If you haven't heard of Mark Wolff, where have you been? He's probably the most famous physique model around! He's gorgeous, sports a hot muscular body and a hard cock that he isn't afraid to show off. He also owns a network of sites and not only models for his own sites but also finds and shoots other bodybuilders as well. And we're pretty lucky because we got to talk to him and interview him especially for GayDemon!

Me: You're possibly the most famous physique model in adult, and you've been at it for a while. How long have you been working out?

MW: I started working out with weights when I was 15 in my basement, I joined my first Gym when I was 17 and competed in my first contest at 22, I am now 36yrs old, so I have been at it for almost 20 years.

Me: How did being muscular or working out lead to getting into adult?

MW: I first discovered adult while living in Venice CA 10 years ago, I was training for a bodybuilding contest, and was approached by a scout for Colt magazine, at Gold's Gym. 6 months later I shot with Jim French for Colt, and everything took off from there. Once my Colt layout came out, I had offers from a lot of other great photographers, and built up my exposure one magazine at a time.

Me: Wow, almost like a 40's Hollywood movie where they discover the star drinking a malt. Do you miss competing in bodybuilding contests? Any plans to do one more contest someday?

MW: I competed in about 15 bodybuilding contests over a 10 year period, I never had aspirations to turn pro, I just loved to workout. I got up to a junior national level, as a heavyweight, my contest size was 5'10 220lbs, and that was a far as I wanted to take it, i just feel anything beyond that, and you loose too much of the aesthetic look, and symmetry bodybuilding is all about. I now help some of my friends and models with their contest prep and diet.

Me: What was shooting your own video for the first time like?

MW: Shooting my own videos is a lot harder than modeling. When you're a model all you have to do is look good. As a producer you have a lot more things to worry about. Like finding the right models, finding location, lighting, and other technical stuff, and making sure the model delivers what you are looking for. However once you shoot 3 or 4 it gets a little easier, and more comfortable.


Me: How involved are you in your own sites?

MW: I am involved in all most every aspect of my sites, except for some of the technical stuff. I shoot models myself, I also manage and pay other photographers that shoot content for me, I do all most all the print marketing, and promotion, and a lot of the online marketing, I even do a fair bit of my site design, I am a bit of a control freak, and perfectionist, I think you have to be in this business, I feel if I am going to but my name on something, it should be good, and give the customers good value for their money. I tend to sweat the details, for example with my new site, I really wanted to create a cutting edge site, to reflect the high quality models we are shooting. It took me almost 2 months with my graphics guy to design the site, I spent 1 week working on the type fonts, to get them just right. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, I just want the site to look how I feel a good site should. I think my customers are worth the extra effort, and a lot of them notice the small details.

Me: Sounds like a lot of work. Are you directly involved in shoots your site does of other muscle models?

MW: I am involved in about 50% of my model shoots on and the rest is shot by a network of photographers that I have developed, that shoot models that I approve. On the bulk of the models are shot by one of my business partners Krunnch, who is an amazing photographer, based in

SF, he travels one week a month shooting our models for the site.

Me: You've done tons of magazine covers. Do you have a favorite?

MW: My favorite cover would be my first cover for Men's Workout, only because it is a mainstream fitness mag that is sold everywhere, as apposed to adult which have a smaller circulation.

Me: I've seen you inside the member area of a few sites, including Men at Play. Do you still do shoots for other sites or for magazines, or are you mostly involved only in your own stuff for now?

MW: Everything I have done in video has been through my own company, all print work except for the magazine layouts I own all the rights to. I realized long before I started my own websites 7 years ago, that content is everything, and that you have to own the rights to your own images. A little secret that I learned was whenever I did a magazine shoot I would build into my contract, or make a deal with the photographer directly. That he shoot several extra rolls of film that I could use. This is how I built up my archive of photos, that very few models have. And we are talking very high quality photo sets, by some great, world class photographers.

Me: What's next in store for Mark Wolff?

MW: What's next for me is simply to continue to do more of what I have been doing. I am expanding all my web sites, every few years I redesign the main site and members areas, and I am in the process of doing that again this fall. I am also rolling out a new webmaster affiliate program, with lot's of new hosted content, banners and 50% rev

share. I am also developing several more new sites, that I hope to have live, early next year. So just keeping busy and doing what I really enjoy. The Internet and video business has a lot of different dynamics to it, and no 2 days are the same, that's what I like about it, and what makes me look forward to the next day.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about Mark Wolff. He sure is hot and it's great to know there's so much more to him than that amazing body and face!

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