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GayDemon welcomed Helix Studios exclusive model and incredibly gorgeous Californian twink, Liam Riley to the interview lounge to look at his pretty face and ask him some questions about his porn career so far.

It's really nice to be chatting with you today. Damn, you're pretty. Welcome to GayDemon. How are you doing?

Aww thank you so much that means a lot to me, I'm doing pretty well. I can't complain things are really coming together in my life and I'm blessed.

Congratulations on over 22,000 Twitter followers! You shot to fame really quickly. It doesn't seem long ago when you debuted for Helix Studios. What do you think made you so successful?

Ha! Oh my! Well thank you again. I like what I do and I have passion for it; and I think people see it in my films. Not to mention my debut scene has to be one of my favorites. Andy Taylor is an amazing performer and "Sex En Rouge" was so different in porn, it had a classic erotic taste. The way I was introduced into the industry is what I think made people want pay more attention the more scenes came out.

Have you always wanted to do porn, or did you get approached?

I knew I always wanted to do it, I just never thought I was brave enough to actually do it. I've been approached when I was younger when I had first turned 18. I kind of just smiled and said 'no thank you'. Later on in life I never would have thought I'd be here, but I love it and being a part of Helix is an amazing experience.

I love neck kissing, and when guys kiss my hips, I literally start squirming - it's such a turn on and makes me go crazy.  

Can you tell us a bit about what porn movies you have been making recently? What's the story?

Well, my latest scenes that have been coming out I think have to be some of my best in my opinion. But that's because I love the story lines in them. I think that's what makes Helix so great; is that it's not typical classic porn, but more of a movie with no limitations. My FIRST actual movie that I'm in comes out soon it was our collaboration with Dominic Ford, and I'm pretty excited to see how that came out!

Who has it been most fun to make a porno with and why?

Andy Taylor has to be one of the funniest people to be on set with, he makes everything so easy and it just always a great time. Evan Parker has to be a favorite, we've done 2 scenes together and the connection and chemistry in them make everything so much better. Not to mention hes pretty amazing just to look at haha!

I've always wondered how Helix get their boys to be so smooth. Who has the enviable task of grooming you sexy boys?

I take a lot of pride in my smooth body haha, so I'm such a perfectionist with my shaving I probably go over spots about 50 times. I also moisturize everyday - sometimes twice a day. Sometimes I get a little bit of help when I can't reach spots.

Do you have a favourite pornstar and who is it?

My favorite pornstar has to be Max Ryder, or Jake Bass. Both are just so extremely attractive I can't help but melt.

What turns you on? Obviously pornstars have to do a lot of stuff on camera, but when it's just you and a guy, what makes you buzz?

I love neck kissing, and when guys kiss my hips, I literally start squirming - it's such a turn on and makes me go crazy.

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If somebody bought you the Michael Kors gold watch from your Amazon Wishlist, how would you thank them?

It's funny you ask. Someone just recently bought me the black one, ha! But I usually send a thank you email and just a picture with me and the watch to show my gratitude and how much it means to me. It's very flattering and kind that someone would buy me something, just because.

What's it like to be an OC boy? Tell us about what you do in your spare time and who you hang out with.

I love the OC, its so beautiful and I only live 30 minutes from LA, so in my free time I love to go to lunches and dinners. I love going to the beach and hanging out with some of the other models. A lot of the time when we aren't working we love to hang around the mansion. We're all amazing good friends. Roman Daniels, Stefan Nash, Andy Taylor, have to be some of my closest friends and I love hanging out with them.

Who do you have a shoot lined up with next? Any details?

My next scenes to be released are with Dustin Gold and Connor Maguire, some really hot intense scenes with great photography and video work. Alex Roman did an amazing job on these scenes I'm so excited to see them. But as far as new scenes to be filmed, that shall be kept a secret! *wink*

Can I have the pants you're wearing?

Well, who said I was wearing any! *wink* *cheeky giggle*

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Thanks so much for talking with us. We love you! Please come back soon to catch up. Do you have a message for your fans?

I love you guys as well, thank you for having me. It means a lot and this was an amazing opportunity. It means a lot that y'all would wanna talk to me. As for my fans, y'all are so much more than that. You guys are my support system and always there when I need at least someone to hear me out. I appreciate the love I always get from you guys, and it means to me more than anyone would ever know. My fans, are my friends, and always have a special place in my heart.

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