interview with mitch branson

Anthony: So how did you get your start in the biz? How did you decide, hey I think I wanna fuck on camera ;)

Mitch: I was discovered by COLT Studio's talent scout, Manfred Speer. He came across one my personal profiles and informed me that I had the look of a COLT Man. I never thought of working in the adult industry, but was intrigued with the idea of exposing my naked muscular body to the world. After all I've always been sexually suppressed and thought this would be a healthy direction to explore my erotic fantasies.

Anthony: Even if people admit they are 50 50 top and bottom, everyone has got a preference. So this is the last time u ever get to have sex, top or bottom?

Mitch: I would top a lean young guy and over power him with my lust.

Anthony: When have you been turned on the most while filming a scene? What performer has been the easiest to work with?

Mitch: I've enjoyed working with all my scene partners, but I must say COLT Man Nate Karlton was the sexiest, because of the great chemistry we had.

Anthony: What's your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Mitch: My ultimate fantasy would be to hook up with a curious straight guy in the men's steam room. Who doesn't want that to happen?

Anthony: What are your turn-ons and what don't you like in a guy?

Mitch: Sexy smile and confidence always gets my attention. Insecurity and rude behavior turns me off.

Anthony: Do you have time for a love life of your own? What are some of your hobbies outside of bedroom?

Mitch: It's challenging to be in a relationship while working in the adult industry. It's only a business, but try convincing that to your potential partner. I choose to stay single and focus on building my Mitch Branson brand.

Gardening is my favorite hobby. It gives me peace of mind.

Anthony: What's been the highlight so far now that you're a part of the business?

Mitch: It's the great people I've met over the past three years. It's all about the networking and product development. Studying music production in college has given me the opportunity to build a music brand around the Mitch Branson name. Let's face it; to be successful in any entertainment industry, you have to cross market your product.

Anthony: Now all you fuckers are alike in the way that you all have amazing bodies. Fucking fabulous :) Got any workout tips for us? How do you keep your body looking sexy as hell?

Mitch: It's a lifestyle that has to be maintained daily. From drinking Cold Press Olive Oil, taking Amino Acid supplements and of course a low carb, high protein diet, is the key to success. While training in the gym, make sure you position your body correctly and use the muscle you want to develop. Example: while working on your back, pull with your back not your arms.

Anthony: Rapid fire time... One performer you want to work with and weirdest place you've ever had sex!

Mitch: There are too many sexy performers I would love to work with, but I'll start with adult superstar Dean Monroe.

Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

Mitch: Adult News - This fall I'll be working with adult legend, "Aiden Shaw" in COLT Studio's up coming production. I also plan to cross-market myself with other studios to help build the Mitch Branson brand.

Mitch: Music News - I'll be launching my own music brand in 2011. I'm currently in the recording studio writing and producing new music. I've also been auditioning vocalists to record my songs, working with photographers to reinvent my image, graphic designers to create my official music logo and website. You can visit my temporary website to listen to some of my music from Darkness of Pleasure. Moving forward my new sound will be more Pop.

Three of my tracks, Druid Enchantment, Roller Coasters of the Haunted House and Souls of the Unsaved are currently being represented by APM Music Licensing to possibly be featured in movie and television. Cross your fingers everyone.

Anthony: Where can we stalk you, I mean follow you?

Mitch: To receive constant updates on my adventures in the adult and music industry, please help build my numbers by joining my official facebook page.

Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter. and of course Colt Studio Group

Anthony: Thanks so much for your time and sitting down with us at and keep in touch with everything you got going on!

Mitch: It was a pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity.

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