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Anthony: We're talking with legendary porn director and star, Michael Lucas. Well let's get right to it shall we. The very highly anticipated ASSASSIN is the newest release from Lucas Entertainment as of April 22nd, can you give us a brief description of what your latest feature is about and how it came to be?

Michael Lucas: In ASSASSIN I play a cold-hearted and driven assassin whose solemn life has been dedicated to carrying out the death wishes of others. This character's jobs are flawless. His hands are always clean. But everything gets turned upside down when a jazz club performer played by Adam Killian witnesses my character's latest hit. Now the hit man becomes the mark and chaos, power and lust ensue.

The story of ASSASSIN is simple, sexy and edgy and I am truly excited to share this movie with everyone. The film came about as a means to merge the lines of pornography and art. I wanted to take a visual journey into the motivation behind

sex. When you delve into the psychology of these scenes I find it more fascinating

and much hotter to watch when there's a reason to be having sex rather than just

the pizza guy making a delivery.

Anthony: I've heard a lot about this triple fuck scene with Rafael Alencar and Braxton Bond. How hot is this scene, and is this a first in the adult world haha?

Michael Lucas: I have never seen it done before. Rafael Alencar slams Braxton Bond's eager ass with not one but TWO dildos. As Braxton is stretched in pure pleasure, Rafael then shoves his own massive dick inside along with the two dildos! It is definitely one of those jaw-dropping moments you'll have to check out!

Michael Lucas with Adam Killian

Anthony: Your scene with Adam Killian is very different. There's a loving factor in there. Was this scene different for you? Was their a special connection?

Michael Lucas: It was very different for me. In fact, this was the first time I had an absolutely fantastic time with my partner in front of the camera. There was certainly a special connection. There has always been a lot of sympathy between us since I met Adam about a year ago, so it was very easy when we said "I love you" to

each other in that scene. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not love in the sense of

real love, but it was more than sex.

Anthony: Can you tell us a little bit about the rest of the scenes as well. You have a ton of other big named stars including Brad Star, Junior Stellano, Cliff Jensen, Steven Daigle, Drew Cutler & Wilfred Knight. Its mouthwatering even to say

their names :)

Michael Lucas: I worked with Brad Star in Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita, Flatiron Fuckers, Auditions 6 and Encounters 4. He retired and came out of retirement looking even hotter than before. Junior Stellano is a fantastic performer and a friend of mine. He's a great, very intelligent guy. I never worked with Cliff Jensen before

Assassin, but I will for sure work with him again. This guy is hot. Steven Daigle is always a great performer. He's very sensitive and sweet. Drew Cutler oozes sexuality and is up for anything. Wilfried Knight is someone I've worked with since 2004. He's my exclusive and I think he is one of the hottest guys in the business.

Anthony: How does it differ directing & producing compared to acting? Is one easier?

Gay pornstar and director Michael LucasMichael Lucas: Directing, producing and acting are completely different. They have nothing in common. An actor can direct himself if he is experienced and knows what the style of the company is. But producing is a totally separate thing. Producing a movie, you're concerned about not just sex, but about money, budget, locations, casting, and supervising the departments involved in making the film, among

other things. If you are acting in the movie, all you are concerned about is having sex for the camera and hopefully making it look and feel good. To be a producer is more time consuming than being an actor. I can tell you for sure it very difficult to produce, direct and act in a movie at the same time. That's why I have other directors more and more involved in my projects. Adam Killian will be directing a movie for me sometime this summer.

Anthony: You being an icon in the biz, and having been around it for a fair amount of time, do you think there is one big issue we overlook in the world of porn or sex in general? Do you enjoy one more? How do you keep every new scene exciting?

Michael Lucas: Thank you. We keep overlooking the importance of a plot, which doesn't have to be complicated, but it has to explain why and how people end up in bed together. It's always much hotter when you know the reason why the people are having sex. This is why mainstream movies can be so erotic and arouse us

without even showing genitals.

As for the world of sex in general, I think that people are having a lot of pointless sex without any connection. I am also guilty of that, though less now than before. Again, it comes back to the connection that should be there. Not love, per se, but some sort of feeling.

Anthony: Now I don't want this to happen any time soon, so don't take it the wrong way please. Is their a time you'd consider walking away from the adult world?

Michael Lucas: If you are talking about me not acting, that will happen one day, but I don't anticipate that happening any time soon. I am 39 years old and I consider that to be very young. I know lots of people like guys in their early 20's but I know that a lot of people are not into freshmen. As for producing movies, I like this

world and, so far, I have no interest in leaving it. It's kind of a gay man's dream job.

Anthony: What else is to come from Lucas Entertainment in the near future? Any plans or secrets you can let us in on?

Michael Lucas: We are re-launching our website, which is very exciting. I know fans of Lucas Entertainment will just love it. We are now filming in Canada and there will be four new movies coming from Montreal with a mix of European, Canadian and American models. We have a new Raunch website coming out very soon that caters to the filthy, fun, and kinky side of sex. Everything from watersports, feet, domination and many fetishes will be featured on the site. Also, we have just introduced a new series of films entitled GENTLEMEN to our successful stable of movies. The line focuses of men in suits and the exploration of the fantasy of having sex with businessmen. Along with these new ventures we have some amazing Audition films and major mainline movies coming up in 2011!

Michael Lucas fucking Adam Killian

We'd like to thank the amazing Michael Lucas for taking the time to do our interview, and can't wait to see his new movie and his site's new look. You can see more of him at LucasEntertainment.com.

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