Pierre Fitch may be only 25 but this hot tattooed guy been quite a success in the porn biz since he was an 18 twink. At 18, he worked as a stripper in Montreal and also worked for some smaller video companies doing gay porn. He came to the attention of Falcon Studios and was signed to do videos as a Falcon Exclusive model. Then Pierre started his own website which proved very popular with fans. His name receives lots of searches on various search engines and Rue Paul recently said he was her favorite porn star.

I was lucky enough to talk with Pierre and he agreed to give us a brief interview, so here it is. Enjoy!

Q: What made you decide to get into porn?

Pierre: Well, when I was young I always wanted to be a star with a known name and of course I love sex so this was the perfect business for me to get into'

Q: Were you surprised at how popular you've become?

Pierre: I was very surprised yes I never thought I could become popular this quick with such huge name. It's great!


Q: Did you have fun creating your own site?

Pierre: I enjoy working on my site very much so it's a lot of fun. I've been learning lots of new things! I have people helping also shooting my videos and editing them. I was doing most of the stuff at first myself but as my site grew I knew I had to have help. I love to travel and shoot new scenes.

Q: What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you at a porn shoot?

Pierre: Well, in my first scene with Falcon one of the model had shot a big load in my eye. It kind of hurt but I thought that was kind of funny, too.

Q: So what's the latest on your site?

Pierre: I did a video with Brent Everett on my website. Everyone always wanted to see me and Brent together and I saw him in vancouver while i was shooting for a company called Fierce Dog. I asked brent if he wanted to do a video together and share it on each others' websites and he said cool. I was a bit nervous and he was also. He told me he jerk of to my picture and I told him I was jerking to his videos and then I started sucking that big cock then he suck on mine .. was so hot. Then the time came were he fucked me... What a hot fuck! Brent is the hottest ever in any vid I've ever done! After the sex we want out to a club that night and party we had a great time. Hopefully someday i will get to fuck him that would be hot also!


Q: I've seen you do your live shows. Do you enjoy doing them for your members?

Pierre: Yeah I do love doing live shows for sure. I get really turned on having people watch me on cam'

Q: So, what's next in store for Pierre Fitch?

Pierre: Well ,this year I'm in production for my own company and I will star in most of my films with Ralph (his partner Ralph Woods). The trade mark of our movies will be a lot of double fucking - you don't see much double fucking. I have 2 hot new movies and I plan on releasing at least 10 to 15 dvds this year for sale in stores and I will be selling them on my website, also!

We look forward to seeing lots more of Pierre Fitch and wish him even more good luck with his webiste!

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