Mason Star shows his cock

You know, its easy to fall in love with a porn star. I mean it's not our fault. They're naked, sexy, and fulfill our fantasies right in front of our fucking faces. And sometimes it involves fucking someone's face, ironic :)

I started watching Mason Star and haven't really stopped watching him since. I'm serious...I'm writing this while watching him get fucked and my dick as hard as a rock. I mean above all, I'm still an avid porn fan despite writing about it for a living. Falling for Mason is simple...gorgeous face, defined body, sexy ass, and oh yeah - the bitch has a 10 inch cock, too ;)

All that is awesome, but it's the personality of Mason Star that is the most infectious. I was nervous as hell when I called this stud as he was my first phone interview, but the fact that I had rubbed more than a few out to him really sped up my heart rate. From the beginning, however, his genuine openness and his warm heart were evident. Before we even talked about his sexual habits, scenes, or even his bio, I found myself bitching to him about relationships and how being single sucks but is great at the same time. Mason actively listened and really cared about what I had to say instead of dismissing me right away. Yeah guys, its true; this is one porn star who has it, brains, and he's nice on top it. Kinda sickening right? ha :)

Anyway, I promise we talked about sex. After all, he is a Cockyboys Exclusive Model. and since the relaunch of the site he's already been featured in a bundle of scenes. Jimmy Clay, Seth Roberts, Phoenix Saint, and Adrian Long have already been featured with Mason mixing up topping and bottoming. As much as this hottie loves to top, I think he really excels when he gets fucked.

Mason had a lot to say about Jimmy Clay in the two scenes he's done with him, one in which Mason tops Jimmy and another where Jimmy and Phoneix Saint fuck the shit out of Mason.

Mason: I hadn't bottomed in a while before my scene with Jimmy, I actually had to stop sometimes, not because of pain but because he kept hitting my prostate. He has a great dick.

When Mason had the chance to turn the tables and do a one-on-one scene with Jimmy, he really got to know him. "That boy loves to bottom," Mason added. " And you know what? He's great at it."

Cockyboy pornstar Mason Star gets fucked

Mason also talked about his earlier scenes with Next Door. He had plenty to talk about when we discussed The Bangover, his scene which is featured on NextDoorBuddies. "Johnny Torque and Anthony Romero were great. I was supposed to be the bottom for both guys, but when Anthony's around, it's tough to deny him. He's a great bottom, too."

At Next Door, he also got to work with Rod Daily and Cody Cummings. Of course, he had nothing but great things to say.

Mason: When I did my scene with Rod Daily, I was very nervous. But he has a personality like me, and he made me laugh right away when we were getting to know each other. Laughter is the best thing, and it really allowed me to be comfortable, and we had an amazing scene. Cody was great, too. They were the complete opposite of porn star divas, and I'm glad I have not had to work with one (a diva) yet.

Mason and I talked on the phone for over an hour, and I'm glad I was able to

keep it in my pants for the whole time. It was difficult when we discussed his off-camera hobbies. What does a guy with a hot body who fucks on camera do to make money when he's not filming? You guessed it...Go-Go Dancing!!! You know that I had to get more details. According to Mason, "Porn is hands down easier than go-go dancing. There's a lot of work to be good at dancing. It's almost like a music video on a box. I like to dance to tribal music or top 40. I shoot once a month for Cockyboys, but I can't tell you the last free weekend I've had due to dancing, but I love it."

To show he's a real guy...he's single! We spoke about the kind of guy he would like to meet. "I don't really have a type. I am a very sexual person obviously with a weird sense of humor. I need a guy that has a brain and can make me laugh. Being able to hold an intelligent conversation matters more than sexual chemistry."

It's safe to say that Mason Star is an all-around fucking stud, and I'm glad i've been able to get to know the guy that makes me shoot my wad on a daily basis. I promise if you don't already know who he is, watch one of his scenes at Cockyboys, and you'll fall just as hard for him. Message him on Twitter, he loves to hear from his fans @Mason_Star ... FINALLY...I can finish jerking off now... Thanks for chatting with us, Mason :)

Gay porn star Mason Star

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