Gay twink star Phillip Ashton

We were lucky enough to get to talk with yummy twink and ass-loving stud, Phillip Ashton, and he agreed to do an interview with us here on Gaydemon. This is a hot one, with a little hint of scandal, too, so hold on - let's get this thing started!

Anthony: First of all congrats on the news I heard a few months ago that you are now a member of the DirtyTony family. How has that experience been for you?

Phillip: Sadly I don't work with them anymore for personal reasons I'll not discuss, they know why and it's honestly wrong what they did. But that's all I'll say 'cause I'm gonna be the bigger person, I've got other things going on for summer and I'm super excited about it.

Anthony: So, I asked you off the record, but go ahead and list all the companies you have worked for thus far? How did you get hooked up with your first gig?

Phillip: Here we go again... ModelGuys, ModelGuysFeet, JizzAddiction, ToeGasms, AftonNills, BoyCrush, PhoeniXXX, DiamondbackPictures, Channel1, just to name a few and I also filmed for Boys-Pissing and Boys-Smoking, but I no longer work for any of them behind the scenes. I got my first gig walking down the street in Hollywood and ever since then I've been doing it ever since :)

Anthony: This interview should have taken place months ago, but I went through my period of depression due to a fucking boy. Go figure, I'm anti relationships completely, but I always wind up getting stuck in one. What are your thoughts on having a relationship in porn?

Phillip: You need to have an understanding when it comes to porn, and if not it just wont work at all. I've seen so many people try it and it always fails sadly, but there are the ones who pull through like Brent & Steve who have an amazing relationship.

Anthony: So you're a Twitter whore like the rest of us :) How has Twitter helped out your porn career? I never seem to get the same reactions when I post a picture of myself that you do or all these other gay porn punks. HA! Is there anything you won't post to Twitter?

Phillip: LOL! Yes, I am a Twitter whore like the rest of them ;) Twitter is good for me 'cause I get to talk to all my fans from all over, which is a big thing for me honestly; if it wasn't for our fans in the porn industry we wouldn't be who we are today. I dunno if I wouldn't post anything on twitter... I mean, everyone posts a lot of things - some more than others - then I think some wanna see... Like when there was a bloody asshole shown or someone's insides from being fisted, etc.

Anthony: So, performing on camera... how is it difficult? Is it tough to maintain wood or tough to take a big cock while the lights are beaming into your face? What other kind of work do you do in the porn industry?

Phillip: It was difficult in the beginning 'cause I'm not used to having someone or several people filming me and be all in my ass or on my face whileI'm giving head and rimming someone's ass lol! But like the third shoot in, I got use to it and it was actually a good time. Maintaining wood isn't hard at all, depends on what the company gives you or what you already have. I used to work with my ex-boss for Boys-Pissing/Boys-Smoking and had a blast doing that kinda work, since I've been doing it for a while now and knew tha'ts what I wanted to do. It sucks that I no longer work for them and we can't be adults (well, I can) and put shit aside and work together and make money and porn, but all things come to and end and...yeah.

Horny twink eating ass

Anthony: Let's finally get into the real reason we're here. Time to find out what makes you tick, or to put it better, what gives you a boner? What are your turn-ons? Any fetishes? What's the craziest shit you've done in one of your sexcapades?

Phillip: LOL! I love a hot smooth or semi furry bubble butt! That always seems to get me going, but I also like eyes, teeth, face, personality, etc. Turn ons are biting my neck, touching me in the right spots, being aggressive to name a few ;) I love spanking, bondage, leather, cum, groups, voyeurism and yeah lol! Oh, and I can't forget I fisted a marine in Miami and I kinda enjoyed that. Thinking about it, I dunno what's the craziest 'cause there's been so many - but then again as of late I don't really have that much sex anymore.

Anthony: I'm giving you the reigns to make your own video. How can you showcase your talent? What kind of movie is it? Better yet, who's going to be teamed up with you?

Phillip: Oh, like a sex tape?! I love doing things on my phone or FlipCam; I've always loved doing amateur videos like that, not for anyone to see but for my own pleasure :) I would showcase my big cock since that's what all my fans like to see and the theme of the movie would be like horror since I love scary movies, but more sex then talking and all. I dunno who I would cast or have along side of me cause there's so many hot guys in this industry right now!

Anthony: Here's the big question... how long can you see yourself in porn? Has this always been a thought for you, or was this a last resort when you realized how much of a stud you were and figured you could make some money from it?

Phillip: You know, I don't get work now and I know why and I think it's sad, but then again if that's why people want then I get it. Let me explain more on this; they want muscle and I think when there's so much muscle it makes everyone look the same. Why not change it up and switch things around and all? Doesn't hurt for a little change every now and then. I've wanted to do porn since I seen my idol Jenna Jameson for the first time in a porn, this was never a last resort for me ever - I wanted this and now I got it! LOL I'm just me, not a stud or hot or anything else, but I do thank you :)

Anthony: Where can we keep up-to-date with everything Phillip Ashton? Better yet, where can we stalk you and find out what's coming next from you?

Phillip: Well, I have this thing called a blog... But I haven't really been updating it lately which I need to get back to, 'cause I love blogging! You can see it at or my Twitter account or my Facebook - so you can stalk all of those which is fine ;)

Anthony: My favorite question to end on... what's one word that best describes you as a performer?

Phillip: Real!

Thank you, .Phillip Ashton, so much for giving me the time to do this interview and I hope everyone who reads it likes it. Hopefully down the line we can do another one, as I'm sure some stuff if not a lot will have changed, so keep in touch.

Interview with gay porn star Phillip Ashton

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