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Today we're talking with tattooed and mouthwateringly hot gay porn stud, Marxel Rios. This versatile new-cummer has made his appearance sucking and fucking his way through scenes for a number of studios this year, and I can't wait to hear more about this horny star!

Anthony: So, let's get your dick a little harder and your head a little bigger first. You have been nominated for a CyberSocket Web Award for Best Newcomer with some pretty big talent like Jake Bass, Marc Dylan, Jake Genesis, and James Huntsman, to name a few. What is it like to be nominated? And by the way, how did you get your start in the business?

Marxel: Just being nominated with those guys is a huge honor...very excited and proud that my hard work is paying off on camera...those guys are the best of the best, so its fantastic to be in that group, as well. I got my start with Howard Andrew at FabScout Entertainment. He has brought me along and has always believed in me, so I have been trying to be my best for him and the local guys here in South Florida.

Anthony: Now I've seen you top and bottom for sites like CircleJerkBoys, ExtraBigDicks, MenOver30, BaitBuddies, and OutinPublic. Sorry if I'm leaving a few sites out but you're a tough one to keep up with. So do you consider yourself more of a top or are you a hungry bottom?

Marxel: Well, I am always hungry lol but I love to flip flop...I never was much of a bottom until I started filming and came to really enjoy it. I like the best of both worlds.. =)

Anthony: Do you have a favorite site you've worked with thus far? What about a favorite scene partner? I mean you've worked with some pretty dominant good tops like Diesel Washington, Ricky Sinz and Tommy Defendi to name lucky fucker :)

Marxel: Yes all three were very professionally and laid back and our energy carried over onto to film for some hot scenes...but actually I am going to say Devin Adams is my fav...he is a good friend of mine and we are very comfortable together and in my opinion or sense in Chockin on Cock is one of the hottest you will ever see!

When it comes to sites and my fav is Gio Carusos baitbuddies...Gio's vision is awesome and how he can get guys to perform is killer plus he is a sweetheart!

Anthony: Ok I'm going to be honest, I'm a fucking terrible bottom. I bitch out and my partner is kind of getting sick of it. How do you prepare for a scene in which you're going to be taking a cock? Any tips on how to not make me a pussy at taking a dick?

Marxel: For me its all about good lube and breathing through giving birth..Guys like Diesel and Spencer Reed are huge so that was a challenge I try to go some where else mentally if it hurts I try not to think about it...but I usualy end up enjoying it once I get comfortable. My tip for you is just lube it up get it in and try to relax.

Anthony: Is it tough to stay in character during a scene when you have to be focused on making the sex look as hot as possible? What about keeping wood with the lights and camera focused on your every move? Do you shave or trim yourself or are you all natural goodness?

Tattooed gay porn star Marxel_Rios

Marxel: It can be back bracking to get the angles and shots but you learn as you go on how to not kill yourself but get the far as wood I personally take a SilverSword which keeps me up all day despite the lights or if you have company on set...I ocassionally do some man scaping lol but I like my body hair so "woof"!

Anthony: Not gonna lie I'm kinda jealous of the birthday party they threw for you back in May in Fort Lauderdale. You appeared with two more of my favorites Evan Mercy and Devin Adams. So was the party as hot as I imagine? What's it like doing a live performance? Is it dancing or does sex somehow get involved?

Marxel: Evan and Devin are two of my best friends and yes the party was killer! We got on stage and got a lil crazy. Yes it was hot and I am going to plead the fith on the rest lol no kiss and tell lol !

Anthony: Ok let's touch ourselves and touch upon your Channel 1 Releasing career. Speaking of hot tops, Spencer Fox fucks the shit out of you in a flick called Street Trade and you work with All Worlds Video in a film aptly titled Chokin on Cock. What's it like shooting with a movie studio instead of a website?

Marxel: Well Chi Chi defintly embodies real gay porn so filming for them you have to come with the A game. The difference is remembering your lines and the script and there can be more people on set then when filming for site.

Anthony: So what about your life outside of porn? What are some of your hobbies? You seem to be a jock or are you more a skater thug because I think you fit both roles really well :) Are you in a relationship outside of porn? A lot of people struggle to be open and honest about their career, are you out to friends, family, or whomever asks what you do for a living?

Marxel: Life outside of porn is gym,cooking,movies,beach, and friends. I have a passion for culinary which I do for a living outside of film. I am def a huge jock. I played in high school and some college. I love all sports espically football. Yes I am in a partner is very excepting of my porn career and we enjoy it together. Last week was our 3 year anniversary so things are going well. I am out to my family and friends I hate to lie or keep a either love me and accept me as I do you or just go about your life.

Anthony: We have kind of a theme for my last question... If you could describe yourself as a performer in one word what would it be and why? Is porn a career you're going to stick with or is this a small stepping stone towards something in the future?

Marxel: Empathy....I believe I get along very well with everyone I work with and have channeled that into the viewers who can connect with me and what I am doing!

Anthony: Where can we follow you and keep up to date with your career and everything else we can find out?

Marxel: You can follow me on Twitter @MarxelRiosxxx =)

Thank you for spending time with us, Marxel Rios! Can't wait to see more of you in action, stud.

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