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We haven't had a chance to speak to you since you won Best New Pornstar 2014. Congratulations! What have you been up to recently? I see you were at the Prowler Porn Awards in London...

I can't believe it's been that long - Thanks! I was just at the Prowler Porn Awards presenting with my studio and then in Berlin shooting for one of our feature projects, 'Another Roadstrip' as well as launching our second photo book, 'SIXTYNINE' haha it sounds like I'm pushing all this, but really we're working non stop-it feels like.

You're a Cocky Boys exclusive; have you ever filmed for another studio and who was it with?

I have proudly only shot with Cocky Boys and am very happy to stick with their studio exclusively throughout my career.

I will not go out the weekend before a shoot even if it's on a Friday. I hit the gym harder than I usually do and make sure I am on top of my supplements, nutrition, and skin.  

There's a recent shot of you fucking Jacob Ladder from behind that sticks in my mind. What would you say sticks in your mind most out of all your scenes?

That's hard because I feel like there are different things that stick out to me in each of my scenes -- but when I'm searching for something that sticks out, the first thing that comes to mind is Hayden Lourd and me on the roof and Asher topping me in our 3-some scene from Boys of Summer.

Do you prefer top or bottom?

I consider myself versatile even though I like to bottom more than top.

Is the life of a pornstar as glamorous as it looks?

No ha ha -- we get our perks, and we get our moments in the spotlight and we get payed for it -- but it's all how you take it and how you budget yourself to what you want to have and experience. But I wouldn't join porn if you think you are going to have some celebrity knock off status life or be the next Kardashian. The people who are getting the privileges and the spotlight at the major parties and events worked really hard to earn that.

Which top and which bottom pornstar do you admire the most and why?

Brent Everett was the first guy I jacked off to and Pierre I discovered while looking for more Brent. They're both versatile and they are the 2 performers in the industry I admire most because they have both successfully made stable careers for themselves in the industry in front and behind the camera and they look so sexy doing it - that is something that I want to make for myself.

What's it like on a Cocky Boys film set? Tell us what preparation goes on and how you get ready for a scene, and what happens during and after?

I will not go out the weekend before a shoot even if it's on a Friday. I hit the gym harder than I usually do and make sure I am on top of my supplements, nutrition, and skin. The set of Cockyboys is very chill and great energy the whole time I'm there. Cockyboys never makes us do anything that gives a performer in an uncomfortable or negative experience on or off set and I love that about my studio. I have a call time to show up then I go douche. My partner and I fill out paperwork and usually nibble on some food because I'm always hungry. We have our shoot and then shower and then RJ will take us to Mexican because it's his favorite or we get something fast if we're in a rush - but we are always taken great care of from the moment we step into the studio to when we leave.


Do you have to spend a lot of time working on that gorgeous body?

I workout four times a week. I always take advantage of Mondays as a fresh start despite me having a lazy workout week or not.

Why the heartbeat tattoo, and what's the R in front?

The tattoo is a fan tattoo for my favorite singer and idol, Rihanna - 'my heart beats for Rihanna.' My reactions have been 50/50 depending on their age or position on Rihanna ha.

If you didn't do porn, what would your main career be?

I went to college for a bit for hospitality and worked in catering and other restaurants -- my mom saw me working for a chic ski resort and I saw myself with a cafe/restaurant or bar but something in hospitality and food for sure.

Who is the hottest non-porn man alive and what do you love so much about him?

Tom Daley. I love how dedicated he is towards his passion. I can see how hard he works to be where he is and it inspires me to keep my ass in gear - plus have you google imaged him?

Is there anything you won't do in porn? A no-go area..?

I won't do anything that would make my scene partner uncomfortable. I also will not bare-back.

Thanks so much for answering our questions. Where can we keep up with you?

I have a work Facebook, tumblr, vine, etc but I am easiest to keep up with on Twitter (@LeviKarterXXX) and I also have a lot of fun on Instagram (@levikarterxxx)

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