Anthony DeAngelo is the muscular and hairy daddy of the barebacking team of Tony&Cam. A well-known top in bareback porn, Tony has appeared in videos for a number of studios and with his partner has recently started his own site, Bareback Masters. He was happy to do an exclusive interview for GayDemon and was articulate, sexy and funny. Let's get right to it!

Q: How long have you been in porn?

Tony: Since talkies - about 8 years. I actually did an "experimental movie" in my freshman year of college and my photographer friends would use me as "models" from time to time.

Q: Did you and Cam get into porn together?

Tony: Yes we did. We were "discovered" while having breakfast - we were asked if we would shoot a wrestling video and if not interested, would we consider doing a "sex video". (I'm turned down almost every time I use this line on a couple I see when we're eating out!)

We took this offer very seriously. I talked with a friend who worked for Catalina Video at the time - I wanted to see if the director who made us the offer and calledhimself Paul Baressi was real. Turned out he was real and the offer was good and inthe same price range that Catalina paid their models - we showed up for the shoot acouple of weeks later ready to go.

Q: So... how did that first shoot go?

Tony: It was wild! We showed up at this house in North Hollywood - the director, PaulBarresi, handed us a couple of hard hats and asked us to stand against a fence, the photographer took some photos and we were forever immortalized on film as "Bonerfide Studs" (we had the photo blown up to poster size and have it hanging in our bedroom).


Tony (cont'd): We really didn't know what to expect. We came equipped with some dumbbells so we could get pumped and we brought lots of other stuff to make us feel comfortable -you know, water, snacks, our own lube, (even our own condoms)* etc. Everyone on the set was real impressed and kept calling us "real professional". Icouldn'tquite figure what that was suppose to mean - professional fuckers? A new concept to me.

So we're put in this bedroom wearing these hard hats and tight jeans - we'resitting on double beds facing each other and we're suppose to say something like "gee, I'm exhausted" - "yeah but, I'm not too tired to fuck..." or something. At any rate, Paul Barresi is a stickler for delivery so we did lots of takes to get the "b" roll right (that's the non-sex talking part)... we went along with the scenethe way he wanted it and I was very polite and let him do his directing thing. It was kind of wierd fucking in front of total strangers in a strange house with bright lights on and people standing around watching. Other than that, it was great and the rest is history! - our first scene was released by Pleasure Productions and on the shelves in January of2000, just in time for the millenium.


Q: So what's next in store for Anthony DeAngelo?

Good question. Tony&Cam are back to square one with shooting porn - we've started to shoot more "home movies" and we're putting these scenes up at Bareback Masters as updates. We will also be releasing them on DVD. We're

into a new approach of shooting each other Gonzo style with company when they "cum" over and when we're traveling around hooking up with all of the guys we meet up with. We've also got more studio features in the works.

Cam and I are working with Bareback Jack to create a "brotherhood" of bareback porn producers to help create safe sex guidelines and standards within our production community and to help establish an awards program so that we can honor"our own" who have been banned from the "mainstream" gay film producers awards

And in my spare time, I am active in the community and work closely with a group called RealPrevention which is an HIV and AIDS community watchdog created by HIV positive and negative individuals to promote positive safe sex education messages within the community

...and, I'm working on a documentary and... living life to its fullest, fucking as much and as often as possible! (Cam is so good to me!)


Thanks, Tony. We're looking forward to hearing more about Bareback Masters - and stay tuned, everyone! We'll have some of Tony's funniest stories from on the porn set and more!

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