Interview with Paul Wagner

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a night on the town with the delicious Paul Wagner. Now, I don't have to tell you how hot he is - it goes without saying - but the best thing about Paul is how genuinely nice and approachable he is... SWOOON! We got to talking over drinks and about his life, working in porn and how things have changed for him with his new role as Director of Production and Casting at Next Door Entertainment. Want the scoop? Read the interview with gorgeous Paul Wagner below!

Gaydemon: Congrats on your new role as Director of Production and Casting at Next Door Studios! How does it feel to be behind the camera instead of performing?

Paul: Thanks! I started in this business 5 years ago, and I've had many positive experiences. I had hoped modeling would eventually turn into something more long term. When the opportunity came up at Next Door I was very excited to take it. Modeling doesn't last forever, so I have enjoyed being able to take my interest in this business to another level. I haven't modeled much since I started, mainly because I have been busy with work at the studio.

Gaydemon: Will you continue to perform in scenes for ND?

Paul: I am not sure if I will or not, I have only filmed one scene since I started working in the office. It's something that has been discussed a few times. I think it gets complicated working both in front of, and behind the scenes at the same studio. I guess only time will tell what will happen.

Gaydemon: So part of your job is recruiting new models (lucky you!). What are the top qualities that you look for?

Paul: There is something called the triple factor, basically just means you have the three top qualities of what people like. They are: beautiful face, great body, and a big dick. Those are the top qualities we look for when we are selecting models.

Gaydemon: You seem like good boyfriend material. Are you in a relationship?

Paul: LOL, I'm flattered! You would of thought I had already been swept off my feet if everyone thought that, but unfortunately I'm not in a relationship right now. I live in a small town right now, and there is not much of a large dating pool around these parts. It's hard to meet anyone here, and the closest major city is San Francisco, which is an hour away. I do enjoy relationships and hopefully I will find someone in the future.

Gaydemon: What do you look for in a guy? What's your biggest turn on?

Paul: That's a hard question for me since I find different things attractive about every guy I've ever been attracted to. Overall, I am always initially attracted to all the superficial qualities. Chemistry is definitely a deciding factor. I can find someone extremely attractive in pictures, but when I am actually in front of that guy it doesn't work like I had hoped. One thing is for sure... I'm always a sucker for guys with blue eyes, and also guys with accents.

Gaydemon: So what's it really like on a porn set? Is there anything you could tell us that might be surprising?

Paul: Every porn shoot is a different experience. Sometimes it's not what you would expect. ;)

Gaydemon: You've shot scenes with a lot of hot guys. Who has been your favorite to work with on camera?

Paul: I have had some scenes that are pretty memorable. There are just some guys you really click with, and those make for really great scenes. Jayden Tyler was one of my favorite models to work with. We just had instant chemistry, it was a very hot scene. If you're all over each other when the camera isn't recording, you know something is working out LOL

Gaydemon: Any secret crushes? Anyone you would love to work with but haven't?

Paul: I do have a couple secret crushes, but they wouldn't be much of secrets anymore if I told you ;-)

Gaydemon: All right, Paul - now for the big question: boxers, briefs or commando?

Paul: LOL! I go commando most of the time. I usually only wear underwear if I'm at the gym.

We've been talking with gay porn star and now Director of Production and Casting at Next Door Entertainment, Paul Wagner. Thanks for being so open and for talking with us, Paul, it was really great to spending time with you! You can see more of Paul at some of the Next Door sites including Next Door Buddies and Cody Cummings.

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