Lucio Saints

Lucio! Massive welcome to GayDemon. How are you? What is new?

Hi, Dylan! I'm fine, very exited because I have a lot of new things coming up. The main one being my new website, That is taking me most of my time right now.

I was just looking before the interview and I'm blown away by some of the sex! Which is your favourite scene?

Yes, we just have been online a little more than a month and I'm so happy with the results. The platform is very attractive and also you can find all kind of sex. Interracial, hunks, condom-free, also hot straight men jerking off, and we are preparing many surprises to make this website more interctive with the members. I personally choose the models so that every shoot is fascinating; even more when I'm behing the cameras. I feel every scene like a extension of myself and I love all of them!

Tell our readers more about your history in porn. How it came about and what encouraged you to get started in the industry?

The first scene I made was in 2007. Someone in Madrid offered me the chance to get some extra money and I accepted it because I needed the money to go to Ibiza (for first time) that summer. Honestly, I have to say that at that moment I didn't feel that comfortable with it, but I got the money and an amazing holidays too! Surprisingly, a few months later, the erotic festival came to Barcelona and that scene won an award. Them Cazzo Films contacted me, Lucas Entertainment, Kristen Bjorn and them some of the most important companies from the UK and USA, like Raging Stallion,, UK Naked Men, just name a few. Now I love what I do and that is the main reason that I wanted to create my own studio.

Lucio Saints

What do you find most controversial in the adult industry today and what would you do about it?

Sex is in my nature, so I dont find anything wrong or controversial in having or showing sex. What I dont really like is the hypocrisy of some people who judge porn without knowing that it's really hard work, the art of entertaining adults, because everybody has sex!

You are married to a gorgeous man called Oscar Ramirez (@OscarRStyle on Twitter). How did you meet him what's the love story?

Oscar is the man of my life. We have married a couple of years and every day I fall more. We make a great combination, he comes from fashion and TV and when we met he even saw me in gay porn and now makes the image from our company. We met online and it was funny 'cause he was very insistent saying that I'll like it. He was right, because after that night we never separated again. I have to say that I've found in him everything that I need.

Who would you most like to shoot a video with and why? Choose somebody you haven't already had the pleasure of fucking!

Well there is a lot of talented men in the industry, and actors who I respect, but if there is someone that stands out over all, that is François Sagat for creating a character that goes more beyond porn, conquering areas of fashion and mainstream films and with actors I would like to shoot like Jordan Lenive, Cliff Jensem, Spencer Fox or Shawn Wolfe. Those guys are realy hot!

How do you stay in such great shape? Do you want to share your fitness routine with your fans?

Genetics is the truth, 'cause I'm not very obsessed with that. I like the way I look, eating healthy, I'm not interested in been another muscled porn actor. When I have time I try to go to the gym and like to do a lot of cardio.

Have there been any bad experiences during your porn career so far?

Sure, but that goes with any profession! I remenber one time that we had to shoot a romantic scene and my head ended up getting burned because one of the candles that were on the top of the bed fell down over my pillow. It wasn't a very good experience. Also, when I started out I had to handle some real divas and egos. Sometimes you don't feel attracted enough to your scene partner but you have to be professional and get on with it, make it looks natural and pleasant. Something that I don't want to do again is work with a lesbian as director. Thank God I found so much more good people!

Lucio Saints

What do you do in your downtime? Tell us what you do with your buddies or about any hobbies you have?

When I have free time I like to share it with my partner, going out to drink wine in the center of the city. I love going to the movies and also cook for my friends at home, but what I really enjoy doing is staying on the couch at home with nothing to do!

If Lucio Saints could be the President for a day, what one thing would he change?

LOL I don't think that can be good for humanity!

Do you have anything exciting lined up for future? Any hot shoots in the pipeline?

Yes, on my website we are always looking for hot new faces to bring to the audience. Also we have some new ideas to change the way we watch porn. Now, I can say much about it, but you will discover what I mean soon.

What is your favourite porn movie of all time?

I'm very classic, I love vintage movies from Mustang, Falcon, or jocks and handsome blonde men fucking each other without condoms. Hot!

Our readers and fans will no doubt be heading over to your website to check out the scenes, but where else can they keep up with your porn adventures?

Every week we have a new adventure, each very different, but if someone wanted to appear in our site they have the chance to do so in our section iPhoneCam. We choose some amateur sex videos from fans and users, so if you're not shy come and share with us your videos and feel like a pornstar!

Thanks so much for talking to us today Lucio. Good luck with your future scenes and stay on our screens forever, we love you!

Thanks you, Dylan for this chance and a great opportunity so know more about me!

Un Lamenton!

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