Nick North interview

Hi Nick, thanks for answering some questions for us, we're excited to get the chance to speak to you! Let's start with your first porn scene ever; which studio was it and what was the deal?

My first ever scene was for Lucas Entertainment. I flew to Berlin and did a 7 man orgy!

So how long have you been making porn for now and what's been the highlight so far?

I started in June last year, so not long, 10 months maybe. I love Spain and I'm often in Madrid filming for - that's a highlight - and my nomination for Best British Stud at the Prowler Porn Awards, this year!

I like Spanish, hairy men so the difference is usually you are shooting with guys who are hot but not really your type so the sex is work  

So yes, you're at the Prowler Porn Awards this week. What can you tell us about that?

Well I'm nominated, which is great as I'm pretty new to the business. So I'm just pleased that I've been nominated. It's going to be a fun night.

Who is your personal favourite pornstar of all time and why did you choose them (don't choose Bruno, it's too obvious!)?

Of course, Bruno lol. I like Colton Ford. He was always the hottest for me when I first started watching porn.

You're in a relationship with the wonderful Bruno Fox. How did you guys meet and how did it develop into a relationship?

We met through a friend, Jay Roberts, and we started dating - the rest is history, so they say. We just moved in together in an apartment in Soho, London.

We ask a lot of porn stars what it's like to be on set and each answer is different. What would you say it's like? Can you talk us through what goes on and how it feels to be a part of something like that?

It can differ. All studios film slightly differently and that has an affect on what it's like. I tend to shoot with the same companies and directors and the experience so far is very professional and has fun to do, but that all depnds on the studio.

Porn is a lot different to sex reality, or is it? What kind of sex do you like personally and how does this compare to the scenes and studios you choose to work with?

I like stocky men like my Bruno. I like Spanish, hairy men so the difference is usually you are shooting with guys who are hot but not really your type so the sex is work and you do what looks good for camera not what is good for you.

Can you give us your top 3 sites that you enjoy watching porn on?, UK Hot Jocks, Lucas Entertainment.

Nick North bareback orgy

Have you got your eyes on any guys you'd like to work with next? Who is it and what would you like the scenario to be?

I'm a fan of Adam Russo. Scenario? Who cares! lol

Not any ol' handsome guy can do porn. There must be a certain quality to you that makes you perfect porn star material. What would you say that is?

Who knows? It's all down to whether people want to watch you or not and you never know what that answer is going to be.

Would you like to give a message for your fans?

A big thank you for following me and watching my films. I'm looking forward to a busy 2015 so hope you all enjoy my scenes!

Where can we see you next? What's the next thing you have lined up?

I have a few things, at least 4 secenes with but I can't give you any more details. I also have a Lucas Entertainment scene with my hubby Bruno Fox plus a few other guys. I will also be at Prowler's 10th year birthday celebrations in Brighton and will be at Expectaions in London on Friday 2nd April for the Hotwired night!

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