Another scene for NextDoorTwink involves you being a huge creeper in Sleeping Booty where you take full advantage of Jay Cloud sleeping. I love how vocal Jay is... Does that make you more vocal when you do a scene with someone like that? Tell us about this one and how it was different from your other NDT scene.

Randall: Yes, for sure! The more my scene partner talks, the more I talk. One of my turn-ons is dirty talk. heheh. I wish more of my scene partners would just talk nasty. Tell me what to do ;-)

Anthony: Morgan Shades is another up and coming stud like yourself. Your third NextDoorTwink scene is called Shave Me A Dance ;) Not gunna lie - looks like Morgan gives a pretty good massage. How's the sex though?

Randall: Morgan Shades is pretty sexy, I must say. He is a great guy to work with and knows just how to fuck till you cum. He also gives an amazing BJ, as well.

Anthony: Ok, so we've seen you top and bottom. Both pretty efficiently ;) Which do you prefer? Have you worked for other studios or are you strictly tied to Next Door? Any upcoming scenes you can dish the dirt on?

Randall: I work with many studios. I have a scene out for Helix Studios, I have a scene coming soon on Bait Bus, two on and my most recent one I filmed for Bound In Public.

Anthony: So are you a total gay boy or are you another gay-for-pay sex fantasy of us fags? I'm always curious to know, do stars watch their own scenes or keep up with porn in general?

Randall: I am gay Lol. I do watch porn. especially when I dream about the bigger guys just taking advantage of me and working me over.

Anthony: What are your fantasies? Fetishes? What are your turn-ons? Pick one Next Door star to do a scene with that you believe would work well. Oh yeah , I want to hear what kind of scene it is. Hold on... Let me get a good mental picture to rub one out to, as well ;)

Randall: My favorite Next Door scene was Sleeping Booty with Jay Cloud. I am not sure why But the being a total creeper and sneaking in on him and starting to feel his hot body and then suck his huge dick was very HOT. Too many fetishes and fantasies for a short time :)

Anthony: How are you different than other stars? Is this a career you want to start or are you only here for a bit? If you had to pick one word to describe you in the bedroom, shower, locker room, or wherever your fucking, what would it be?

Randall: I am not to sure how I am different - I don't study the lives of other stars. But i am focused on school and getting my career. Porn is just something I enjoy doing. I'm also an honest person. I can't keep lies from people. Tt drives me crazy. As far as porn goes, I will probably do it until I am in my thirties.

Anthony: What do you do in your free time? Do you have another job? Any chance for your own love life? If not, I'm totally open by the way ;)

Randall: Oh God. A LOT! I hike, water ski, wakeboard, surf, fish, party, snowboard, sleep, workout, shop, travel. I tend to stay pretty active all year around. I have someone in my life I am with, NOT dating. Not sure I want to commit to someone just yet.

Anthony: So where can we follow you, and keep up-to-date with everything Randall O'Reilly? What's one thing we haven't asked you that you'd love to get off your chest? The floor is yours, bud.

Randall: Follow me on twitter or I have Facebook as well! Hmmm... tricky question I have so many things to share. I'll wait till something extreme happens then I'll come back and give some good detail as to that experience ;)

Thank you for joining us here at the GayDemon Lounge, Randall O'Reilly. We look forward to hearing from you, you tasty porn stud, you!

Randall O'Reilly sucking cock

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