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It's always fun to have a veteran in the biz stop by the GayDemon.com Lounge. The big dicked twink Lex Sabre joins us. How are you doing stud, and welcome :)

Lex: Twink, huh... not no more ;) LOL... Well, I had "retired" back in 2008 due to I thought it was time to move on from the industry even though I've had a ton of fun but also the economy was really bad at that time and I guess my time in porn was ending - or so I thought. I also started seeing this guy and it was great when we met. He was okwith what came with the package and no pun intended lol, but that was my personal rule that I would retire the name "Lex Sabre" if I knew I was going to invest in a relationship that would take me to a stable part of my personal life not as Lex Sabre.

I think also the whole "big dick twink" had faded out... well, that was my thoughts at

that time. And it's hard to be my size (weight and body size) and try to get scenes but

that all changed when the "break up" happened on top that I was tired of looking thin,

skinny, hell... twinky for that matter.

Anthony: I hate to reference the "break up"... But can you tell us some details on what exactly happened and how it affected you?

Lex: Well, there's a nice lovely blog about it on my live journal blog. I'll give you the short version. Basically the guy I was dating I wanted to give him a shot into my heart and let him in and he thought about it, but his words were misleading that he needed to work on himself and that "at this time" he could not make it happen and we still where affectionate with each other. He was my 1st new year kiss and he responded then a week later said he was dating someone and I lost it where I felt deceived, lied to and felt like the biggest jack ass. The blog says it and will reference the link on here as well.

The blog will say how it all did affect me. I was a wreck and dare I say... a mess. I

was unaware how much of a total self destructive boy I was being until other things

in my life had occurred that made me rethink my life. It also pushed me to take care

of myself by hitting the gym hard. I had great friends for support and a great bud on

my side then his name was Josh Griffin ; pushing me hard at the gym 'cause I had that

mentality the next time he sees me (the ex) he's gonna be blown out of the water how

much bigger I've gotten LOL. How gay boy am I? Here is the blog link I hope it's the

actual blog of the break up: http://lex-sabre.livejournal.com/32106.html

I ended up talking to him about 9 months later or 10 (due to a common bond that brought us to speaking) - we keep in touch from time to time. I did manage to thank him because if it weren't for him breaking my heart I don't think I'd be who I've become now. And yes, the first two months was about him till I would work out that it was about me, not him. He, however, asked me if I came back to porn because of him. I told him no... but I guess it kind of was true because of him I did go back and wanted to rub it in his face LOL. He told me I look great, and you know as much I wanted to hear from him for a long time... it was good to hear. He was a little too late but glad to see he noticed and what he is missing out LOL. Trust me, I've had a lot of friends tell me what a douche he is or why do I speak to him and "I'm over him why do you even bother?" To tell you the truth, I'm ok talking to him now... I did a lot of thinking and also I let him have it when we did speak again. I gave him my version (the real person not Lex) of how I felt and what he did to me. He apologized and I forgave him but rest assure not forgotten.

Anthony: Is there going to be a new Lex now? Are you going to reinvent yourself or have you already found a niche and your sticking to it?

Lex: Well, there kind of has been a new Lex... I'm a lot bigger in body size compare to about 4/5yrs ago where I looked very twinky. I gained about 20lbs or so, and I recently (about a year ago) starting bottoming on camera when I decided to come out of retirement. It was a very interesting transition to go from all to top to "ok, you are going to bottom for this scene" or "I need you to top for this scene". I decided to return as a bottom or vers performer - that is because I knew that I would probably get more scenes and also give the fans and studios a change of character for Lex Sabre. I also am trying to continue to gain more weight and pack on the muscle for my body size that is. I like what I look like now and how the results have paid off.

Lex Sabre hot guy

Anthony: Let's dive into some sex now :) Do you prefer to top or bottom? Are you the opposite off camera?

Lex: You know, I don't even know. I'm still getting use to bottoming on camera and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn't, 'cause I have to take breaks when I am being fucked hard lol. Off camera I am a top but I do occasionally bottom... selected few, but yeah, I can go 50/50 in my personal life. Just depends in my personal life what I feel like or how horny I am - and also the chemistry.

Anthony: How do you prepare for a bottom scene especially if it's a massive cock? Is there any prep for topping?

Lex: Other than the usual prepping for a bottoming scene that you have to do like, you know, "prep", I also use oral gel lol so I can take someone who is 8" and above or I just relax and go with it. The down fall is that I can't eat the morning I'm doing a scene so I'm starving all day, and when I hear "that's a wrap" for this scene, I bolt to the shower change and go get food ASAP! As a top I guess I hope I don't j/o off that week and hit the gym good and hard whether I'm a top or a bottom for a scene.

Anthony: Have all your sexual fantasies come true on set or is there something you're dying to do?

Lex: I guess so. I think the next question will basically answer and sum it all.

Anthony: Who have been some of your favorite performers you've worked with? Are there any out there that you'd really love to do a scene with?

Lex: So far I've worked with great models on set. I would say some of my favorite performers I've worked has been Shane Frost, yes, even Josh Griffin (despite we are like brothers), and others that are not around but are not forgotten. Yes, there are a few models I want to work with that will make my day!!! I def. want to work with Dylan Roberts (better known as Dylan McLovin) and Rod Daily and of course Next Door Studios they have the hottest guys on there and the only porn I j/o to because I don't know them well enough LOL. Those guys (Dylan and Rod) are fucking hot!!! I def either flip or bottom with them it doesn't matter who is who as long as I get to work with them ;)

Anthony: What's on tap for you, Lex? Who you working with and where can we see you soon?

Lex: As far as I know, so far new scenes for me have been on gayroom.com for Damnthatsbig.com You can also find me on Suite703.Com and of course C1r.com or live and raw shows and movies I've shot with Chi Chi and Doug Jeffries.

Anthony: How's you're off camera life now? Anything you'd do different? Any issues you'd like to address? What do you like to do when you're not fucking :)

Lex: Life is good for me right now. As of now I'm single and I'm ok with that. I've dated here and there. I had fallen in love with a boy who lives over 2500 miles away who I met through Rocco Giovanni although it faded out, but you know things happen for reason and as much as that is the cliché. I'm glad I met this boy a year ago because I was able to know what love was again and feel again, you know feelings, emotions. I work out as often as I can and be a regular guy and I work full time. I live a boring life compared to Lex Sabre ;) lol . I just hope that I get to have someone in my life in the near future as my partner/boyfriend, and only time will tell or how I like to say it; my writers for my show - if you really think about it your life is like a sitcom.

I want to thank you for taking your time and wondering how I am doing what is going on with Lex Sabre. I always love interviews/questions. The more content that the fans hear, read and see how Lex Sabre is doing. I always thanked the porn lover fans of Lex Sabre when I get a chance. They are sooooo amazing are just crazy awesome and sometimes they are hot and cute and I'm like damn I want you LOL.

But, yes, thank you again - these were great questions!

Much Love,

Lex Sabre xoxo

Lex Sabre shows his ass

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